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Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency
FVZA logo.jpg
Abbreviation: FVZA
Group Numbers: 24 total, 12 active
Leadership: Stu - Combat, Prophet - Recon/Search and Rescue, FVZA tvirus - Scientific and Medical Research.
Goals: To investigate and remove the zombie threat in Malton.
Recruitment Policy: Closed.
Contact: FVZA UD Forum.

The Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency aka The Vanguard have been monitoring the Malton situation for some time. We have decided to send in forces from the Zombie Task Force to aid in the Recovery of Malton. We hope to have the full support of Military and Law Enforcment groups. We are currently operating in Northern Malton.


Liberation of Crossman Department

Rhodenbank Civil Defense Corps

Malton Police Department

Creedy Defense Force

Malton Fire Department

Dunell Hills Police Department

Special Air Service

Army Control Corps


151st Brigade

CDF.jpg Creedy Defense Force
The FVZA is affiliated with the Creedy Defense Force and fully supports the destruction of all zombie unlife in Malton.

History of the FVZA

Federal Vampire & Zombie Agency (FVZA),, also known as "the Vanguard," are responsible for controlling the nation's vampire and zombie populations while overseeing scientific research into the undead.

For a full history and all information on the Agency, Visit http://www.fvza.org/

FVZA Urban Dead Group Forum

FVZA Agency Forum


FVZA Poster.jpg

We are happy to consider anyone for recruitment. Even first time players will have a shot. Good combat skills would be nice in an applicant. Construction and Free runnning not essential but very helpful.

If your would like the apply for the FVZA:

Post in the "New Recruits" thread on the FVZA UD Forum

Codes of Conduct

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.

Mpd.png Report PKers!
Don't let them get away with murder! Register them on the Rogues Gallery.

Revive.gif Revivification Requests
Undead? Want to breathe again?
Make a Revivification Request!

Know what you are talking about.
Malton Citizens Broadcast
This user or group follows the
Radio Transmission Conduct Protocol

The v.jpg Remember the 5th of November
This user or group supports the vendetta against the undead of Ridleybank.

We at the FVZA support the Sacred ground policy. Any player found to be killing at Cemeteries and/or known revive points will be delt with appropriately.

PKing - Any players caught killing FVZA members will be shot on site without exception.

Revives - Any RPs set up by us will be clearly tagged and policed as such. No rotters and No ZKing.

The Sunset Squad

SS Trooper.jpgSS heli Drop.jpg

The Sunset Squad are a specialist Search and Rescue squad sent into Malton with the Zombie Task Force. Their primary goal is to find and aid downed Agents. Their services are availiable to any allies of the FVZA. They are a very secretive squad with only long distance members actually displaying the name as their group. They are also known in engage in Recon missions, however these are highly classified and dont officially happen. There is no official way to join The Sunset Squad, some say your are invited, others say they dont exsist. If you wish to join them...good luck.

Mission History in Malton

May 2006:
The FVZA Malton Unit led by Prophet, Stu and Tvirus to Investigate and remove the zombie threat in Malton. Entered Rhodenbank as a Small squad and began investigations along side the RCDC. More Agents were brought in and expanded to Dulston and Treweeke Mall. Some Agents still remain in the area of Dulston.

June 2006:
Prophet took his squad down to Pitneybank on long range Recon and made a friend in the Creedy Defense Force who are still good allies to the FVZA. Prophet and his squad took part in the successful defense of Giddings Mall in the second seige known as "Feral Fest '06".

Prophet took command of the FVZA group from previous commander Stu. The group has expanded members and made more allies. Prophet Led the Agents into a joint operation with ACC and Creedy Defense Force troops to Liberate Shearbank. A small squad was also sent to Pitneybank to help defend Giddings Mall against the Big Bash.

