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Main Alts

Generation One

Axe Hack | DJSpinbad | SomeoneDead

Generation Two

Jayson Exccks | Axe Hack's Mudkip | Yuki Onna

Generation Two and a Half Men

Gambler of Legend | ???

Other Alts

Hershey Park | Elvis Duran | Penn Station | Mayor This | Axe Hawk

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New Tips | Newbie Tips on Light | New Year Suggestion (Edit) | Signing On A Character Does Not Waste IP Hit | Subway Tunnels


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Gold Necklaces | Santa Costume | Tips For Newbie Zombies


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This user received a template with his likeness. Get it? LOOK BEHIND YOU! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
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This user is a stone cold killa. Picking him up when he's hitchhiking... may not be wise.

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