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The Malton Manhunt is a biannual survivor event held in Malton. The aim of the manhunts are traditionally to find the most efficient killer in a set area with a defined set of rules. Whereas once the Manhunts were considered fringe massacres and a danger to survivor society, they are now more openly accepted by players of Urban Dead and none of the murders in the Manhunt have ever been reported to PKing authorities such as Rogues gallery. Many groups within the areas have since sanctioned Manhunt PKing in light of the idea that they are done in fun and as a sport rather than a deliberate way to grief, and only the participants in the manhunts are hurt in this process.

The Malton Manhunts were once private, now sign-ups are public with a very strong "celebrity" presence.

The old Manhunt motto: "The last man will be victorious"


The competition originally arose with rules where a group of participants hid in a set area and hunted each other down in a "last man standing" scenario. The concept is credited to the Beatbox Kids and was a private competition exclusively for past or present BBK members. After the breakup of the BBK, a more personal manhunt was held in 2008 where the groups that branched from the BBK's closure battled it out to see who reigned supreme. The competition was still private because organisers were worried about policing potential cheating if other strangers joined the competition.

After the departure of many BBK players from the game, the Malton Manhunt was revived by Axe Hack, who made his own "deathmatch" version, and opened it up to the public to play. The new mode of Manhunt meant that policing cheating (such as zerging) wasn't as much of an issue and the game didn't need to be regulated as much. Because of this, the open gates received many newcomers, who have since become regulars on the battlefields of the Manhunts. Other UD players are also planning their own types of manhunts to host under the sanction of the Malton Manhunt banner.

Future Manhunts

There are no future manhunts being planned right now.

Current Manhunts

There are no current manhunts occurring right now.

Rules of the Manhunt

See: Rules

Past Manhunts

The Manhunt 2007

See Also: Manhunt 2007

The 2007 BBK Manhunt was made up of 21 contestants of various levels, who fought in a 3x1 arena of Pashenton, Santlerville and Heytown. The original aim of the Manhunt was conceived by BBK leader Nallan in an attempt to bring the BBK together through various activities and events which would re-enthuse members into UD. The manhunt proved a success, with 20 of the 27 members joining up. It would be an individual based manhunt, with no teams allowed.

The manhunt lasted just 8 days, with rookie member DanceDanceRevolution coming out victorious, after defeating Evieman in a 'grand final' match in St. Boniface's Hospital (Santlerville). The fight night was organized by the two survivors upon realization that they were the only two contestants left, and the opinion that they had come too far as rookies to just throw the title away in a 'whoever finds each other first' scenario.

2007 Manhunt Results

Contestant # of Kills Killed By Place
DanceDanceRevolution 5 - 1st
Evieman 3 DanceDanceRevolution 2nd
looter69 0 Evieman 3rd
rugatron 0 a feral 4th
Dandy69 3 DanceDanceRevolution 5th
MichaelRead 0 Dandy69 6th
Butch Jerkins 2 DanceDanceRevolution 7th
Scurley7 2 Butch Jerkins 8th
GomerPyle41 1 a feral 9th
EvDaddio 0 Scurley7 10th
smurfmj 0 Scurley7 11th
GomerPyle41 1 a feral 12th
Wilsonzmb918 1 Evieman 13th
J3D 2 Evieman 14th
phillip the pole man 0 wilsonzmb918 15th
omeegabeetron 0 GomerPyle41 16th
FATCHICK 0 Butch Jerkins 17th
jokersmoker 0 J3D 18th
sir'Pom 0 Dandy69 19th
Nallan 0 J3D 20th
Shakey60 0 DanceDanceRevolution 21st
jabuti77 0 DanceDanceRevolution 22nd
Other Contestants Status Reason
Benny Lo exempt from placing Started as zombie (unintentional)
MichaelRead exempt from placing Started as zombie (unintentional)
Dan Codak exempt from placing (when 6th) forfeited from competition

The 2008 Manhunt

See Also: Manhunt 2008

The 2008 Manhunt was organized around 4 months after the Beatbox Kids split up and a number of groups had emerged from the remains of the messy breakup of the BBK. This created a problem regarding individuals in the manhunt and the probability that they would end up teaming up regardless of rules. Instead of policing this, the organizer altered the rules to suit the contestant's opinions on a team-based manhunt.

This manhunt was played in a 2x2 block, in Mornington, Wykewood, North Blythville and South Blythville. 15 players signed up and 3 teams of 4 were made, with 3 individuals playing for themselves. One team was the Spice girls, a 6 member PK group created from the senior members of the BBK, and the other two teams were part of the Allied Travellers Organisation, a pro survivor group who had 8 sign-ups. 3 ex-BBK signed up as individuals.

