The Chetham Building

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The Chetham Building
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the Chetham Building

Pitneybank [87, 42]

Lancey Drive Beaman Boulevard School wasteland
Sage Way Railway Station the Chetham Building Couch Avenue
the Sprod Building the Heeks Motel Greatwood Road

Basic Info:


The Chetham Building

External Description: a fire-damaged concrete building flanked by trees...

Coordinates: [87,42]

Internal Description: An office building with some floors consisting of cubicles and office equiptment. During recent events the building has been claimed by a military presence named the 151st Brigade. Much of the office building has now been converted to a military command post and on many floors of the building do not resemble the commerical office building at all. Some floors of the building cannot be used due to internal and external structural damage by a fire during the early outbreaks.


Pre-outbreak the Chetham Building was used as an office building mainly for companies that were renting out and selling products in the nearby mall, Giddings Mall. During these times the companies that were situated in Giddings Mall were very productive and were sucessful. Then when the outbreak started the area of Pitneybank was overrun by the undead. It is still unclear why the area was it so bad some believe that it was because of the nearby Necrotech Buildings such as the Morrish Building. As days when on the building was hit by a bad fire that was caused by mass hysteria by fleeing survivors. The fire burned for hours growing from the office supplies that were present. As it died the damage was clearly visible from the outside and renderd some parts of the building not usable without massive repair. To this day the damage from the fire that burned years ago can still be seen.

Current Status

The current status of the Chetham Building is being used as a central command center of the survivor group the 151st Brigade. The group uses the building as a means to give military relief to the surivors of Pitneybank and other nearby suburbs.

Barricade Policy

  • September 29th, 2008: Some rude people EHB it all the time, pretending Beaman Boulevard School is the new entry. Needless to say that other people in this school don't agree with them, so there's no west entry in the suburb, thanks lads ! I'm now trying to uncade the school with other survivors :-/ -- PyroPyro 16:15, 29 September 2008 (BST)

Always keep at VSB++ so that survivors can enter in ways to escape and be a safehouse to the zombie hords. Also to free runners the Chetham Building can be used as an entry point to Giddings Mall.