Molebank Citizen Volunteers

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The Molebank Citizen Volunteers
Abbreviation: MCV
Group Numbers: We need YOU!
Leadership: None. All volunteers have equal standing.
Goals: The protection of Molebank and St. Jude's Cathedral
Recruitment Policy: A desire to pump lead into the undead
Contact:, Molebank Defence or Contact members in game

The Molebank Citizen Volunteers (MCV) is a survivor group that concerns itself with the defence of Molebank, St Jude's Cathedral, and that Holy of Holies The Bampfyld Arms.

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Molebank Frequency: 26.04 MHz
Transmitter coordinates: The Bampfyld Arms


If you wish to join us, set your group to Molebank Citizen Volunteers, contact one of our group members in game, and introduce yourself on our forums. We're a easy going group of individuals, and often come and go as we please. If you like a laid-back atmosphere and a friendly bunch of folks to fight the teeming zombie hordes, look no further!

Aims & Objectives

  • Clearing all zombies from the streets and buildings of Molebank.
  • Providing back-up, medical care and revivification for all those in the suburb of Molebank.
  • Executing all zombie spies within the bounds of Molebank.
  • Maintaining generators at all resource points.
  • Going to the nearest pub (The Bampfyld Arms) and getting totally pissed. Unfortunately, the management at the Bampy (currently "Big Vinnie" who also doubles as resident DJ on Molebank Radio 26.04) has notified us they cannot serve draught beer until the end of the apocalypse, as we apparently drank it all the first night.

News, Bulletins, and Other Information

June 18, 2008 - Molebank has changed hands several times in the past few months. A small contingent of The_Dead seem to have taken up residence in the area and are making life/unlife interesting for all residents of the suburb. As usual, the awesome crew from 10 minutes from hell have helped keep the suburb livable. Any and all extra hands are welcome for barricades and revives and evicting squatters.

March 22, 2008 - Unfortunately, a great deal has occurred since the last update. Mostly lots of dying. All of Molebank is overrun and ransacked/ruined. Despite the best efforts of the resident survivor groups, the zombie numbers are just too great to hold off. Things are looking pretty grim. May St. Jude look out for us all, especially the Bampy.

January 14, 2008 - Molebank is fairly secure, thanks to the KoSJ and 10 minutes from hell giving all their assistance. The MCV is grateful for all the survivors who have worked together to keep our suburb safe.

December 18, 2007 - After a severe infestation of zombies from the north and west, life is returning to Molebank. Thanks to 10 minutes from hell and PastorJeff for outstanding efforts in cleaning up and reviving.

November 27, 2007 - Cleaned up the wiki page for the first time in a year it seems. Molebank is doing alright for itself, thanks to the tireless efforts of all the citizens here.

Intelligence Sources

This section contains links to various forums where individuals may gather more information about Molebank, surrounding suburbs, and Malton in general.

Molebank Citizen Volunteers Forum

Knights of St. Jude Forum

Department of Emergency Management Forum


The following area(s) are designated as revive point(s): Shenton Crescent [15,43].

The Knights of St. Jude maintains a revive point at The Farrant Monument [14,46]. Cross referenced here for increased patronage.

Generally, all cemeteries are considered revive points as per the Sacred Ground Policy. We'll try and revive as quickly as possible, when practical.

Known Troublemakers

This is a list of player killers, generator killers, and zergers that have been spotted in the past. It is advised these individuals be handled with extreme prejudice.

Other Groups Active Within Molebank

A list of other groups active within Molebank. All members of MCV are requested to extend any and all help to these individuals or their personnel as and when they may be required.