Dulston Defense Death Squad

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Clock.png Historical Group
This historical group is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history.

Dulston Defense Death Squad

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Dulston Defense Death Squad
Abbreviation: DDDS
Group Numbers: Unconfirmed
Leadership: Matthew Stewart (Founding Member)
We follow ideals and strategy, not one man.
Goals: Defense of Dulston and death to zombie sympathizers.
Recruitment Policy: Refer to our group's Recruitment Policy.
Contact: DDDS Forum
Dulston Alliance

Group History

The Dulston Defense Death Squad is a small hard-line survivor group dedicated to securing the suburb of Dulston through cooperation, information sharing, maintaining of strategic barricading, and the execution of death cultists or others who endanger the community. Founded on November 6th 2005, the DDDS have worked hard to forge alliances with other survivor groups, with the culmination of these efforts taking shape in the Dulston Alliance, of which they were among the founding member groups. While smaller member groups may come and go they DDDS has sworn to uphold the tenants by which law and order are maintained throughout the suburb.

Of course not all of the efforts made by the DDDS have been well-received by every survivor. There was a time when the Drunken Dead, a zombie group that once plagued Dulston, had a serious issues with the DDDS's use of its DEATH LIST to continue targeting their members even after they were brought back to life and were not actively assisting the Drunken Dead. The DDDS contended that living members of the Drunken Dead were nothing more than zombie spies or worse, death cultists waiting to spring into action against survivors. The Drunken Dead claimed that their members were never spies or working against other survivors. Further information on this debate can be found in the Dulston Defense Death Squad Controversy archive.

By April 2007 it had become apparent that membership within the DDDS had dropped significantly and word that former members were possibly abusing what little influence the group's name still held risked casting a dark shadow over the group's past survivor contributions within Dulston. As such, the Dulston Alliance made final arrangements and bid farewell to one of its founding member groups.

DulstonAllianceAlly.jpg Dulston Alliance
This survivor group is a member of the Dulston Alliance.

DDDS Guiding Principles


DDDS members will work towards making Dulston a safer place for all survivors who are not traitors to the human race, regardless of their group allegiance. Disputes between multiple non-Dulston Alliance groups are not to be viewed as murder, in that offenders should not be automatically listed as killers on the Death List. Even so, this practice should be openly and strongly discouraged, but never met with violence as that would pull the DDDS, and maybe even the Dulston Alliance, into a potentially pointless conflict. Remember, as a member of the DDDS you represent the group's interests and therefore you should always be careful when dealing with other unallied groups. Better that such conflicts be resolved through diplomacy if possible. As always keep in mind that the zombie hordes may have living followers within Dulston and it is these people, and who they serve, that are the true enemies of mankind.

Community Services

In the interest of promoting public safety and reducing wandering zombie number members of the DDDS should put down any zombies they encounter, keep barricades up, keep fellow survivors informed of zombie movements, heal non-traitor survivors, tag public service messages, clear dead bodies from building, replace/fuel portable generators.

DDDS tags refer to any useful information meant as public service messages, such as directions to a local revive point. In addition tags may also include web addresses, building labels, strategic/tactical information, and any traitor list updates.

Revivification Services

Duport Avenue [92,4] is primary sanctioned Revivification Point within the suburb of Dulston.

An empty street was chosen because it helps separate sieging zombies from passive standing zombies. It has been researched and documented that passive zombies show a statistically higher trend of being free from the mental derangements that cause a survivor to become a death cultist. Passive zombies are survivors who commonly desire to be restored to life. While there is a chance that hostile zombies could use this location as a hiding spot such zombies can be identified and are not exempt from military cleansing with personnel trained in performing headshots. It is because of this that zombies at revive points are screened via DNA Extractor for traces of Brain Rot. As a standard practice always identify a potential revival candidate and then confirm they are NOT listed on either the DDDS Death List or the Dulston Alliance's Black List, before attempting to revive them. In this way revivification syringes are saved for true survivors and resources are not wasted.

Brain Rot Reports
Help keep track of zombies with Brain Rot, aka "rotters", so that survivors do not waste revivification syringes on them. Then by storing these brain rotted zombies in your contact list you can make sure that you never waste a syringe on them. When you have identified a zombie with brain rot who is not on the Dulston Alliance's Black List be sure to add them there in the appropriate section.