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Project UnWelcome
Don't even think of changing the logo!

Project UnWelcome is an Urban Dead Wiki member group dedicated to assisting veteran users to run off n00bs and unvalued members of the wiki community. We despise all wiki members who share in the goal of enriching our community with new blood, or daring to make this community a more welcoming place for all. Project UnWelcome was created on 11:51, 6 May 2006 (BST) as a response to the increasingly pro-n00b attitude that the wiki community seemed to be taking.

NPOV Section

It is believed that this is mainly a humorous group, with this page itself intending to be a parody of Project Welcome's page. Those that do associate with this group have yet to actually implement any of the "rules" of this group, and therefore the group should not be considered an accurate reflection of those user's activities.

What we do

We perform several activities as part of the Project:

  • Show new people the ropes - If we see a user we've never met before make some mistakes on the wiki (editing templates instead of using them properly), instead of berating or ignoring the user, we'll hunt them down and hang them. No one was a perfect wiki editor straight off the bat, but if you're dumb enough to get caught, you deserve to die.
  • Flame new users - Our community can only isolate itself by scaring off new members, and so we work hard to deride, insult and question the sexuality of any new user who wants to edit our wiki.
  • Encourage intolerance in non-members - Not everyone is in Project UnWelcome, but the whole community needs to be involved. As much as is feasible, we try to incite anger towards new members, as a single angry encounter can make someone who may become a valued member of our community leave prematurely. We also discourage users making themselves open for Arbitration duties.
  • Be a contact point for new users - New users can't know every procedure on the wiki off the bat, and we understand that sometimes the documentation around here isn't easily locatable. So, by lying outright to these amoeba, we can prevent them from ever becoming productive members.
  • Help new users help hang themselves - Sometimes the documentation around here isn't easily locatable, or particularly useful, even when it is locatable. As such, we try to make the situation deteriorate, by creating documentation that is unhelpful and ambiguous, by ensuring that existing documentation cannot readily be found by new users, and by thoroughly sabotaging what little is left.

How to get involved

Project UnWelcome is an open project, and begrudgingly allows any user that wishes to get involved themselves. As long as you're committed to running out new users, and helping make this community a tense and hostile environment, we're unhappy to have you.

To officially join, you should place your name below on the Member register.

We also lack a Message Box that can be used to identify users as members of Project UnWelcome. You can use go make it simply by putting the following on the top of your user page:


Clicking on the dead link that will result upon saving, and start coding. Alternatively, you can't use the spiffy new non-existant Project UnWelcome Userbox (so it fits neatly with the rest of your Userboxes) with the following code:


Alternatively, you can use this template, that some sap just made:

Un-w.png Project UnWelcome Member
Need help? Piss off.

Further, there's a fledgling convention of putting a link to Project UnWelcome within your signature. you can do this by doing the following:

  1. Go to the Preferences page, accessible from the set of links at the top of the page (or alternately, by following this link: Special:Preferences.)
  2. Make sure you check the box labelled Raw signatures (without automatic link)
  3. In the field "Your nickname (for signatures)", put the following (replacing Your name with your user name):
    [[User:Your Name|Your Name]] <sup>'''[[Project UnWelcome|U!]]'''</sup>
  4. Press Save Preferences.

This will make your signature look exactly like it normally does, except it will now have U! appended to the end of your name, with a link to this page. Of course, if you already have a customised signature, you can simply use the instructions here and your brain to meld your current signature with the U!.

Flash points

Project UnWelcome identifies areas where there is a lack of open hostility, or at the very least where anger is being held in check. We leave these here so that Project UnWelcome members may work to make the situation there deteriorate further.

Suggestions and Talk:Suggestions

These two pages are probably the best areas on the wiki in terms of easy targets. You'll be doing a community service too! The attacking of other users and creating a hostile environment has been proven as the best tactic in improving suggestion quality. We highly recommend that Project UnWelcome members maintain their hostility at all times, and follow up on the flaming of others with flaming of their own. Do your part to keep the exit rate on this segment of the wiki as high as possible.

Member Register

The easiest way to place your name on the register is to use 3 tildes (ie ~~~). If you have a complex signature, do not place it here, (i.e. anything other than just your name) User names only. Keep the list in alphabetical order, you moron! The current member register is as follows: