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Chi Vai Hunters are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 05:27, 1 January 2009 (UTC) Not Inactive?

Chi Vai Hunters
Abbreviation: CVH or Hunters
Group Numbers: 20+
Leadership: Qin Ming
Goals: Collect all the Chi Vais in Malton.
Recruitment Policy: You may ask and we'll consider it. Go to Discussion
CVH.jpg Chi Vais
Join the Chi Vai Hunters and remember All your Chi Vais are belong to us!!

The Chi Vai Hunters is a nomadic group of survivors dedicated to one goal: Find all the Chi Vais in the city.


Even before the zombie outbreak that overcame all of Malton, a dedicated faction of treasure-seekers identified as Chi Vai Hunters have long been active. These unusual individuals were scattered during the early months of the zombie outbreak, the Undead Dawn if you will, but have now begun to gather anew in search of their mysterious Chi Vais.

Self-proclaimed (the title was never contested for) Chi Vai Master, Qin Ming, believed that as a group the hunters could find what surviving Chi Vais remained inside the city, and so utilizing his tremendously mysterious powers, he called in a general assembly, drawing in many hunters and was held at the Barbara General Hospital. Many, though not all, answered the call. From there on, The Chi Vai Hunters began to look for more Chi Vais together with Qin Ming spearheading the operation as the group's leader. Because of their enigmatic ways and the relative successes of their offensives against zombies, more and more survivors joined the group. Thus, the ranks of Chi Vai Hunters swelled steadily and are still growing now.

Remember, any Chi Vai is good Chi Vai. And the good undead is one lying completely dead on the ground.

Code of Conduct

  • Hunters do not kill other survivors, all except in the known case of zombie sympathizers (Pkers and Gkers). They often impend our search for Chi Vais and thus they deserve to be killed in a most gruesome fashion.
  • Alternative characters (Alts) should be at least 1 suburb away from your Chi Vai character. We shall not tolerate zerging within our ranks. We're better than that.
  • Hunters protect the group's name with our lives. Trash talking, base/safehouse stealing, and unruly/misappropriate behaviour towards other survivor groups are grounds for immediate dismissal from the group.
  • All allies are to be treated like brothers. Defend and aid them as they would you.
  • Healers and Revivers within our ranks are always ready and willing to lend a hand towards injured and/or "zombie-fied" survivors. Priority of course goes to their fellow Hunters.
  • We never divulge to non-members what a Chi Vai is. Its sacred nature, sheer rarity and subtle yet compellingly complex mystery and truth have often sent many unprepared souls into madness, frustration and fits of deep insanity.
  • The enemy of one Chi Vai Hunter is the enemy of all.


