Ridleybank Reclamation Forces

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Ridleybank Reclamation Forces
Abbreviation: RRF
Group Numbers: 800+
Leadership: Sonny Corleone
Goals: Coordinate groups in Ridleybank, and eventually reclaim the suburb
Recruitment Policy: Go to Ridleybank and retake it from the RAT
Contact: Sonny Corleone

The Ridleybank Reclamation Forces are a coalition of zombies attempting to retake the blighted suburb of Ridleybank. Ridleybank is currently one of the biggest centers of RAT activity in Malton. With zombie numbers falling and humanity on the move various survivor groups have mobilized to set up bases in Ridleybank and fight the hordes. To stop these dumb souls, the RRF was created to reclaim the heart of Ridleybank.

Warning: Not a real group, no way affiliated with the RRF, and just for fun. None of this is real and is not supposed to offend anyone.


The main purpose of the Ridleybank Reclamation Forces is organization. As such, we have prepared a number of goals to be pursued by our members. To spread the word of Batsrad.


  • Secure key structures in Ridleybank including hospitals, Police Departments, and Fire Stations. Most important to our efforts in the area are the mobile phone mast located at coordinates [54,44], and the one necrotech facility in Ridleybank located at [55, 47].
  • Consolidate and organize forces to better resist RAT attacks.
  • Create and designate zombie safe houses.
  • Brain Rot revive points and keep them from being used.


  • Begin dispatching brainrot enabled attack squads to clean house in blighted buildings.
  • Wide spread de-barricading of all Ridleybank buildings.
  • Total survivor control of Ridleybank eliminated.
Optimus Prime looking as badass as usual.


The RRF was defeated by RAT. We're the only ones that can stop them. Our current operation is to run around in circles screaming "We didn't listen! We should have known this would happen!" Followed by some pants crapping and a good ol' cry in a corner. Once we're done with that we'll destroy the RAT.

Operation Fusion

With the ever growing RATSmart (RAT and PetsMart) the RRF and the RRF are forced to combine into one being. This being is Optimus Prime.

Proof that Greedo could not shoot first concluding that another shooter was involved.
Greedo pointing a blaster at Han Solo.

Operation Greedo Shot First

The RRF unravel the mystery behind the shootout between the human Han Solo and the Rodian Greedo in the Mos Eisley Cantina on Tatooine. According to our top zombie scientists it would be impossible for Greedo to shoot first at Han Solo. Therefore we conclude a second shooter on the Grassy Knoll.

Operation What Now Son?!

Y'all just got bitched son. F'ed in the motherfuckin' A. That's how we roll in the RRF. We wreck your shit. Everyone who invaded Greater Ridleybank is dead son. Dead. Hey-yay!


RRF Core Group

  • Sonny Corleone
  • Irishmen
  • BeefSteak
  • Hawk 8
  • Erehwon
  • Kibbs
  • Undeadinator
  • Bo-Vine

Member Groups

This is a listing of current membership. This will remain slightly out of date for a while since our initial recruitment is still going on and the page is changing quickly. If you feel your group should be reclassified please contact us on the talk page.

Strike Teams

Combat groups are Ridleybank groups focused on fighting the RAT in Ridleybank.

The Ridleybank Resistance Front - Currently stationed in Ridleybank after taking part in Excursion. A combat group that can usually be found defending the homeland.

Brain Corps

Groups centered around eating brains in Ridleybank.


Groups with no definate purpose, they reinforce and assist where needed.

Kosher Zombies


The Kosher Zombies is a group of Jewish zombies that still practice in the after life. They refuse to eat hooved human that chew their own cud and purify their meals. The Kosher Zombies are the elite group of the RRF.

Tart Kart Regiment

The Tart Kart Regiment is assigned to run around in circles drooling. No real military advantage but they are funny. Used specifically against Zombie Tour '06.

Gardien de la paix

The Gardien de la paix is a strike team made up of snooty French police officers that have a particular distaste for the English.

Why Join?

Why not? For one, you maintain complete control of your group. The man isn't going to come around and tell half your group you have to go on a death march to some god forsaken PD in the middle of nowhere. The RRF is simply here to help you coordinate with other willing groups and undertake joint operations in Ridleybank. As things progress we also hope to keep updating reports on safe zones and conflicts to help your group. Theres no pressure here, just help. Come around daily, weekly, or whenever you want.

Never go hunting without them.

How to Join

The RRF is only as strong as its members. As of May 7, 2006 we are actively recruiting all groups and individuals who want to join the fight for Ridleybank. Go to the talk page and fill out the quick application for acceptance. Theres nothing to lose and Ridleybank to gain, join now!


Even Jesus agrees that harmanz should get out of Ridleybank.

