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Malton College of Medicine
Malton College of Medicine
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MCM doesn't revive these people

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Explaining The Two Lists

Do Not Revive/Expelled

  • Doing something that gets you on this list will also mean we do not heal you.
  • This list is reserved for people who are a threat to the College as killers and for repeated griefers. You have to work to get yourself on this list. We reserve the right to add an entire group to this list should the behavior of the group warrant it.
  • Persons who are expelled from the school are no longer under our protection. They have demonstrated that they do not respect the concept of a center of peace and education. Griefing and abuse are grounds for expulsion, as is condoning or sanctioning text rape. We are not asking people to kill those on the expelled list, but we no longer offer them sanctuary.

Please Don't Revive

  • The people on this list have requested that they not be revived by MCM, or they qualify as "not-so-smart revives". These people have not misbehaved, and we have generally congenial relationships with these people. We just aren't reviving them at the present time.
  • Note that under "battle" circumstances, MCM reserves the right to combat revive these people should the situation warrant. Also, the nature of MCM means we always have less experienced members with us. They are still learning, and occasionally they will make mistakes, including in deciding who to revive and when. We apologize in advance for these inevitable mistakes, but if you hang around MCM, mistakes WILL happen. We will, however, try to not revive the people on this list when possible.
  • You have to ask nicely to be placed on this list. We will still heal you if you're on this list.

The Lists

DNR/Expelled List

The following individuals should not be revived or healed:

all persons on the Ignore List



Christopher Delay


Mr Tolstoy

Joe Gilmore

brian mercat

Mr Gouger


5 dead bodys

Amber Rotten P.



Team Zombie Hardcore:

a puke covered bum

BuckNaked Jihad

Dale Crover

Dhavid Grohl

duke cage

Dinky's Best

Horny Horny Hippo

Horny Polar Bear


Papa Nixon


Please Don't Revive List

Please don't revive the following people:

All members of the Ridleybank Resistance Front's Gore Corps. We love you, too, but your showers of affection leave just a few too many bullet holes for you to be smart revives. You'll still get hugs and cookies, just not revives.

NightOfTheLepus You're welcome to lecture any time you'd like!

Senkou An MCM fan who is going zombie for a while and is currently frustrated by all the help we're giving him. (MCM is very good at keeping our friends alive!)

Angelina Argonez A friend of MCM who is also Dual Nature and, because revives are so quick in Eastonwood, would prefer only to be revived under combat conditions.

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