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For the most recent 5th of November, see 5th of November 2016.

Remember remember the 5th of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot...

Prior Years

2017 onwards

There was no Fifth of November event in 2017 — although several zombie groups arrived to defend the Blackmore, no survivors showed up to take it.


The 2016 Fifth of November was organized on NecroConnect. See here for a rundown of what happened.


2015 was the first year during which Fifth of November was organized on the NecroConnect forums. See here for a rundown of what happened.


To avoid clutter on this page plan here.


To avoid clutter on this page, 2010 has been officially blessed by Codename V, who will quietly watch you with pride as you plan here.


To avoid clutter on this page, 2009 will be planned here.


To avoid clutter on this page, 2008 will be sanctioned here.


Verily, we do always face uncertainty and terror. Right now I wish for my friends and allies to think once more about the middle of Malton, Ridleybank. I seek that you reignite the fire of battle and load up, stock up and get ready to move into the heart of Malton on the 5th of November. Show the badge of our cause on your pages. Brandish weapons, tool kits and the dexterity of greatness. This 5th of November, 2007, let us flood into Ridleybank like a burst dam and heal, recuperate and repair the centre of our fair city!

Kindly spread the word of this upcoming day, and use any roguish means necessary to further the cause. I'm quite sure this time they'll ban me, and alas, so it must be. Carry on in my name and make this November one to remember!

Guyfawkes.jpg --Codename V 06:29, 23 September 2007 (BST)

Graffiti propaganda: Taggers can now spread the word with spraypaint. Possible tags include:

Retake Ridleybank, Monday http://tinyurl.com/fpl4c
Guy Fawkes party! http://tinyurl.com/fpl4c
Remember 5th November, http://tinyurl.com/fpl4c
Attack Ridleybank Nov5 http://tinyurl.com/fpl4c

Any other suggestions? Add them to the list. Only a few days to go!


This Shall Be Our Finest Moment

I mean no disrespect by my means of getting you to this page. I merely use the long tested methods of the desperate and overwhelmed. My apologies for any undue clean ups to pages that may need to have done. Please just take the time to read, as I hope that nought will be in vain.

Citizens of Malton, there is a black plague, a viral infection in our fair city. I'm sure many of you realise, having run the gauntlet of unbridled terror that the fair laneways and ambling footpaths of our mighty city have become. There was a time when peace and harmony were not besmirched by the foetid stench of the rotting and unctuous epidermis of who were once the decent living. Now that time has passed. Malton has long been an industrious city of good people willing to strive for good things. Hopefully I'm not sounding too trite, but my brothers and sisters, our town is now a strangled phantom of what it once was. As I have alluded, there is an infection and right now the heart of our city is rife with it. Ridleybank is the vascular organ to which I speak, and the time has come for a cleansing!

If we are to truly stand up as the proud humans we are, we must quash with sure fists and iron will the abominations which threaten our existance. Our governments have deserted us, quarantined us and left us for dead. I say we shall not let the carrion birds of both air and land consume us! I say we strike at the befouled heart of our city, the heart which the undead have made their homeland. Ridleybank beats not, but with the concerted strength of an army it shall be cleansed and beat again! As of writing this, the 5th day of the Holy Roman month of April, I decree that in seven months time we converge on Ridleybank, our true home, and we take back what we have lost. Blight the scourge from our soils, shatter their skulls and destroy their armies! Together we will stand victorious.

We may not be able to hold Ridleybank indefinitely, but our victory can stand as a symbol. Just as the valiant victories at Caiger Mall cast a shadow over the zombie populace, their defeat at Ridleybank can stand as another survivor triumph! A symbol that screams, 'Homo sapiens shall not lie down!' So remember, remember the 5th of November. Stock up on your ammunition, build your skills. On the 5th we shall invade, nay recapture what is rightfully ours. There is no element of surprise, as if we are bold enough, our force will prove boundless. If the enemy draws himself to his full height, on that day shall the fullest of our mettle be tested.