We oppose all harmanz in Ridleybank. Currently our chief concern is the powerful RAT, PetsMart, Ridleybank Tour '06, 5th of November, Special Air Service, Zombie Tour '06, DARIS, Death from Caiger, Malton World Cup Committee, Malton Hospitals Group, 94.1 Star FM, Cannonball Crew, Loose Cannons, Channel 4 News Team, Malton Rangers, Malton Retirement Housing, Power For The People, Chi Vai Hunters, The Crimson Wolves, Viva La Humanity, and Blackmore Bastard Brigade. They plan on sending men to Ridleybank without being drenched in BBQ sauce.


What an average RAT member looks like.

RAT is the most badass group in the game. I heard they killed a man just to watch him die. They're so badass that Chuck Norris is afraid of them. And by "they're" I mean "he's". And by "badass" I mean "retarded". Also has the power to misquote Bruce Campbell.


Another evil group that wants to "fiht zombies at teh same time." It is amazing how some of us are still alive to tell this tale. Their awesomeness is too awesome that we almost awesomely died in an awesome way.

Ridleybank Tour '06

They plan on touring Ridleybank on June 1st, 2006. Zombies of the RRF are concerned that our hotels will not be ready for the tourists. Our staff just got finished eating the last batch of harmanz.

5th of November

Ran by their own spammer, Codename V. The bar has just been lowered baby. On a serious note this group gave us no chance to prepare. Six months to prepare for an attack that will fail? They're being a bit unfair here.

Smell my finger!

Special Air Service

One word: Spetsnaz.

Zombie Tour '06

Yawn. Currently there's two groups that copy the '06 name and still fail to make me quiver.


According to some harman group (501st) DARIS is still alive and kicking it. Now according to those that didn't get their brains eaten out by us DARIS is dead. Right now I wish they were still alive to get rid of this waste of flesh.

They plan on moving the whole suburb of Darvall Heights to Ridleybank.

Death from Caiger

They plan to move all (four) members of their group to Ridleybank from The Mall That Shall Not Be Named and kill zombies dead. We all know that it's possible to kill zombies for good. And we're all also fucking retarded.

Malton World Cup Committee

They claim to be a sports committee where they show off flamboyant, and poor quality, posters of guys hugging. In real life we call competitions like this the "Special Olympics".

Malton Hospitals Group and 94.1 Star FM

Hospitals suck. What can I say? It's the poor man's Mall. I ate a chick in a hospital once. Joke was on me, it was the STD Clinic.

The Radio Station pretends to be Officer Shaw of Radio Free Malton. They fail at that fact that they're not Officer Shaw.

Cannonball Crew and Loose Cannons

Hooray for sexual innuendo? I never felt this dirty since I looked at the Man Up page. They want to double team Barhahville and Ridleybank. Might I add that two chicks and two closet case guys doesn't work out.

Yes you C4NT, you're not awesome.

Channel 4 News Team

When we think of Anchorman we usually think "Awesome". However because of Mr. Ron Burgundy some of us can never watch the movie again without getting a brain aneurysm. Thank you Ron Burgundy, you're not classy.

Malton Rangers

If I had a hooker for every pseudo-military group out there I'd be short on sperm.

Malton Retirement Housing

They smell of pee and medicine...

Power For The People

Breaking News! You will ignore this. That is all.

In a regular patrol of adjacent suburbs of Greater Ridleybank, Papa Sonny Corleone killed the whole group. All one of them.

Chi Vai Hunters

They're like that white kid who pretends to be Asian from "Not Another Teen Movie"...except that they're not funny. But then again, that kid wasn't funny either.

A picture of one Crimson motherfucker.

The Crimson Wolves

To quote the Pimp and the Juggernaut, "Crimson motherfucker. Red mother fucking mustard colored motherfucker." Seven guys. All they have is seven guys. Seven Crimson motherfuckers. Don't you know who the fuck I am? You must not know who I am. I'm the Juggernaut bitch.

Viva La Humanity

Critics praise Viva La Humanity.

  • "I think they're gay..." - Zombie Priest
  • "If I had to sit there and watch them misspell 'RRF' one more time I would've jumped out of my seat and punch them through the screen." - RRFer
  • "If I didn't have my thumbs bitten off I'd use them to squeeze out their eyeballs." - Zombie Ebert and Roeper
  • "This year's hottest new group!" - David Manning

Blackmore Bastard Brigade

"We die in Blackmore, we're the bastard children of trenchcoaters, and we all want to be pseudo-military leaders like Cowboy Up. What more could you want from us?"


DeathValley.jpg Scorched Earth
This User or Group supports the Scorched Earth Policy & acknowledges that all revive points must be razed and their inhabitants killed.

WTFCENTAURS the Movie: The (in)complete script of the movie can be found here.