July 2006:
A tough battle is waged in Shearbank. Due to a lack of support and alive troops ACC and CDF have pulled out of the suburb. The DEM issued an evacuation order for the Suburb. As a federal Agency Prophet and his Agents took jurisdiction of the area and remained to fight and help the last pockets of fighters.

August 2006:
FVZA are now alone in Shearbank. Other groups are said to operate in the area off the radar. Prophet and his Agents are fighting strong and the operations are on going.

After a successful mission in Shearbank, the FVZA have moved on to a new objective in Quarlesbank. After recent reports of the Mall falling. The FVZA have moved in to help the locals take back the area.

September 2006
Reports of Quarlesbank were greatly exaggerated. FVZA Squads just lent a hand to locals in re-securing local NTs and a revive effort was put into place.

The FVZA spent around 6 weeks in Quarlesbank working a "hearts and minds" mission. Helping NTs and Medics get a system in place to effectively defend the suburb.

October 2006
The allied invasion of Ridleybank. A large scale operation was put into place involving many groups to invade and clear Ridleybank of the zombie threat. This was led by the CDF and involved 3 "Army Groups" entering from 3 directions. FVZA was in AG North led by their very own Prophet.

On October 29th AG North entered Ridleybank and began clearing buildings and setting up safehouses. This initial sweep and barricade runs when on into November.

November 2006
War had been waging in Ridleybank for 2 weeks now. It wasn't an easy fight and we had trouble gaining ground. On November 5th the full scale assault entered, we took our targets and held the ground well. This could not have been done without all groups involved. Special thanks got to CDF, Knights of St. Jude and DHPD.

December 2006
After working so well with allies the DHPD in Ridleybank, when we found out Shacknews had steam rolled Dunell Hills we couldn't move fast enough to help. FVZA put on their medic bands and stocked up on FAKs and Syringes in headed into Dunell Hills for revive and repair efforts. Very shortly into this mission, Caiger Mall fell to the shock of many survivors. An operation with FVZA, DHPD, CMS-Meta and C4NT was immediately put into place to take back Caiger Mall.

On December 15th Phase 1 was put into action. FVZA and DHPD squads assigned themselves the west side of Caiger Mall and moved into south west Chudleyton to secure NTs and start a massive revive effort also gaining ground on the zombies. After a week of reviving and medical efforts, all groups involved stormed Caiger Mall. It was quickly cleared and occupied by allied survivors.

January 2007
An official request for assistance was received from CDF. FVZA have moved into Pitneybank and secured target buildings in the area. We are currently in a holding pattern around the target area. This is the current mission to date, more updates will come as missions change.

March 2007
FVZA has taken up defenseive positions in Giddings Mall to help defend against Mall Tour 07 with allied groups, such as CDF and SAS. FVZA didn't get the win on this one. Giddings Mall fell to the zombies. Now, after major revive efforts, FVZA are getting stocked up to move on the offensive and re-secure the area.

April 2007
FVZA Decided to pull back to Hildebrand Mall and take up a second round against Mall Tour 07 aiding groups within the Survivor Security Zone. After 6 days, the mall fell, it was a valiant effort and a damn good seige in our book. FVZA have now moved onto support operations in Santlerville.

June 2007
After some long recovery Operations in Santlerville helping local groups. FVZA and it's allies successfully defended Dowdney Mall against the Ridleybank Resistance Front. They have now moved back to the Pitneybank area to assist CDF in ongoing operations.

The End of Operations

After just under 18 months of operations in Malton. The FVZA have ceased official operations in the city. Soldiers were air lifted out of the city to return to FVZA HQ and file their extensive investigation into the city. Some brave souls have chosen to stay behind after forming strong links with the groups in the city and will remain to help them in their fight against the undead. FVZA Commander Prophet could not have hoped for a better group of soldiers in his squad and wishes them all the best of luck in their future adventures in and out of the city. Prophet himself, now no longer wearing his FVZA tag, can be seen occasionally around the city. If you see Capt. Prophet, give him a beer, he probably needs it.