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Malton College of Medicine
Malton College of Medicine
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Malton College of Medicine Lecture Archive

Students at Malton College of Medicine enjoy a mixed curriculum of observation, practical experience and formal instruction. Questions can be asked at any time in St George's Hospital, and will be answered enthusiastically by experienced members. But whenever time and sieges and general silliness allow, lectures are given by faculty members and distinguished visitors from other groups. These are recorded and stored here in the MCM Library.

The tiny url for this page, should you wish to mention it in-game, is

Lecturers are members of MCM unless otherwise stated.

Survivor 101: Starting Out Life in Malton

Climbing the Skills Tree Violet Begonia An excellent lecture for new players.
Climbing Higher on the Skills Tree Violet Begonia
Gaining Skills, Part 1 Violet Begonia
Gaining Skills, Part 2 Violet Begonia
Starting Life in Malton Violet Begonia
Early Skills Mere Bystander
Getting around in Malton Mere Bystander
Medic Runs Violet Begonia

Survivor 201: Improving Your Skill Set

Your Limited Daily Energy Violet Begonia
How to Use Your Precious XP Violet Begonia
Intermediate Skills Sherry Stringfield
Constructing Barricades Alvy Fang MMS
Barricades and How to Maintain Them Sonja Red
Defense against Zombies Mere Bystander
Combat Medicine Barak Steele
Philosophe Knights
PK'ers - what to do? Cadwah1

Survivor 301: Advanced Studies

Malls Doctor Daz
Gathering Intelligence on Local Zombies Totenmannskiste, FU
Dark Buildings and How Not to Use Guns Violet Begonia
Reclaiming Ghost Towns Angelina Argonez, DN
Emergency Supply Drops Doctor Daz

Revivification Studies

Revivification! Mere Bystander
Science Skills Nellie Harmon, MMS
Smart and Dumb Revives greylyn, 10mfh
Combat Revives SiR Pluton, 10mfh
Necronet Access Ottari, PDA
Rot Revives Mere Bystander
Revive Point Etiquette FuzzyWuzzie

Combat Skills

Hand-to-Hand Combat Nellie Harmon
Firearms for Personal Protection FuzzyWuzzie
The Futility of Killing Zombies in the Street mighty oak

Group Tactics

The Advantages of Being in a Group FuzzyWuzzie A must read.
Teamwork, Part 1 Tom Deat
Teamwork, Part 2 Tom Deat
Siege Tactics Feisty Old Granny

Settings, Contacts, Screenshots and Other Good Ideas

How to Access the Settings Page Violet Begonia
How to Take a Screenshot Mere Bystander
The MCM Wiki Mere Bystander
Fashion in Malton Sherry Stringfield
How to Add Friends to Your Contacts Violet Begonia Given after one too many jello syringes.

Zombology 101: Things to Do in Malton When You're Dead

Barhah jorm, MOB
Basic Zombie Skills DJ Deadbeat, MotA
Climbing the Zombie Skill Tree Totenmannskiste
(Note: Tangling Grasp should be replaced by Death Grip in this lecture, as the latter is more important early on the claw path.)
Zombie Skills Mere Bystander
Historical Zombie Events Cloister the Stupid
and Biker Nun
The Basics of Zombie Language Kara Nimi

Zombology 201: Zed's Dead, Baby, Zed's Dead

The Feral Zombie's Way of Death Totenmannskiste
Zombie Etiquette and Choosing Targets Totenmannskiste
Death Culting and Anti-Survivor Tactics Totenmannskiste The lecture begins halfway down the page.
Feral Zombie Communication Totenmannskiste Accompanying profile shot.
Zamgrh Violet Begonia An egg-nog fuelled classic.
Zombie Mamba Kemboushou Zambah Zahnz Gab (ZOMBIE DANCE LECTURE)

Rules, Etiquettes and Politics

The Ignore List Raharu, FANNY
Being Polite in Malton mighty oak
Zerging Falcon Talon
Zerging an infection
PKers OmnusOmega, CGR
Avoiding a PKing Le Penseur
Philosophe Knights
Bounty Hunting Strayla, The Saints
Trenchcoating cadwah1 A 12-step recovery programme. Priceless.

History and Humour

Western Civilization Part 1 John Ibans
Philosophe Knights
Western Civilization Part 2 John Ibans
Philosophe Knights
Mooning Blk Gryphon
Tikhon Medical
Yes, mooning.
One Crazy Night, Part One Violet and Morgueasm
One Crazy Night, Part Two Violet and Morgueasm
The Hospitalness of Hospitals Skip O'Fooer
The Band Styx Concert at MCM Q Bee


Malton College of Medicine endorses the following wiki resources for students:

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