I beseech you, nay beg of you to attack at Ridleybank on the 5th of November. No set time, just a set day. Spread the word and bring your fight and freedom to the heart of Malton!

May We Be So Bold?

Our unsightly nemesis - perhaps due to an inverted Darwinian evolutionary nightmare - has mastered the art of comprehensive invasion on a mass scale. That is, they shamble less in organization, more en masse to their target, the withered hand of their leader merely pointing the way. The rest is a carnage of discord as the zombie forces utterly demolish whatever is in the target area. It has long been an educated man who has studied his enemy and learnt from him through a cultured respect. We can learn from this technique, and I shall unaffectedly point you to Ridleybank on our most precious of days to be remembered, the 5th of November. Should any of you desire an atmosphere more conducive to plan and design, you are free to co-ordinate your attacks in either the private or public domain. Warfare can be considered an artisan’s pursuit as much as any of man’s creations.

And perhaps I have found something to lead our artists of war in the march to Ridleybank. I myself shall bear no organisational role above that of marshalling troops, for I have no face and a faceless man cannot lead. The Ridleybank Reclamation Forces, however, are or were a dedicated group aimed at our own glorious purpose. Zaruthustra was the man at the helm of this enterprise, but it appears he has fatigued of the idea due to a lack of interest. Perhaps you brave few who believe in the cause we represent can stand up and take the reins of the Ridleybank Reclamation Forces. While blind carnage would mirror our enemy and increase the deliciousness of our victory with a topping of irony, an artful stroke of planned wardancing is equally enticing.

Finally, a template has been devised for those of you who believe in the fall of Ridleybank on the 5th of November. Said template is a little maligned by certain other folk, but please place this {{5th of November}} in your group or user page and spread the word of vengeance like a vicious wildfire! Stay tuned to this, your Channel V, for a monthly update and all manner of tomfoolery until our momentous occasion in November. I thank all those who have added their number or self to this endeavour we all boldly strive for.

A Meantime Attack

Greetings my dear allies. You have all humbled me with the support you have shown for the 5th of November. For this I am thankful. I have however, as a reward or perhaps incentive, a matter you may find of interest. It seems a very large, even massive coalition of groups is going to invade and try to take a hold of Barville. Now Barville is essentially the left chamber that is the heart of Malton, and many of the groups who are in on the V for Ridleybank alliance are joining this Barville push. Please see this forum if you are indeed intrigued by this proposal.
Let it also be known that The Extravaganza is an event I thoroughly endorse. I shall be giving a speech through an emissary at Silley Park, at the request of the leader of this explosive night. I recommend you all come and enjoy the fun.
The Forum in question --Codename V 04:50, 9 June 2006 (BST)

Guyfawkes.jpg Codename V 13:59, 4 May 2006 (BST)

Stepping Out Of The Shadows

During the Extravaganza celebration of Malton's first anniversary, a masked representative of the elusive Codename V stepped forward to give a prepared speech. On the lawn in Silley Park, a stone's throw from Caiger Mall, survivors gathered to hear V's words. This is an exact transcript of the speech.

