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The Manhunt All-Stars

The Manhunt All-Stars is a temporary group which was formed for the Malton Manhunt's Rage In a Cage event. The event, prepared by the Extremely Vengeful and Irksome Laymen (and later hosted by the Discosaurs), was a manhunt similar to AHMH3, but contestants compete in teams.

As the first ever public team-based manhunt, teams were able to enter the competition almost at will, and the Manhunt All-Stars was formed by Malton Manhunt organiser DanceDanceRevolution for the champions and regulars of previous Manhunts to compete as a specially selected, and self-proven team.

Being the self-proclaimed "Best in the Business", The All-Stars hope to use wits, brains and skill to decimate the competition and be crowned the champions of the Cage.

The Result

Under-constgruction-transparent.png Manhunt All-Stars is under construction.
It is either not completed or is about a subject or event which has yet to finish.
Feel free to check back later for an update in information.

On the 16th October 2010, the two weeks of bloodshed ended and the All-stars were declared the winners of RITA. Out of 72 kills achieved in the entire manhunt, 34 of them came from the All-Stars.

The Line-Up

Player Group Description
DanceDanceRevolution The Kilt Store The ad-hoc organiser of the group and champion of the smaller MH2007, MH2008 and AHMH. His lackluster results in recent manhunts indicate that he's no longer in his prime, though he grouchily refuses to accept this.
Vinetown Scout The Daily Spotlight A quick-footed man of the people, VS is the best scout in the business. Starting AHMH2 at a meagre level 11, Ross Johnson shocked all by cleaving the competition and coming a close second. Now only level 16, his near-equal achievement in AHMH3 has led to a fierce and bitter rivalry with some regulars, including DDR.
Sophie Ames DSS S2 Sophie is the sweet, loveable leader of the DSS, so survival is in her job description. A skilful technician, she also created the DSS Satellite Phone that is in use by survivors all over Malton today. Sophie experienced glory on the battlefield of AHMH2, where she fought her way to the top of the ladder and claimed the Manhunt trophy for 2009. A famous fan of Manhunts, Sophie intends to return to the battlefield under the name of the All-Stars.
Natasha Fatale - The notorious & devious trickster, Natasha Fatale is currently celebrating her recent victory as champion of AHMH3 as we speak. Natasha entered AHMH3 a day late and was thus penalised one kill by the organisers, and still managed to pulverise her opponents by the end of the month. Now that's bloodlust.
KempyClassic DSS S2 Just a pair of hairy legs in a kilt filling in for a fat chav who couldn't be arsed to turn up.

Move along.

Massive Bereavement - A conflicted young doctor from Dartside. Can't help but cause offence when informing loved ones about a tragic death. A loose tongue, sloppy standards and raging alcohol addiction only magnify his problems. He doesn't seem to care.
Axe Hack - Before we'd seen what he's made of, Axe Hack would joke that he was a horrible PKer. Everyone chuckled along until he played in the Manhunts and everyone realised that he actually was a horrible PKer. To save any more awkwardness between Axe Hack and the other Manhunters, he's been allowed into the All-Stars as the comic relief guy. Hopefully, he'll be able to get at least one kill.
ZIPO3956 DSS S2 Arriving fashionably late to complete the All Stars line up, but by no means a stranger to the sport, ZIPO brings with him years of cunning, savvy and a no nonsense approach to butchering the opposition.

Very rarely dies, and talks even less, but when he's on... PHWOOOOAR!

And yes ladies, he's available!