82nd Airborne Division

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Welcome - Command

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Still kicking.

Welcome to the Airborne,
Malton is a nice city. Scenic outcrops of bodies, spanning miles.
Majestic hordes of zombies roaming the ravaged and pillaged cityscape.
Yep, it's just got to be the place to be, don't ya think?
So, you might be asking yourself, 'Dear God! What happened here?!'
Of course, we may or MAY NOT give you an answer.
You want to know why?
It's because while you're waiting for that answer,
which we may or MAY NOT give you,
our zombie friends are plotting a global yoghurt conspiracy!.

Remember last time?
we said "It's a global yoghurt conspiracy!!!" and you were all "whatever" *slurp slurp*.
Then the zombies burst in, tearing you limb from limb before devouring you like cheap takeaway.
Oh, and I neither confirm nor deny that I had anything to do with that.
- Boot Camp instructor

To get started, click on that dirty gold-ish text showing "Recruitment"
You know, the one under that really cool Airborne dude that's about to blow your brains out.