Great citizens of Malton, do you remember where you lived? Do you remember what Malton used to be? It was a city, sprawling and massive with a skyline best beheld in awe and with a dash of pride. This was the Malton we grew up with. This is what we knew.
But then they came, and they forced our walls closed. They ravaged our buildings and tore apart our brothers and sisters. They desecrated something more holy than religion. They desecrated our homes! What is a man without a place to call his own?
But we did not lay down, Maltonians. We did not surrender our fine city to the ragged clutches of our enemy. The military told us to evacuate. The churches told us it was Armageddon. Our politicians told us it was inevitable. But we did not lie down!
We took up arms. We learnt how to deal with our unfortunate circumstances. We loaded guns and equipped medicines. We fought them. We banded together or roamed on our own. And through our trials we became strong! And then came our first test. Mall Tour 06. Many of our beloved malls fell. Many of our strongest fighters were eaten. It seemed as though none could stop the blight on our city that was the rolling ravages of Xyu's hordes. Until they reached a mall that straddled Chudleyton and Darvall Heights.
Caiger Mall seemed the same as all the others. Just another mall to fall to the inevitable. But we did not lie down! We rallied to the cause. Our numbers built and our resilience strengthened. What became was the first victory of survivors, of Maltonians.
Now we stand not a suburb away from Caiger Mall, the survivors’ symbol of victory and perseverance. It's been called the shining light of Malton. Tonight we will launch our own shining lights.
The Extravaganza is yet another symbol. A massive effort. A sign that Malton is STILL the same bastion of freedom and glory that we remember. So everybody lift your flare guns and fire! Show Malton and our enemies that we will not lie down. Light up the darkness of our fine city. Show them we're still here!
A flare was fired in this block. (54 minutes ago) ...and again.

The speech was received with cheers from the audience. As Malton moves closer and closer to the momentous Fifth Of November, the survivors are focused on one cause: Victory! And With It, Vengeance!

The Last Call for Liberty

My great Maltonians, you have shown tremendous courage and perseverance. In the face of numbers greater than our own, you have still barricaded, attacked and helped devastate the oppressive threat of the undead. Our city may stink of the rot of evil, but our heart still glow pure. The number of those pledging their strength to the 5th of November campaign is overwhelming. November now lurks on the edge of this month and with it brings the 5th. I may have been quiet over the last few weeks, but I have not been absent. MEN AND WOMEN OF MALTON, I URGE YOU STILL! On the 5th of November sweep into Ridleybank. You of the groups, make your plans accordingly. You who are individuals, do as you wish inside the limits of Ridleybank. But all of you join me in this astronomical battle against the undead. Barricade, kill and overwhelm the enemy. Lock them out. The rest of Malton may be falling apart, but taking Ridleybank is a symbol, a symbol of power, unity and strength. Let us kick out the evil from our heart and instead root our own love and devotion for the fine city of Malton. On the 5th of November, CHARGE!

Guyfawkes.jpg --Codename V 04:31, 13 October 2006 (BST)

Victory, Ltd.

It is recommended you converge on the Blackmore Building! My brothers and sisters, we arise from the fifth with the undead dead around us. I walk among the buildings of Ridleybank and I see togetherness. I see willingness to prevail. I see barricades and safety in a zone long thought hopeless for survivors. Though we can not claim ownership yet of our heart, we have certainly made a tremendous effort in wresting it from our enemies hands. I congratulate you all on a job well done. Certainly the 5th of November will be remembered as the day the survivor of Malton stood up as one to crush oppression and take back our homeland.
--Codename V 01:46, 7 November 2006 (UTC)

With the fall of the Blackmore building, it seems a good time to wrap up my valiant validation of our violent vengeance. We did well troops, brothers, sisters, freedom fighters and friends. The barricades were thick, the dead were everywhere and the rallying of survivors was enough to bring a tear to the eye. For all who continue to fight for Ridleybank, I am glad you exist on this earth to fight along side me. For those who have decided to leave and continue the struggle elsewhere, I cannot blame you and wish you the best of luck in your endeavours. To victory.

Guyfawkes.jpg --Codename V 05:47, 24 November 2006 (UTC)

Support of V for Ridleybank

See also Category:5th of November. To add yourself or your group to the category, see Templates.