  • The Chi Vai Master called an assembly at the Barbara General Hospital (East Becktown), more specifically the gyneocology room. The call for a new blood of eager hunters was issued and we are proud to announce that many has answered the call. Minor tussles with the groups Ars Requiem and Church of the Resurrection occured during their month long stay at the hospital.
  • Having exhausted all the known Chi Vai spots on the hospital, Qin Ming has issued a move to Ackland Mall. Aside from searching for Chi Vais, he hopes that the other Hunters would gain some experience when it comes to sieges.
  • Participating in the Siege of Ackland Mall, the Hunters helped defend the mall with such ferocity. The Mall stood for three weeks despite numerous zed break ins. When the mall fell, most of the hunters regrouped on St. Elisabeth's Hospital and The Stagg Building in Lukinswood, readying themselves for the next excavation.
  • THE MALL TOUR draws close to its final stop at Caiger Mall, and with their arrival, they suddenly decided to wipe out all life in the four suburbs surrounding the legendary mall that held off a zombie seige. Now with Lukinswood infested, East Becktown decimated, the Hunters assemble at Caiger, ready to stand or fall along with their fellow survivors in the upcoming event known now as ZMOBAGEDDON...
  • Feeling that the survivors already won the ongoing siege at Caiger, Qin Ming called for a vote whether they should stay or move on. The voting was met with overwhelming response clamoring for a change of scenery (7-3). Hence, the Hunters are now on the move once again.
  • The Hunters have settled in on St. Eusebius Hospital in Ketchelbank. Arms are being stocked, Syringes being manufactured, First Aid Kits are being procured and every nook and cranny are searched for Chi Vais. All in preparation for their trip into Barville.
  • After weeks of preparation, the Hunters are now ready for what seems their toughest excavation yet. This time it's deep inside enemy territory. They've chosen Kebby Auto Repair for its astronomical Chi Vai readings.
  • The Hunters managed to hold the excavation site in Barrville for two weeks, before finally succumbing to the superior numbers of the zeds. The astronomical readings must have been misread. Either that or the zeds somehow sensed the Chi Vais as well. The Hunters retreated and sought refuge in different buildings north of the site until the Chi Vai Master called for a retreat to Caiger Mall.
  • A week at Caiger Mall have passed, the Hunters are, once again, eager to find their Chi Vais. The Chi Vai Master has picked Dunell Hills due to the recent zombie attack by the Shining Ones. The Shining Ones seems to have left, but what influenced the decision of the Master was the number of ferals that roamed around the area. The scent of Chi Vais must have kept them there.
  • Furious battles and a very tenacious game of cat and mouse. That's what went on during the CVH stay at Dunell Hills. The rampaging zombies were remorseless as they drove the remaining survivors from one safehouse to another. The Hunters in turn gave no quarter to any zombies they encountered. Among their achivements in the suburb was keeping the nearby Necrotech Building powered for the revivers (most of the time anyway), as well as keeping the cemetery free of zombies in need of revives.
  • Reports of Ackland Mall being besieged once more by the undead, the Hunters went there in haste to help out their beloved mall. Ever since the Hunters helped out the besieged mall during the days of the Mall Tour, it has since held a very special place in their hearts.
  • Around the same time the Hunters left Dunell Hills, strange graffitis began appearing in some suburbs, bearing the words Chi Vai Excavation in Ridleybank, July 8... - CVH.
  • Not long after the Hunters arrived, the Big Bash launched an assault on The Morrish Building, completely ignoring the mall. Having deemed the NT building as an important resource for the survivors, the Hunters waged a furious defense of the building alongside their allies the CDF. Many breakins and cleanups later, the Big Bash finally decided to move on and lifted the siege. The highest number of zombies outside the building reached 130+.
  • Hearing reports of the Big Bash going after Blesley Mall, the Hunters ran day and night to help in the defense of the said mall. Unfortunately, they arrived too late as the mall has already fallen. They've set up shop inside Blockwood Auto Repair for their excavations as well as to help the revivification efforts.
  • The party was swell but all parties has to end. The Hunters noticed that the southern suburb of Danversbank was kinda crawling with zeds. This was a sign some Chi Vais are hidden there so the Hunters met with the Danversbank Brigands and the search for Chi Vais continued.
  • Time has passed but no Chi Vais. The zed number has decreased and order was restored in the suburb. Now the Hunters are pissed-off, the zeds have to pay for the Chi Vais stolen. News of the Third Siege of Caiger Mall reached their ears and they decided this was a place as good as any to exact retribution to the thieves.
  • The battle at Caiger was lost and no Chi Vai's were found but the Hunters have decided to setup a refugee camp at Barbara General Hospital (East Becktown) to help those who are fleeing from Caiger. Pursued by ferals, the Hunters once again enters the domain of the DHPD.
  • Aiding the efforts to retake Caiger, The Hunters have decided to help the revivification efforts at Younghusband Square and Salopia Row.
  • Having deemed the battle already won with the mall in survivor hands, the Chi Vai Hunters took to the road again. Another reason to call the event a success was their discovery of Chi Vais in the mall.
  • A year has passed since the formation of the group. In accordance to this joyous event, the Hunters went back and paid homage to the very place where the group was born; Barbara General Hospital.
  • Inside, Barbara General Hospital the group got reminded of their existence. They also noticed that they are finding less Chi Vais compare to the early days but the Chi Vai Master did not lose hope of finding more. So he asked all Chi Vai Hunter to resupply in Ackland Mall and get ready for the next big operation as he lay the plans for the next excavation.


The Chi Vai Hunters have participated in the following battles and operations:


The Chi Vai Hunters extended their hand in friendship to the following groups, swearing eternal loyalties to one another:

Knights of St. Jude - KoSJ_CVH_Alliance

Creedy Defense Force - CDF_CVH Alliance

Dunell Hills Police Department - DHPD_CVH_Alliance

Malton Rangers

Garniss Border Patrol - GBP_CVH_Alliance


I smell Chi Vai in this room!

Got Chi Vai?'

All your Chi Vais are belong to us

Give your Chi Vais to the Chi Vai Hunters

Living is not worth it without Chi Vais


Du hast Chi Vais?

If you steal our Chi Vais, we'll kill you.

Join the Chi Vai Hunters and get a free hamster

Veni. Vidi. Vaihah.

Hell hath no pain a Hunter robbed

Chi Vai Count

  • Barbara General Hospital - 12 Chi Vais found.
  • St. Elisabeth Hospital - 6 Chi Vais found.
  • Ackland Mall - 1 Chi Vai found
  • Caiger Mall - 2 Chi Vais found
  • St. Eusebius Hospital - 5 Chi Vais found
  • Kebby Auto Repair - 2 Chi Vais found
  • Club Meade - 1 Chi Vai found
  • Ridleybank - 1 Chi Vai found
  • Blockwood Auto Repair - 1 Chi Vai found
  • Caiger Mall - 2 Chi Vais found


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