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Malton College of Medicine
Malton College of Medicine
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Dean's Office, Malton College of Medicine

The door is open! Come on in, have a cookie and a cup of coffee, and chat a while.


On 22 January 2010, Violet Begonia resigned as Dean of Malton College of Medicine and slipped away from Malton to enjoy a well-earned retirement in Tahiti. While the rest of us try to work out how exactly she managed that, MCM continues under the leadership of Q Bee. Violet's correspondence as Dean has been archived. Any future correspondence with the Dean's Office should be filed below, and will be answered by QBee or one of the MCM faculty.

Students' Questions and/or Concerns

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Other Comments

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Good evening Ms. Bee, Recently I published a rather good article on the physiology of the zombie brain, so far however only one of three papers has yet to be published at all. The first paper is concerning the nature of a survivor turning into a basic zombie, with a focus on the brain itself. The second is a venture into the mind of a more advanced zombie, namely a rotter showing the difference between and advanced case of the virus and the more common. The third is concerned with overall changes in zombie phenotype and how it differs from an uninfected human. I would be very interested in giving a lecture at the MCM. If you would like to view some of my work this is a page of my journal that forms the backbone for the first part of my studies. Thank you for your time ma'am, and good day. -Devorac 21:00, 25 February 2010 (UTC)