Human Groups

  1. Umbrella Corporation-We will be there, leaving our mark in Ridleybank.
  2. Independent Nation of Owsleybank - The Independent Nation of Owsleybank will charge forth with this diverse group and mandates international action for the good of all on November 5th, by blowing the @#!*% out of Ridleybank!
  3. Malton's Angels - Exactly our kind of thing, we will remember
  4. The Corleone Family - We have certain... business opportunities that will arise if Ridleybank falls.
  5. The Wraiths - All right, we're there. What do we blow up first?
  6. Malton Rangers - The Malton Rangers will be wherever Malton needs us to be. If you head to Ridleybank, we'll be at your back.
  7. People's Federation of Malton - Remember, remember, the third of july… it's time for vengeance!
  8. Army Control Corps - We're gonna hold them by the nose and kick em' in the @#!*% ! We're gonna kick the @#!*% outta them all the time, and we're gonna go through them like @#!*% through a goose! The glorious ACC shall lead the charge!
  9. The Sun Organization - Count us in! This will be a glorious day, in which no single group should lead the charge, but all of us.. There will be no Master nor Commander… on the 5th of november, we will be our own masters! We shall reclaim the heart of Malton and when we do so, it will beat once again!
  10. Tzeentch - We'd help, but we're mostly dead right now. Bad luck! Can't make it, but support it!
  11. Special Tactics and Rescue Squad- Were In!
  12. Knights of the Temple of the Shrike - Sounds fun, Lets take them down a peg.
  13. SPIDERMAN- Sounds interesting, we will be there, helping with the people who needs revivication! DOWN WITH DA ZOMBIES!!!
  14. BLACKOUT - We bring war to the enemies of Malton.
  15. Kleptocracy- Could be a rockin' good time, if Kleptocracy joins that is...
  16. FVZA - Sounds like a @#!*% of party. We're in..
  17. Sons of Abraham - We may be noobs, and we may show up as zombies, but it'll be one crazyass ZKfest. Plus, it gets our name out there. JOIN THE SONS OF ABRAHAM! Sorry about my advertising.
  18. Malton Mob - Our Vendetta of Zombie will be fufilled
  19. Omega Company USCMC-Welcome to the Suck. We'll be in the thick of it.
  20. M.S.L.F-Like were 'gonna miss this!
  21. Malton Death Dealers - We coming!
  22. Non-Stationary Cadaver Suppression Task Force - We are here to help all those who need it. We will follow anywhere.
  23. The Watchmen Defenders- We will do whatever we can to help
  24. Ackland Mall Security- For the mall! For the city!
  25. The Super Awesomes- Oh man this is gonna be a hella good time!
  26. Elemental Radio- We're not strictly a group in the usual sense, but all the DJs have pledged their support.
  27. The_Burchell_Arms_Regulars - We shall send a contingent providing our pub is secure.
  28. Clan Blitzkrieg- Oh, hells yes. They will fear and remember the 5th of November.
  29. VGCats Survivalist Union- The Cats are at your command, V.
  30. Ghetto Cow- We won't, like, be there, but we can't wait to see Ridlybank green!
  31. Duo Eon - we pledge both of our live members to assist!
  32. The Penguin Mafia - We at the Penguin Mafia would like to lend our 'assistance' and that of our 'business associates' to your cause.
  33. McZeds Some of the most rotted meat in Malton can be found in Ridleybank, and quite a few people have been asking for 'aged' steaks.
  34. Defenders of the Playground We're in. Lets smack down some Barhah!
  35. Malton Liberation Army Lets whip some undead @#!*% . We're in.
  36. The Revolt Kill em' all.
  37. The Phoenix Saints If not for Malton, then for that oh-so-sexy man with those oh-so-pointy daggers! Your name lives on!
  38. D.A.R.I.S. Ridleybank shall be henceforth known as New Shearbank
  39. The Crimson Clan - Count in a couple of SF squads, maybe even HG and Militia backup. In headshots we trust!
  40. RTMT - No Mall, but still we'll come. Remember remember the 5th of November...
  41. Bastion High - This is a shining example of mass survivor cooperation. It's only fitting that we attend.
  42. U.B.C.S. Merc-for-hire Ready and willing to make dead things deader.
  43. Knights of Pius - Dunno about treason or plot, but we will bring ALL of our gunpowder
  44. The Zurds forget the dummy , we're going to put zeds on the bonfire.
  45. E.N.D. No ones gonna start without us are they? I didn't think so.
  46. The Fortress The Fortress is sending 2 teams, Anaconda and Battlehawk to celebrate in this noble operation.
  47. BBC will be reporting the events of the night. Unfortunately, we won't be bringing guns, but pens are notorious for being mightier.
  48. 10 Minutes from @#!*% will be bringing guns.
  49. Cannonball Crew - The Crew is rolling into Ridleybank as we speak.
  50. Pescodside Defense Alliance - We were there last year, but this time we shall take back our beloved Alner Mansion! (its on the south border of Roachtown so it counts! haha!)
  51. Pizza Zeds - Good Luck Once We Get More Recruits We Will Come To Help Out ASAP
  52. Philosophe Knights Ridlebank has the most Centers of Learning in all of Malton, and knowing this, the knights shall liberate and restore all thirteen fallen Centers of Learning within Ridleybank.
  53. TNR We'll be there. Ridleybank has the cleanest syringes for, uh, sterileness
  54. The Anarchist @#!*% believe that the zombies are a symbol, and so is the act of destroying them.
  55. 82nd Airborne Division We will be here again this year.
  56. Detulux Inc Meh. Why the hell not? We'll bring the beer.
  57. Militaires Sans Frontières As mercenaries, we welcome any challenge, and will actively carry out peacewalker operations like repairs or revives.

