10 minutes from hell

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10 minutes from hell
10 minutes from hell
10 minutes from Hell Crest
Abbreviation: 10 mfH
Group Numbers: around 26
Leadership: Classified
Goals: Keep Molebank safe
Recruitment Policy: Open, NO PKers.
Contact: 10mfh Forum

NPOV statement:
10 minutes from hell is a survivor group based in Molebank. We are not PKers. We do not bounty hunt. We are not dual-natured players.

Who we are: The small but fierce band known only as 10 minutes from hell (really cool name, no?) was created for the purpose of releasing the suburb of Molebank from zombie infestation, as well as expanding into other areas. They may be only 10 minutes from hell, but they will fight to the end.

Here and now: We are currently active in Molebank. If you need a heal, a revive, or some backup, we will do all we can to help. Some members stick to a particular safehouse or location, offering support to those there, while others are more mobile, patroling Molebank and sometimes the surrounding suburbs.

Did you know?: 10 minutes from hell founded Malton College of Medicine at St. George's Hospital in Greentown, and continues to offer MCM ongoing support. Many faculty members are experienced 10mfh'ers!

Future plans: In Molebank, 10 minutes from hell would one day like to open a Rotter Revive Clinic. Time will tell.

Need a revive in Malton?
Use the Revivification Request Tool!

Revive.gif Revivification Requests
Undead? Want to breathe again?
Make a Revivification Request! (Dead Link)

While the tool was created for use by
the DEM, many groups -including 10
minutes from hell- use it, too!

10 minutes from hell policies

  • Group members do not kill other survivors. We do not PK and we do not BH.
  • We believe in smart combat revives. This means you scan the zombie first and determine whether it is a good idea to revive them.
  • We believe that we can accomplish more as a team than we ever could as individuals and work together to accomplish goals!
  • We believe in having fun! Many of us role play in game! Join in!
  • We believe in helping newer and lower-level players! We all were beginners once so we understand how rough it can be! If you have any questions, just ask! We'll help you out!
  • We believe there is no reason not to be courteous of others who play the game. Even if we don't subscribe to your methods of playing, we respect your right to have a different opinion and we request that you show us the same respect.

Group History:
10 minutes from hell started in the suburb of Spracklingbank. After the outbreaks, a band of survivors gathered together at the Mauger Towers for safety. As they increasingly got more confident in this bizarre new world, they branched out. Safety for themselves was no longer the only goal. Recruiting members from all over the suburbs, they quickly started the process of creating safehouses in different areas of Malton. The idea is to have a safe place to go: either for the person just coming to grips with this horror, or the battle-weary hunter looking for a nice safe place to lay down for a while. Malton's undead population has made this very difficult, but the war is not over...


We're always open to anyone joining us, well except PKER's- we don't want any of that thank you much. But as it is just swing by our forums to give us the heads up, pass us a link to your player. We're currently accepting players of any level who just want to have fun while keeping our suburb safe! We are specifically looking for the following:

Revivers and Medical- You will spend a lot of time in our hospitals healing, with side trips to our RP to revive.

Fighters - Hell, just guys who want to go into the warzone (wherever that may be) and stomp some zed ass. For this we are looking for players with at least the standard survivor skills: free running, some sort of weapons skill (pistol, shotgun etc), barricade and possibly diagnosis. Although all of these aren't totally necessary. We don't believe in randomly killing any zed we see in the street, as fighters are mainly used for guerilla raids using nifty little chat systems. The fighters will also help out at surrounding suburbs when needed.

Rebuilders - These are people with the construction skill who may not have enough skills to be a fighter, yet - but still have basic survivor skills. (free running, some skills in weapsons, diagnosis) You'll need to bring your own toolbox and not be afraid to go into negative AP to repair a building! Molebank needs folks to help rebuild our suburb in the event of a major attack and if you have construction skills, you are welcome to come join us!

Low Level Survivors - We are happy to accept lower-level players and will help you level up! Sign up at our forum and we will give you details!

Our membership roster is available here!
Members: Medical/Maintenance Routes are here!

Revive Point:

10 minutes from hell maintains a revive point at Hanlon Park (16,47) in Molebank.

Please use the DEM revive request tool to get a revive at Hanlon Park.

Our Template:

Feel free to show your support for us! Add this code to your wiki page: {{10mfh}}

10 minutes from Hell

If we are going to survive,
we need to stick together.
We support 10 mfH safehouses!

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
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Frequency: 28.26 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Molebank [17,48]

Friends and allies:

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Malton College of Medicine

in bringing healing and higher education to Malton.

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We support:

Revive.gif Revivification Requests
Undead? Want to breathe again?
Make a Revivification Request! (Dead Link)
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