151st Brigade

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151st Brigade
Abbreviation: 151st
Group Numbers: 15+ and growing
Leadership: Boba Fett (B0ba_Fett)
Goals: Eliminate zombie presence and any hostiles in our path to obtain control by helping and aiding survivors in the cities of Malton.
Recruitment Policy: Request to join
Contact: Boba Fett(B0ba_Fett) or our website/forum

Welcome, Citizens!

Welcome to the 151st Brigade. Currently we are a small but growing group of dedicated survivors, operating largely in the Fort Creedy - Giddings Mall Area. The zone of main operation is located within the suburbs of Pitneybank and Peppardville. The Brigade is in no way obligated to stay within these boundaries. We also travel to other areas of the city for individuals/groups that are in need of aid. We have few resources at out disposal, but we never let a thing like that get in the way of our goal. If you interested in joining the 151st, all you have do is change your group to The 151st Brigade, and become a contact of Boba Fettin the Central Command : The Chetham Building (Pitneybank)

History of Service in Malton

151st during first deployment into Malton

The 151st Brigade was deployed into Malton during the early stages of the zombie outbreak in the Dentonside suburb of Malton. During the first deployment our orders from command was to help maintain peace and stop any uprising to occur inside the Quarantine and not to engage in hostiles. Over a course of a few weeks those orders were changed due to the rumors of reanimated corpses attacking citizens were patently true. The Headquarters declared Malton a black site and began a campaign to clear the infected city and protect civilians that were still trapped within the Border The Brigade then pushed their way from the boundary suburbs to the city center to gain control. This was one of our last official Operations straight from our Headquarters outside of the infected city. As we pushed to the center our numbers depleted and we lost contact with HQ. At that time we received no more resources or reinforcements and the Brigade in Malton was filed as MIA until the city is cleared. The 151st was all but destroyed until a medic from one of the first platoons to enter Malton reassembled the group as a way to end the infected and to contact their Headquarters once again.

Our Goal

Our Goal is simple, and can be summed with one statement:

Eliminate the reanimated hordes along with Hostile groups that contribute to the chaos in Malton and to help individuals/groups who are in need and/or in trouble.

151st Doctrine

The 151st doctrine is a set of rules that all members must abide by. These include but do not exclude the following:

1. Every survivor/refugee must be treated with care

2. Never attack another human unless in self defense

3. Hostile individuals must be treated as zombies and be dealt with the same consequences

4. Always follow orders of your superior

Uniform of the Brigade

Original Uniform of the 151st Brigade

Since the reconstruction of the 151st had commenced we still uphold the original uniform of the Military fleet we belonged to but since we became a surviving group disconnected with Central Command the months went by in Malton and the uniform has taken a different shape. That is the rag tag uniforms each member decides best fits their personality. Although the 151st is a formal Military group we have became accustomed to the tactics to Malton survival and the fact that the city has a lack of resources. These elements shaped the Brigade to this day.


Operation: Nighthawk


Phase I - Complete

Phase II - Complete

Goal: Liberate the suburb of Pitneybank from zombie hoards and reconstruct key locations.


Repelled zombie hoards and reconstructed the suburb along with the 151st HQ

Operation: Requiem



Goal: Expell and eliminate PKer groups within the Pitneybank/Peppardville area.



Operation: Reconnect



Goal: Reconstruct the 151st Brigade.




Person of High Interest - Lud Lum

Group Eliminated - Lud Lum's Lesbians

Current Target - Red Rum (Based in Pitneybank)


The Wolf Pack



Malton Red Cross


25th Military Police Regiment

Creedy Guerilla Raiders


To join the 151st Brigade you can message B0ba Fett here or contact in-game. Our Leader is currently stationed around Giddings Mall. The best way to contact the Brigade or the Leader is through the 151st Brigade Website/Forum

Other Methods:

AIM - EuROpUnK1178

Myspace - http://www.myspace.com/b0ba_fett

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.
Ubpicon1.gif Uniform Barricading Policy Supporter
This User or Group supports the Uniform Barricading Policy by actively maintaining barricades according to local plan or UBP standard.