The Sprod Building

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The Sprod Building
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the Sprod Building

Pitneybank [86,43]

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Bromley Auto Repair the Sprod Building the Heeks Motel
Kitch Park Billet Road Fire Station Halberry Boulevard Police Dept

Basic Info:

The Sprod Building

The Sprod Building is an office building with the coordinates [86,43], and is situated in Pitneybank. It was the second store opened in Malton's famous fast-food franchise: McZed's™.

Run by the PA Rebel Alliance, and managed by Saromu. Has all famous McZed's™ food on its menu and is known widely for its sauce on the Fillet O' Flesh. It has it's own shooting range courtesy of Fort Creedy. For those who do not have Free Running, the McZed's™ team tosses ordered food out of the window. The Sprod Building has been accused of using zombies at the Walrond Square revive point for food.


Humans and zombies alike will see the following (permanent) description when standing outside the building:

"You are standing outside the Sprod Building, a derelict metal-and-glass building whose facade is beginning to crumble. The windows are splashed with dried blood."

Such a description is always followed by a report of the building's condition (e.g. the level of its barricades), but since that report is never permanent and always subject to change, it is redundant to include it here as well.


Barricade Policy

Current Status

McZeds.png McZeds™
This location has a McZeds™ restaurant.
Now Open! Serving you 24 hours every day through the apocalypse.