Zombie Groups

  1. The Ridleybank Resistance Front - Harmanz are so cute when they wish to overthrow us. Bring Pizza. And dancing shoes.
  2. Feral Undead- Brainz come to us? Great idea breathers! Eat you there!!


  1. User:DeadpoolDude The Black-Eyed Ever'-Hatin Wade Wilson and Agency X will be there!
  2. User:WildWeasel My group don't want any part of it, but I have no such qualms! Let's cock, lock and rock people!
  3. Masque the Hunter I may not be a group, but i'll fight for the freedom of Ridleybank as one of the unaffiliated. Their violence, killing, shall never be forgot…
  4. Sonny Corleone Harmanz and their silly little anarchy. Why wait until November? We want your bra!nz now.
  5. Zombie- Come on, we only have about six months for you! Hurry up! We want BRAINZ!
  6. Anonymous - I'll fight, but it could be hopeless because as George S. Patton said: "Now I want you to remember that no bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.". The issue is zombies can't die, but I still have a good feeling about this.
  7. Anonymous - What you harmanbarhgars fail to realise is, that anarchy cannot exist via individuals, as humans, but through a faceless crowd, the Barhar. 5th of November, we the Un-People shal teach you a lesson.
  8. Codename T is with you... this is simply too big to pass up. It's not about the suburb... it's about what it stands for. People love symbols, so let's work together to destroy the greatest zombie symbol in the game.
  9. StinkyD I'm with you all. Usually I like to work alone, but this is just an event that cannot be passed. However if we want to win this, the worst thing we can do to a zombie is make it human again.
  10. monkeys corpse Zombahz gangbang harmanz! banana ram harman azz!!! (Seriously though, I could always use more food, so bring the party)
  11. Anonymous - I - anon - will fight for/support/accept/acknowledge this cause/group/movement/proposal.
  12. Xoid - Ridleybank needs a good feed.
  13. Swmono - Take back Ridleybank.
  14. John Taggart - Let the bastards burn!
  15. Agent White - The zombies just were there, like cows were there. In case ever needed some practice.
  16. dr cox - About time Ridleybank was taken back
  17. Pvt. Berglin - No zeds, no masters!
  18. ErynSMA - I support anything that will make Malton safer, and show the zombies that the survivors mean business when it comes to protecting their home.
  19. Albert Iordache - Remember the 5th of November!
  20. Darkxarth - The beginning of the end of the Zombie Menace, November 5th!
  21. Smithy Jones - Let Take back Ridleybank from the Zombie and purify their so-called Mecca
  22. User:ottotorrens- All my crew shall come, zombie and survivor alike for the great day of remembrance!
  23. Donald W - A cause worth rallying behind is a cause worth victory.
  24. ChopperReid - Wether I have my groups backing or not, I'll be fighting for Survivors everywhere till my final breath. The RRF will not go unpunished! This will be a movement to remember, we will be Malton's shining light!
  25. Gafgar - Send more tourists! The last ones were delicious!
  26. BeefSteak - Maybe you guys should... you know... not... Since you've already got enough people who can't find a revive. Oh well, I'm sure our younglings and Ferals will appreciate the Bra!nz delivery.
  27. Scumbagsteve976 - This is gonna be interesting
  28. Deathwalker - Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.
