Special Air Service

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'Special Air Service'
Abbreviation: SAS
Group Numbers: Secret
Leadership: Michael Powell
Goals: Protecting Survivors from the Zombie Menace
Recruitment Policy: All characters are welcome to join.
Contact: SAS Board


The Original SAS

The Special Air Service or SAS as abbreviated, was once a sub-group under the famous Zombie Squad. During its service it supported ZS Operations; conducting mostly espionage, assassination, propaganda and recon missions in various suburbs.

At the time, it boasted a population of a 20+ man group, most of them which, where undeclared members (meaning they did not put Special Air Service or SAS on their group name to conceal themselves from the masses of players). Organized into cells which one cell never knew another cell, the SAS operated with great secrecy and always never failed in acheiving its goals.

Under the operational command of a ZS Leader(unnamed for security purposes), the SAS fought with great gallantry, extreme courage and lionized bravery, displaying unmatched fighting skills in the secret wars that often erupted around Malton City. Most of this battles went unrecorded and unnoticed and the lives that were sacrificed and the undead that were revived to gain a suburb or secure a suburb were a great many. Often times, the SAS mirrored their real-life counter-parts, the real Special Air Service.

Alas, like all good things, they must come to an end.

The SAS under Kenshin

The Special Air Service that was once parented by Zombie Squad was disbanded due to its inactivity. Soon, cells operating under the SAS banner were also disbanded, some of them joining other groups or forming their own groups like the Army Control Corps.

Following the disbandment of SAS, a player named Uesugi Kenshin founded another SAS and under his leadership, brought the name SAS out from the secret world the previous SAS had once known, and into the public spotlight for players and zombies alike to see.

Still a small group, the SAS version of Kenshin went from suburb to surburb, echoing the movements of the original SAS. Soon, it amounted some success and moderately, from time to time, some failures.

The SAS under Powell and fall

While it was mounting an operation around the Hildebrand Mall area, a lone player named Michael Powell, once former member of the oringinal SAS, thought to join the group.

Although never gaining trust (He never gained promotion as a squad leader) he soon became the group's Ambassador, establishing contact with the top survivor groups at that time.

Due to some reason, a string of hiatuses began to emergence in the leadership line, and soon, Powell found himself leading the group, recruiting some members and conducting some operations that were successful. (Operation Clean Sweep. See below)

Then, while in the midst of some urgent battles, Powell, in realife was struck with TB (Tubercelosis) and was forced to stop playing the game. Soon, the SAS began to fall behind because of the lack of leadership and eventually, the SAS went into slumber.

The SAS as of now

Some months later, Kenshin went out of his haitus and tried to restrengthen the group until he himself went into a deep slumber due to RL situations. Thus, the SAS was disbanded a 2nd time.

In a weird sort of way, the following months later, the former 2nd in command, Polter the Ghost, having recently emerged from his haitus, founded the 3rd SAS.

Under his command, he attempted to gather some past SAS members into his new group and began recruiting fighters from the local populace. In time, he managed to bring out of retirement both Michael Powell and Uesugi Kenshin back into the game.

Ironically, a few days later, Polter went on a haitus followed by Kenshin and command of the SAS has fallen yet again on Michael Powell.

At the present, SAS is conducting operations to help the CDF secure Fort Creedy. It also is and always has, been open for recruits to join.

War Board

  • Temporary and Present CO: Michael Powell.
  • Offical Commanding Officer: Polter.
  • 2nd in Command: Kenshin.

List of Operations

The Following are a list of Operations done under the command of either Polter the Ghost or Kenshin. All operations prior to Kenshin's version of SAS(this means the SAS before Kenshin) are not listed as to protect several assets that served both ZS and its sister groups in the past.

Start and end of Operation: FOXHOUND Liberation

The assault in Roftwood managed to get off to a very bad start. First, the group FOXHOUND left the area, leaving the SAS defenders in bewilderment. And then to further frustrate the SAS Team Leaders, the Commander, and the other men, the Hildebrand Mall was overrun by zombies, further preventing the SAS to get at medical supplies, ammunition, and other needed materials. Finally, the Drewe building was being constantly attacked, preventing the SAS from effectively coordinating their assaults into the Mall and the protecting the other survivors. Important Losses to the failure of Operation: Dave Clark, DukeNukez, and Nekko Fox. Polter might also soon become one of these losses!!

