Zerg Hunters Unlimited

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Zerg Hunters Unlimited
Abbreviation: ZHU
Group Numbers: 22+
Leadership: Resensitized
Goals: Investigate, Confirm, and Kill Zergers
Recruitment Policy: Apply using this post at Resensitized
Contact: PM Anime Sucks at Resensitized

About Zerg Hunters Unlimited


Want to kill? Don't want to get on the Pk List? Join Zerg Hunters Unlimited!

Add this to your profile

I killed you because you're on the ZERG list.


Disagree? Discuss it here:


This doesn't apply to you? Then you're a Pker or an ass.

Have your group affiliation be Zerg Hunters Unlimited, and start educating noobs and killing dirty dirty zergers! But what happens when those dirty dirty zergers kill you in retaliation? Add them to the Pker list and let all of Malton hunt those dirty dirty zerging pkers down.

Its fun for the whole family.

Group News

2010 and beyond

5 Years and still people zerg. Yet ZHU remain defiant and continue to fight the good fight in support of "THE ONLY RULE".


March Pin the tail on the Finis begins in Shearbank Late 09 - Zerg Hunt 2 embarks on bringing the smackdown to the zargar bargars

June 24: ZHU declares war on GODhack's cleaning team, a zerg group made of over 20 GODhack and ProzacRs. Heavy fighting in Rhodenbank and Dulston, where the zergers hide.

July 6: We celebrate our victory in the war on GODhack, after his banning by Kevan. Go ZHU!

ZHU.gif Zerg Hunters Unlimited
Zerg Hunters Unlimited supports the Zerg Hunters Unlimited in their fair and quick extermination of multi-character abusers!