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Things which may or may not be true

  • Former retail management for an upper-middle class supermarket in the UK.
  • Current business student. Mature apparently.
  • Applying for universities in Manchester, Liverpool, Southampton, Birmingham.
  • Rave culture. Big ups to all my d&b/bassline crew!
  • Previously a solid punk kid.
  • Loves travel. Have been to Paris, Amsterdam, Budapest, & a small town near Munich in the past couple years.
  • Considers 2017 to have been the best year of his life.

♣ Bang. Bang bang bang. BANG BANG BANG BANG. ♦

Adam, 25, from the UK.

I've played Urban Dead since 2006, and I've seen every side the game has to offer, from leading a strike team, to shooting people with friends, crushing harmanz, and pretending to know about survving.

I'm semi-retired now, but I'm still hanging around with old friends, some who like to bite, and others who like to shoot.

I tend to take the game a wee bit less seriously than most - feel free to shoot me a message about anything. Light-hearted homicide is totally in when it comes to 2018.

Design shamelessly taken from The Scourge & stelar. Cheers!

Favoured Historical Events

Favoured Historical & Not So Historical Groups


Purveyor of artistry in light-hearted homicide.
PKer with Red Rum.


Eater of brains. Disgusted by pants.
War Council, Gray Guard with The Ridleybank Resistance Front.


Currently available on a free transfer.

Drawde Iz Ah Zambah

Vultures are fucking cool.

Funky Stuff

Evil pumpkin.jpg Trick or Trick!
This user or group wore a costume and trick-or-treated at Blesley Mall, Oct 2008.
Gold in basket.jpg Gold in the Basket Supporter
Mis believes that if Adward does in fact put the gold in the basket that this situation can be resolved.
FUvulture.jpg Feral Undead
This user or group agrees with Feral Undead. Vultures are fucking cool.
Smartlydressed.jpg Red Rum
Smartly dressed in a dark red tie and wearing a monocle, this user is the epitome of taste, class, and lighthearted homicide, for this user is a member of Red Rum.
Vday Banana gangbang.jpg Valentines Day
Fiffy has given Drawde a candy heart for awing her in his ability to combine vulgarity and proper grammar like none other.
The v.jpg Remember, Remember the 5th of November
This user or group supports the idiots giving a free meal to the undead in Ridleybank. On the 5th of November, they will march on the choked heart of Malton and be slaughtered mercilessly. Death will be theirs, and with it, humiliation!
Axe Hack has given Drawde an evil cookie for answering a quiz. Go on... eat it.
Template created by Tohrurokuno 8 Jan 08 Proud Sponsor of Urban Dead!
This user or group decided to stop being a cheapskate and donated to Urban Dead. So what's your excuse?
ASS-logo-draft-1.png ASSault Supporter
This user or group supports ASS's current ASSault.
Killer.jpg Player Killer
"One kills a man, one is an assassin; one kills millions, one is a conqueror; one kills everybody, one is a god."

This user is a PKer and supports the act of Player Killing.

Dirty bike pervert.jpg Dirty Bike Rider
This user rides multiple bikes. Hard.
Nocaiger.png Remember, Remember the 10th of November
This user or group commemorates the idiots who gave a free meal to the undead in Chudleyton / Darvall Heights by gathering in Caiger Mall to be eaten. On the 10th of November, the zombies choked the heart of Malton by ransacking Caiger Mall / BARHAH Mall.
Death to the humans, and with it, humiliation!
Rat-ah-tat-tat.jpg Here, have a rat!
Axe Hack has given Drawde a rat for answering a quiz.
Drawde DORIS.jpg
Drawde repaired Club Swain (Dunell Hills) for 108 AP.
Asfriend.jpg Close Personal Friend of Anime Sucks
Drawde is Wicked Awesome, and chosen personally by The Godfather of Resensitized, Anime Sucks, to be a Close Personal Friend of Anime Sucks
Drawde repaired Club Swain (Dunell Hills) for 108 AP.
Bbeyea.gif The Borehamwood 100
This user will forever be one of The Borehamwood 100

Funky Times

Sonny Corleone
Even the Jews don't like you, cyberbob. Don't you know the most important votes are the minority ones? More than likely the black vote will go against you. Your only chance is to salvage the gay vote, which shouldn't be hard considering you're a huge fucking faggot.
Nalikill said:
Okay. I'm trying to calm down now. It's just kinda like drawing a line in the sand and then having someone leap over the line and crap on your shoes.
Sonny Corleone
Spam - A zombie...a snarling zombie. And you want to grab it when it is alive and toss it out a window? With your bare hands? No.
Suicidalangel said:
As Bureaucrat and current High Overlord of the wiki, I demand that you start this open discussion. - And then link to it here so I don't have to find it.
Suicidalangel said:
(The News box looked lonely. Lets see if I screw itup with being tired!)
Iscariot said:
I invite you to explain why you are obeying these rules constitutes a difference with Cheese's rules explains the difference between what you're saying and precedence's example.
J3D said:
Against - reason: this person is of african american decent and due to the inferior nature of such people i am disinclined to see him promoted to sysopship.
Cyberbob240 said:
youre such a bastion of INTELLECTUAL INTEGRITY ddr (see how mature i am) would it be acceptable to you if i was to allow you to use my arse as a receptacle for your penis and in return you support my side of the argument
J3D said:
Hangnut we have little things called rules here you crazy negress.
Nubis said:
Thank you for your input.
Taco2 said:
Excuse me, I'm new so I apologize if I did anything wrong. One of the administrators here (In the UK Rage) came into my talk page and started leaving me abusive and foul messages because I didn't do something on my page correctly. I would like to report this person's behavior because this is the kind of thing that makes people leave and no longer participate. YOu can read it on my talk page under "admin pages." I will refrain from responding to this person any longer. Thank you for treating my complaint seriously.
Iscariot said:
Did you just report yourself for misconduct? Do you remember what I said about reading the page before you posted?
Sonny Corleone
I volunteer to be Arbitatortot. I am unbiased because I think both groups are full of faggots. I will not choose one faggot over another for I hate both you. I will, however, decide which faggot is less wrong and choose that one as the winner of the case. I would then prescribe the correct solution to solve this faggotry that ails your two groups.
Funt_Solo said:
Secondly, your report referred to a single zombie attacking a single building. Frankly, for an entire suburb, that isn't newsworthy (unless the zombie is 10 stories high and shits exploding unicorns).
Zombie Lord said:
I never watched the garbage man roll down my street and thought: "Wow, I'd like that job".
DanceDanceRevolution said:
Despite overwhelming popularity and support, I am inclined to Deny your request. Sorry, but you are such a model user we can't risk having you on the team making us admins look bad. Come back in a month or thirty.
AnimeSucks said:
Goddamn I'm hornier than Sonny at a livestock auction
Sonny Corleone
You'd think I'd enjoy this kind of attention. But no. I'm scared. I'm scared one day someoverweight, balding, sweaty Italian man will break into my bedroom and castrate me with a hooked blade andmake my scrotum into a Windchimes
Karloth vois said:
Ha rhar! Not only that, but only if the lovely lady approves of walikiging about naked. She Walks in a towel :D A towle that I own
Karloth vois said:
Karloth vois said:
W e nearly got it tonoihght bu t the rhuba rb was tooooo diffuclut to pull out toof the ground anbd women awere not qiote so groduned
Suburban Ed said:
We'll make it work, Cypher. I bet we can pack three or four guys in your hole.
Rakuen said:
is it bad that Dipcup inspired me to try and deepthroat a banana