Start of Operation: Delta Lion

Operation Delta Lion was the assault into Dulston. All SAS Teams were deployed on that fateful day to participate in the Liberation of Dulston along with several alliances.

End of Operation: Delta Lion

A complete success for the entire Special Air Service organization, resulting in the deaths of fewer than 5 of the members and resulting in death rates of some 30+ zombies, zombie spies, and Player Killers.

Start of Operation: Omega Dragon

The Liberation of Gibsonton. Losses have been light at the begining of the op and zeds have began massing against the SAS. Ammunition and supplies have began to steadily drop as the zeds continue to surround the SAS and cut off the resource buildings.

One Success within the Suburb, has been the liberation of Oram Walk Police Department. With the help of some local survivors and the strength of both the Red and Blue Team, the Police Department was secured.

End of Operation: Omega Dragon

End of Operation: Omega Dragon. Oram Walk Police Department was secured and with that, the other survivors within Gibsonton have been able to gain a foothold against the zed threat. Another success for SAS.

Start of Operation: Silver Tiger

The Liberation of Ridleybank has begun due to some recent conflict involving several allies, who had come to the SAS for some help.

End of Operation: Silver Tiger

Failure to Remove the zombie threat in Ridleybank. Casualites were high although PKing was low. It should be noted that SAS personnel fought brillantly and expertly.

Start of Operation: Lily

The SAS returned to [[Roftwood] to curb down the Pker and zombie threat.

End of Operation: Lily

SAS managed to hold the line but got overrun in the end. Fortunately SAS was able to regroup and manage to return the favor, inflicting massive casualites.

Then regrouped another time near Hildebrand Mall and participated with the locals to secure the mall.

Start of Operation: Clean Sweep

Under the command of Michael Powell.

SAS moved into Pitneybank to help the CDF's request for help due to the Siege at Giddings.

Sub Operation: Rude Awakening Temporary commander: Killa Mike.

Planned coordinated attack. Failed due to late inactive members at the time planned to meet.

Casualties inflicted at the zed horde: 6.

End of Operation: Clean Sweep

Managed to help the CDF through propaganda, aid, fire and barricade missions, along with dozens of other groups who helped with the struggle.

Casualties were light thanks to the efficeny of Yellow Team and some members of the CDF.

Start of Operation: Gamma Trebuchet

The SAS has begun the first of many new operations, the first of which is Operation: Gamma Trebuchet, aimmed at rallying scattered forces and recruiting new soldiers. Currently, loses are being held to zero and forces are coming back to fight with the SAS in much larger numbers than anticipated.

End of Operation: Gamma Trebuchet

The operation was a success and managed to secure, recruit and regroup former members of SAS.

Start of Operation: Alamo

The SAS have moved into Pitneybank. Working along side the CDF, this operation is aimed at retaking Fort Creedy and keeping it in survivor hands. So far this operation has been semi-sucessful and the zombie numbers have been dropping.

End of Operation: Alamo

The op was stopped due to an attack by Mall Tour '07 at Giddings.

In Loving Memory of Those Inactive

The following are the names of players whom have gone inactive and have stopped playing or left with the SAS.

We will surely miss your presence, your value to the SAS, the fun and camraderi we had as whole during our time togther.

The following are:

  • Dave Clark
  • daviescouts
  • Dragisoni
  • dutchy71
  • Flingotravels
  • i010105
  • icke
  • leuis
  • Lock Carter
  • matt
  • PirateMF
  • Pvt Newb
  • razchek
  • skeched21
  • unnamed123
  • uspdude
  • xu
  • zone
  • Kenshin

Lest we forget.

What we support

ANFlag.jpg AN
This user or group is an affiliate of the Allied Nations.
CDF.jpg Creedy Defense Force
Special Air Service is affiliated with the Creedy Defense Force and fully supports the destruction of all zombie unlife in Malton.
Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.
McZeds.png McZeds™
This User or Group eats at McZeds™. They also support the Use of Corpses for High Quality Processed Fast Food.

Allies to the Survival of Humanity


The SAS is a very secretive group and all information regarding its organization or members have been put on hold.

Zombie Spies

We do not like zed spies and will rid any buildings that we find with them. If you are a zed and in human form, let us help you to return to your allies.

Player Killers

We will find you and send your ass to your friends in a crate. If we have reliable information that shows that you killed someone, we will gladly help that survivor get revenge.

Want to Join SAS?

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SAS Board