  29. Heiki - We Zombies have to get Home Delivery sometime, right?
  30. Axeman89 - Mass attack? Sounds fun!
  31. Mariska - This is a Great idea! Count me in. Ridleybank Belongs to US!
  32. Penance - So you send your men to their deaths? I agree.
  33. EnglishMuffin - I greatly support this, I'm currently trying to get people to join.
  34. preppiekiller1 - Hell yeah.. we're gunna get cut up but I'll be there anyway.
  35. The Cop - Ridleybank is a survivours right, Time to take it back!
  36. Pvt De - Zombies don't eat me... I EAT ZOMBIES
  37. Lex Roberts - supports you. Let us take what is ours from these rot-brained befouled beasts! We shall not yield until Caiger, Ridleybank, the whole of Malton is once more a Homo-Sapien beacon of light!
  38. Grant Page the Junkyard Man - I'm bringing shotguns!
  39. Icefox, Scourge of the PKers - I can take time out from hunting PKer scum to hunt zombie scum.
  40. Bob Z Moose - I'll be there! :P
  41. Martin Flamenco - With the greatest of respect to you guys, you're gonna get yourselves killed. Just as well I'm gonna be there to get you back into the up-right position.
  42. Dweezle Maharg - Maharg gan grab harmanzbargarz!
  43. Shadus Vorsand - Lets give those Zombie assholes a lead enema.
  44. Oddlots Domon - I'm in, and I will fight the undead, even if I should fall myself.
  45. Kaizer The Faust - Being the leader of the VGCSU, me and my Cats are ready to rumble.
  46. VGCatsDotHackAdam - Kaizer is right. The VGCSU and it's fighters are awaiting the 5th with itchy trigger-fingers. I will fight down to the last AP, even if it means taking swings at the undead as a Zombie myself. Remember, remember the fifth!!!
  47. Kleinfehn - I am going. Party! Anyway, come and get me zombies. Already part zombie myself, so no need to worry about my humanity. Remember the fifth!
  48. Rooney - I was at Caiger, manning the barricades. I lost the rest of the HAZ Squad, but I support VfR, i'll be there, and so will the spirits of HAZ Squad!
  49. Downed Pilot - I'll be there. Someones got to bring the axe for head loppin!
  50. DJSMITHCDF - Already here, just waiting for the cavalry to arrive!
  51. Nephilim - Rh brh arrng, harmanz. Rh brh arrng.
  52. BongonesiaI'm on my way!
  53. Red3 - yeeeehaw! let's do this thing.
  54. cody6 - goodluck, and kill all the dahmed zeds.
  55. Krimsin - Ideas (and flak jackets) are bullet proof. I kept fighting in Ridleybank until long after my own death.
  56. SteelVortex2- I'm joining this party. I doubt we'll win, but I'll be there. UPDATE: I couldn't and can't make it. I'm just a tiny bit busy defending Caiger. Why can't Shacknews just go away? They won't win.
  57. Robin Robinson - I was there, on the 5th of November. And hell, I'm glad I was there! Victory is ours!
  58. Criid-I fought in Ridleybank on the 5th and I continue to wage war in the Blackmore Building. Freedom Forever!
  59. Capt. Baker - I went in with the first barricade strafers back in October and kept fighting up until November 17th. It was indeed a glorious battle!
  60. ZOMBI KEMAL - Laaaahhraaaaaay Jaaahhhnnnkiiiiiaaannnhhhss!!!11!!11
  61. User:TheLastBob -Gj! teh leetszorz'd!
  62. User:GuesssWho - I don't care about the in-game stuff, but I LOVED the movie, so . . . lets blow up the White House! LOL
  63. Nitewing Ill be there, RRF will fall and beg for mercy.
