The Ridleybank Resistance Front/Gore Corps

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Team Dictators



Recruitment Policy

1. Be a zombie
2. Join our Discord server

The War Council

· Funk McBogey
· PicaPica
· Cthulhu in Lingerie
· CyanEyed
· Hump the Messiah
· Akbar


· Petrosjko
· Sonny
· Patrucio
· Murray Jay Suskind
· Lord Moloch
· Johnny Bass
· Globule 13
· Jadkor
· Irishmen
. Two Headed Sex Beast
. Funk McBogey

Who We Are


The Gore Corps are the resident Necro-terrorists of the Ridleybank Resistance Front. As such, they frequently go between life and unlife to cause great pain to the harmanz of Malton. Whether it be by claw or by shotgun, no harman in Malton is safe from the Gore Corps!

Creation of The Gore Corps

The Gore Corps was the creation of a certain Big Bash zombie whom kept getting needlessly combat revived. One fine day, instead of choosing unlife, this former zombie was so angered by the humans antics that it began to give the humans a taste of their own medicine, namely lead. When the survivors began to protest, the inherent fun and humor of being a death cultist was apparent. With much deliberation by Papa Sonny and Papa Patrucio, the Gore Corps was founded, allowing members of the largest horde in Malton to partake in the merriment of shooting the human that just combat revived them.

History of the Gore Corps

Since its founding in 2006, the Gore Corps has had a long illustrious history of putting fear into the hearts of harmanz all over Malton. Its first success was at the Battle of Blackmore, where members of the Corps wreaked havoc not only on the Blackmore Building but also on the vital supply line at Nichols Mall. After showing their worth as members of the Ridleybank Resistance Front, the Gore Corps stirred up quite a bit of controversy, with accusations of the group running afoul of the horde's laws and indeed violating the fundamental spirit of BARHAH.

It was then decided that the Corps should become an exclusive force, with strict rules that no information that was collected by a Gore Corps member could be passed on to the rest of the horde. Also, the Corps became somewhat independent of the horde, striking on orders of the Papa himself, and not following around the ball of destruction that is the DoHS.

In December 2019 Lord Moloch stepped down as the leader of the Gore Corps, leaving that unenviable task to PicaPica, who had shown great commitment and ruthlessness as a one of the GC's top players.

In June 2020 PicaPica also stepped down, leaving the running of things to CyanEyed and Megatraum, who between them have racked up many years experience, fair leadership, and a good sense of 'loving to boss people about'.

Joining the Gore Corps

In order to join the Gore Corps, you have to be willing to play as a human and a zombie, to bring BARHAH to the humans, whether you're a zambah or a breather. Gore Corps members wait for careless survivors to revive them, and immediately start to create havoc, shooting to kill, destroying equipment, over-barricading entry points, under-barricading resource buildings, propagating pro-horde propaganda (or plain old provocations) and more, all whilst having a laugh and creating a chaotic good time. If you have what it takes, join our Discord server.