Red Rum 2.0

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-The Red Pants
-The Red Peasant
-The Red Raconteur
-The Red Tuesday

Current Nobility
Are Large And Firm

Depleting Malton's Ammo Stores: One Mall At A Time.'

Body Count
Over 13,000

Recruitment Policy
We ask only the following:
1. Shoot people that take the game crazily seriously,
2. Shoot the leadership,
3. Shoot malls and shit in coordinated attacks,
4. Leave your vendettas behind.
5. (Recommended) Have a pro-survivor and/or zombie alt.

What are we up to?

Red Rum are currently partaking in the Cult of Personality Tour. Join us for tea and crumpets.


We aren't about petty disputes and vendettas; we're creating a masterpiece.
You, my Mrh Cow friend, are the paint.

Red Rum consists of some of Malton's finest killers and tea drinkers, and not necessarily in that order. Rummers are highly coordinated, have killed more characters than any other group, and are also free to start their own antics, wander freely or join in our mass events as they choose.

We've killed all the Malls, Forts and ridiculed the largest groups in the game twice over. Red Rum make up the most powerful PKers in the game, more than equalling the power of the entire PKer Hub — apparently the 'Hub is dead, like most things in this game. Bollocks. Oh well:

We also like pancakes.


Miscellaneous Stuff

Cool Events: Tommy Gun | Creedystock | The Great Military Biscuit War | Battle Royale | Siege of Jerusalem | Dia De Los Muertos | Red Ranch | Hunting Season | Big Red Vasectomy Tour

Spinoff Stuff: Flat Earth Society | ¯\(°_o)/¯ | Suburban Ed's Peasant Militia | The Daily Ruminations | PANCAKE | Scour the Earth | Lord Curton's Gentlemen's Hunting Club

♥ The Important Part ♠

Rummers are consistently encouraged to have a healthy habit of shooting everything. Allies, enemies and particularly our own leadership. Especially our own leadership. None of us wear flak jackets, and we are easily mistaken for human-coloured Swiss cheese.

♣ Bang. Bang bang bang. BANG BANG BANG BANG. ♦