  64. Sachaztan Graaagh! Kill zombahs! When ammo is out and axe is broken I shall gnaw them to pieces!
  65. Grinkov I'll be there, and I'll bring my leetle friend heh, heh, heh ([1]). By the way, I hope you all know they're going to attack us just before the 5th, right?
  66. pixelguy I'll be there with my torch and pitchfork shouting "theey tuk arh district" where about in ridley bank will this be?.
  67. yodae god You dont have to worry if i will come or not just how many bullets will i bring.
  68.  Popsicle Pete  +  This sounds like it could be epic. I'll try to spread the word in Chudleyton
  69. User:Gage514514Not even a FALSE umbrella leader and war could stop me from joining in this fun
  70. Fernley
  71. User: Dr Denero I'm in. But, a fair warning, this will only work if everyone is willing to make it work. Invite everyone you meet, tell a Malton passerby, spread the word, this may spark the total warfare that we need to save the city.
  72. Finitor Sounds fun! Now I just gotta decide to eat the brains before or after I shoot them out of someone. I'm impartial to either side, so I'll see what I decide...
  73. Sig Sauer.jpg P02 Samuel  Talk to me! Stop that asshole!PoleCatsSig Sauer.jpg 13:59, 1 November 2007 (UTC) One of my alts is going there. He's gonna knock them zeds DEAD!
  74. Sqrpio Remember, remember, the fifth of November; a veritable zombie buffet. The humans come to us, for us to dismember, on this November day.
  75. User:XxPale HorsexX/XxCannon FodderxX Sorry I will be leaving my trenchcoat behind in exchange for a duffle bag filled with more guns and ammo then I can count on my fingers toes, and zed teeth I take as suveneers.
  76. The Reporter will be on the scene reporting for the BBC, chronicling the events of this coming Gunpowder night.
  77. --Pharo2i2 18:29, 4 November 2007 (UTC) Bra!nz? Bra!nz! Braaaaa!!!nzz!Mah zambah barg harman bra!nz!(seriously though, thanks. we need the food. thanks.)
  78. --StuartFS 18:16, 27 October 2008 (UTC) I will be there tagging and killing.
  79. PiratePowell i'll be there. PiratePowell 05:35, 27 August 2010 (BST)
  80. |KoronofHearts Our Caiger has fallen from grace enough times. Her defenders will scream 'Caiger!' as we cherg!--KoronofHearts 00:46, 23 March 2011 (UTC)KoronofHearts

Remember remember the 5th of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder, treason
Should ever be forgot...

The v.jpg


To show your support of the 5th of November invasion of Ridleybank, put one of these templates in your wiki profile:

The v.jpg Remember, Remember the 5th of November
This user or group supports the vendetta against the villainous undead in Ridleybank. On the 5th of November, we will march on the choked heart of Malton and liberate it anew. Victory will be ours, and with it, vengeance!
The v.jpg Remember the 5th of November
This user or group supports the vendetta against the undead of Ridleybank.
{{5th of November}} {{5th of NovemberSmall}}
The v.jpg Remember, Remember the 5th of November
This user or group supports the idiots giving a free meal to the undead in Ridleybank. On the 5th of November, they will march on the choked heart of Malton and be slaughtered mercilessly. Death will be theirs, and with it, humiliation!
The v.jpg Remember the 5th of November
This user or group supports the idiots giving a free meal to the undead in Ridleybank.
{{NovemberFeast}} {{NovemberFeastSmall}}
Ridleybank & Region