Malton College of Medicine

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Clock.png Historical Group
This historical group is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history.

Malton College of Medicine
Malton College of Medicine
Malton College of Medicine
Abbreviation: MCM
Group Numbers: Plenty; 20+, many informal
Leadership: stelar
Goals: To teach survivors how to stay alive in a zombie apocalypse.
Recruitment Policy: open
Contact: Come talk to us in-game!


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Malton College of Medicine

Malton College of Medicine is a survivor group dedicated to teaching newcomers to Malton how to stay alive in a zombie apocalypse. Its faculty, staff and students are busy, visible and vocal participants in the life of Greentown and, when its friends and allies need help, elsewhere in Malton. MCM aims to support its local community by healing the wounded, reviving the unwillingly undead, and by maintaining and defending vital resource buildings. Alongside its programme of lectures, classes and informal instruction in the mechanics, strategies, anthropology, psychology and ethics of life in Malton, MCM aims to provide a cheerful sanctuary for all its visitors, who will be greeted with cookies, a well stocked bar, incessant chatter and sudden bursts of karaoke.

After nine years of providing a welcoming environment to all newcomers, the Malton College Of Medicine became the largest group in Malton.


The main MCM campus is St. George's Hospital in Greentown. Unless the hospital is under siege, it will be enterable from the street at all times, so that exhausted survivors, and newcomers who haven't yet learned the art of free-running, can find safety there. Long-term residents and students in need of a quiet place to sleep, study, and work can make their way to a Warehouse next door. MCM takes responsibility for the security of the Warehouse, and maintains its barricades at the highest level. MCM conducts research and holds bustling laboratory classes in the Pippard Building NecroTech, one block South-West of the Warehouse, where it also runs a revivification clinic for zombies with brain rot who wish to breathe again. Zombies who have not yet succumbed to brain rot will be revived by MCM scientists at Nicols Avenue 30,72 adjacent to the hospital, warehouse and Pippard NT.

MCM is fortunate to be situated in an area rich in resources: there are three NecroTech Buildings, three police stations and three fire stations within five blocks of St. George's Hospital. For those looking to do some weekend shopping, St. George's Hospital is five blocks away from Marven Mall for all your consumer needs.

AquaEntryPoint.jpg AquaHospital.png AquaFAK.jpg AquaSurgery.jpg AquaGenny.jpg

Degrees offered

Doctor of Philosophy in Revivificationology (ZhD)
Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (R.N.)
Bachelor of Science in Hospital Security (B.Sc[Bang])
Bachelor of Arts in Consumer Survival Skills (B.A.[Shop])
Emergency Medical Technician certification (E.M.T.)

Courses of study

If you live, you pass: it's as simple as that.

Courses offered by MCM include:

Introductory Medical Care
Advanced Medical Skills and Technique
Combat Medicine: Strategies for Collective Survival
Siege Tactics
Revivificationology I: Introduction to Theory and Practice
Revivificationology II: Philosophy and Ethics
Effective Consumerism
Inventory Management
Communication Skills: How to Win Friends and Influence People
'Zombies are People Too': Living with the Enemy
Apocalyptic Anthropology: How to Deal with PKers, Griefers and Other Annoyances
Fellowship grants are now available for advanced studies on the use of humor in medicine!

MCM Lectures

The lectures at Malton College of Medicine are given by experienced survivors who enjoy working with new people. They are designed to inform, educate and entertain. Questions are invited, practical application encouraged, and tests non-existent. Topics range from elementary instruction for those just arrived in Malton, to discussion of technical and tactical matters, to important aspects of life with MCM (the lecture on the Ignore List, for example, is recommended reading for everyone).

Guest lecturers have included Raharu from FANNY, Strayla of The Saints, jorm, prophet of the Militant Order of Barhah, Ottari, Sir KF of the Philosophe Knights, Upper Left Corner, Falcon Talon of Zerg Hunters Unlimited, and the staff of Tikhon Medical.

Recordings of all MCM lectures can be found in our library.

MCM Medic Runs

It is a vital part of MCM's daily work to provide medical support to the residents of Greentown and neighboring suburbs. The faculty have suggested routes for medic runs in the area surrounding St George's Hospital that should enable students and guests to make the best use of their AP and first-aid kits. Find out more here.

MCM Quarterly Review

In May 2010, MCM launched its own journal. It will carry reports of events in Eastonwood and beyond, interviews with Malton celebrities, gossip and advice columns and much more. The first issue of the Malton College of Medicine Quarterly Review can be read here.

Acknowledgments and Further Information

Malton College of Medicine's tiny url:

Malton College of Medicine received its original grant from 10 minutes from hell. The groups now work independently, but remain close allies.

Special thanks to Morgueasm for her assistance in the construction of this gorgeous wiki page.

MCM Endorsements

Malton College of Medicine teaches all sorts of C.R.A.P.!
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