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Joined: 2006-02-26 23:04:42
Character Details: Urban Dead profile
Alignment: Chaotic-Neutral
Character Class: Cop
Fav. Equipment: Flak jacket
The Weapon: Shotgun
A Weapon & Blade
Notches On It: //// //// //// //// //// /
Area: Pennville
Group: GCM, GRR!
Journal: After the bite (lost)
Archive: Small one
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Who am I?

This is the real question. The moment I can answer this, I can stop playing useless browser games and maybe even get a job or something.

My "real" name is Olli Honkasalo. That should do for now.

Why do I play?

More questions with as little answers. I could just think something really wannabe-deep, but it would be useless. I play to waste time.

I have only two characters. This one likes to piss off people, spray around on walls and kill stuff.

What have I done for wiki?

Few loved templates like dopefish and ninja, my user page, page of our group Game-Cavemen, but still nothing that would be any real use for anyone.

I like fixing other people's crap, but I dislike looking for it, so I'll rather just be a selfish bastard like most of you. Can you blame me?

I've also blockered many of those damn pages.


If someone was wondering how a man of my talents has never suggested any great improvements for this wonderfull game, then now I got a list for you! First one of my suggestions was this awesome thing called Radio Message Experience. After it was gunned down without mercy, I returned to my lair and plotted a new one called Returning the Bodies. It didn't live long, but had tons of fans around the wiki. Well least a few.

Random Updates

*Update* (31 July 2006)

For some reason that template couldn't take the link. Well if someone has somehow missed it, then here it is! The President singing Sunday Bloody Sunday.

*Update* (14 August 2006)

I noticed I have all this extra space over here, so I decided to start using it. First I plan to place some ads to our neat little group called GRR! I'll just figure what to do rest of it later. Oh hell I'll just place those ads later... It's not like anyone really cares.

"After I joined GCM Radical Redeemers both me and my family have been much happier! Thank you GRR!" -Mr. Bunny

Get a lifetime health insurance for you AND your FAMILY!

Join GRR! now!

"If you could kill a bunny,
you're mentally sick and should be shot." -the Killer Rabbit

Help to prevent bunnies from DYING!

Join GRR! now!

*Update* (5 September 2006)

Who wants to play Winter Assault? I'm so god damn bored. If anyone here wants to play then tell me. Argh!

(Sidenote: You need Dawn of War and Winter Assault patched to version 1.51.)

*Update* (1 October 2006)

I just started collecting kills to my knife. The first notch was srangerswithcandy. Pretty, isn't it..?