Militaires Sans Frontières

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Militaires Sans Frontières
Abbreviation: MSF
Group Numbers: Non-active
Leadership: Open
Goals: Non-active
Recruitment Policy:
Contact: [|Forum] or Talk page


This group is currently inactive, but if you're interested in taking over and reviving it, please leave a message here or email Thanks.

Who We Are

We are MSF, Militaires Sans Frontieres. We are Soldiers Without Borders. As tri-nature mercenaries, we roam Malton carrying out assignments and missions that support zombies, survivors and PKers. We see no borders, and believe any creed is valid.

MSF is a purely mercenary group. We have no ideology, no philosophy. We have no government, no creeds, no country to order us. We exist and we fight, simply because we are needed. Anyone can hire MSF, and we will carry out the mission.

In Malton, MSF has found a home to finally be free of governmental control, and be soldiers. We’ve left behind our countries, our homes, and now, we create our own future.

We can be called by anyone who needs a deterrence. We will be pro-survivor, pro-zombie, life or death supporters, as needed. We are not like the pure pro-survivor groups that Cipher has made. We carry out our goal of being deterrence for anyone, without prejudice or preference. We have three units, each one devoted to a different discipline. This makes us a true tri-nature group, and open to anyone, whatever your playing style.

We will PK when freedom fighters, (AKA zombies), call us. We will repair, FAK and rebuild when hired by the people of a suburb ravaged too badly by war. Our Beast unit of zombies ruins buildings when a suburb has fallen into quiet lethargy.

First and foremost, we reserve loyalty to ourselves, and no one else. The choice is between loyalty to one's country, or loyalty to oneself, and we choose ourselves and each other.

We will pick our own missions, to strengthen ourselves, and gain new resources. We are not bound to any idea or group. This gives us, and our members, a great freedom in gameplay. We welcome hardened soldiers, crazed beasts of war, doctors who wish to heal, scientists who revive, engineers who barricade, stealth players and even cyborg ninjas!

Since our only philosophy is freedom, we don’t enforce a set playing style or mission. Members are free to PK, heal, revive or bite. We do have coordinated strikes, but we also welcome the lonewolf operative who wants to work alone and just have a forum to earn achievements in and comrades to watch your back.

After all, in Malton, war has become a routine. We might as well have fun, while carrying out the mission.


As an army, we have divided ourselves into 3 units, for more specialization:


Alive soldiers who prefer to assist the B&B Corps and carry out precision PK attacks


Pro-survivor unit that carries out revive, repair and anti-zombie combat missions

Beauty and Beast Corps

Our fierce zombie soldiers, specializing in undead combat and warfare

What We Do

MSF members are free to do what they please. All 3 units are encouraged to be active at all times, so you can be pro-survivor, pro-zombie or PKer as you wish. We do run monthly operations, mostly focused on one unit, but participation is optional.

Why Should I Join?

In case the above hasn't convinced you, we made a quick list of some highlights:

1. We don't require members to say goodbye to their previous style. Playing another side is surprisingly discouraged by many groups, especially survivor ones. But with us, you can play any side of the field you want. We don't forbid being dead or zombie spying, or PKing. That's why we consider ourselves not just dual-nature, but tri-nature.

2. We don't require members to do this or that. We run monthly operations, with close-knit plans, but what you do is up to you. Taking part is not mandatory.

3. Did we mention we're mostly obligation-free? But we offer comrade revives, much faster than waiting in RP queues.

4. For new soldiers, we have a quick XP program to help get you on your feet quickly.

5. For veterans who've seen it all and learned it all, MSF offers an ennui-free way to keep enjoying the game and do something, without having to commit to an endless goal of complete zombie or human victory.

6. Our group runs one of the most challenging achievements system. With 90 insignias to earn, from easy to challenging, it will keep even veterans busy for a long time.

7. We are loyal to one another, so being part of MSF means someone always has your back. Forum and other meta-gaming elements make the group closer-knit and much stronger.

If you would like to know more about MSF, or talk about a possible assignment, leave a message on our forum or talk page

Membership Requirements

We make no special requirements of members, except for a few cardinal rules:

1. Be active. This doesn't mean logging on every hour, but does mean playing the game and making an account on our forum.

2. Be fair. Zerging and forum spying are not valid ways to get an advantage.

3. Be civil. As part of Militaires Sans Frontieres, don't make us look bad. This includes excessively rude comments, wiki vandalization, text rape, etc.

Current Mission

MSF usually runs a monthly mission, focused on Peacewalker, B&B or Foxhound tactics.

The current mission, as well as past operations, can be found here.

The name Militaires Sans Frontières, the MSF logo, are all property of Konami and Kojima Studios. No copyright infringement intended.