Red Rum 2.0/COPTour2020

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The Red Rum Cult of Personality Tour

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Urban Dead was such a drag. Every day it'd be the same kind of activity; barricade a building, shoot a zombie, revive a friend... Yeah, it was just that stale a game.

But one day, someone goes and forgets who Red Rum was! They couldn't even be original about how they did it.

We're not complaining... We were dying of boredom anyway. But guess what?

We are coming back, and we're bringing our new toys with us.

What it is

UD has been left without significant coordinated Player Killer activity for a while. Far too long, we think.

Those participating in this tour represent the most renowned PKers in UD History. It is our intent to visit every suburb in Malton, focusing on a group or building of repute, and ruin it. Decimate it. Destroy it until it’s dead, then destroy it again.

Characteristic Red Rum carnage. Why not join us?

Where we have been

Total Killcount


Don't touch that dial Mrh Cow, the show is just beginning.