Soon after the manhunt started the efficient killers in the Spice Girls wiped out the individuals and an entire ATO team #1, killing 5 players and leaving the teams at 3 ATO members versus 4 Spice Girls. Eventually it came down to one ATO member against 3 Spice Girls. After a few days, and the event of some unplanned zombie action resulting in a Spice Girl member's death, the ATO member became the last player to survive the manhunt. DanceDanceRevolution became the winner for the second time in a row, with runner-up MichaelRead climbing up from 6th place in the first Manhunt.

2008 Manhunt Results

Contestant Team # of Kills Killed By Place
DanceDanceRevolution ATO Team #2 3 - 1st
MichaelRead Spice Girls 1 DanceDanceRevolution 2nd
Nallan Spice Girls 3 a feral 3rd
Dandy69 Spice Girls 2 DanceDanceRevolution 4th
Guy the Firefighter ATO Team #2 0 Nallan 5th
Evieman ATO Team #2 1 Dandy69 6th
wilsonzmb918 Spice Girls 1 Evieman (overruled), DanceDanceRevolution 7th
Megapup ATO Team #1 0 MichaelRead 8th
Shakey60 Individual 2 Wilsonzmb918 9th
Strong'Bad ATO Team #1 0 Shakey60 10th
tdep ATO Team #1 0 Shakey60 11th
Scurley7 Individual 0 Dandy69 12th
Clueless Traveller ATO Team #2 0 Nallan 13th
J3D Individual 0 Nallan 14th
Other Contestants Team Status Reason
Jonzay ATO Team #1 Exempt from Placing Legally participated as a zombie
CounterStruck ATO Team #1 Disqualified from competition Left Game Arena

Axe Hack's Manhunt

See Also: Axe Hack's Manhunt

This new competition was based on the concept of Axe Hack's manhunt, where kill counts would determine the winners, rather than focusing on survival. Essentially, the player with the most kills (of competitors) in the given time limit would be the winner. Deaths would not count towards final score. This was a private competition which was essentially invite only.

Axe Hack's Manhunt Results

Contestant # of Kills # of Deaths Kill/Death Ratio Place
DanceDanceRevolution 3 4 3:4 1st
Nallan 2 2 1:1 2nd
Obicop 2 2 1:1 2nd
Target Zombie 1 0 1:0 4th
Guy The Firefighter 1 1 1:1 5th
Axe Hack 0 0 0 6th

Axe Hack's Second Manhunt

See Also: Malton Manhunt/Axe Hack's Manhunt 2

Competition stepped up a notch in 2009 where warriors from several groups from all walks of life stepped up to fight for the title. A number of old dogs returned, including DDR, Nallan, AHLG, Obi and Axe Hack himself, but this round of the Malton Manhunt really went to the new guys, with Hashk taking the cake with the most kills, and Rosslessness' level 11 Vinetown Scout narrowly missing out on first place by a mere kill. DDR managed to scramble for third place, where the iconic Axe Hack proved fears that his PKing skills were in fact rather horrible.

Axe Hack's Second Manhunt Results

Wiki Profile Kills Deaths
Sophie ◆◆◆ CAPD Jose Cojones 10 3
RosslessnessWant a Location Image? Vinetown Scout 9 3
  AHLGTG THE END IS NIGH! Target Zombie 4 8
Michalesonbadge.pngTCAPD(╯°□°)╯ ┻━┻ Bobby Pegleg 3 3
Obi + Talk!|TZH|MDK ObiCop 3 3
ZIPO/Talk/◆◆/CAPD Shaun A Jenkins 2 4
Bloodied Fool Envy BloodiedFool 2 6
Paul Lee Dualla 1 1
Jim Bim Good Bub 1 1
Nallan (Talk) NickNickNickNick 0 2
Mr. Angel, Help needed? Engel 0 0
•▬ ▬••▬ • •••• •▬ ▬•▬• ▬•▬ #nerftemplatedsigs Axe Hack 0 0
/~Rakuen~\Talk Domo.gif I Still Love Grim MR K1LLER 0 0
 Denver  5MoC Denver Randleman 0 0
Orange Talk OrangeGaf 0 1
CyberRead240 michaelread 0 0
Butch Jerkins Butch Jerkins 0 0
 HaliphaxTCS Boyd Mitchell 0 0
Rorybob Rorydoc 0 2

Axe Hack's Third Manhunt

See Also: Malton Manhunt/Axe Hack's Manhunt 3

MMAMX.png MMX Malton Murder Award Nominee
The contributions of this user or group to the PKing industry earned them a nomination at the Malton Murder Awards MMX.

In 2010, competition really stepped up, with the playing area increased from the traditional 3x3 suburb area from the previous Axe Hack's Manhunt instalments, to a 4x4 suburb area. A number of veterans returned, including DDR, Obi, Rosslessness, and Axe Hack himself. Previous champion Hashk also attended in an attempt to hold her title. Sadly, we bid farewell to veterans Nallan and AHLG, as they were unable to attend. First place went to newcomer Natasha, a great comeback after receiving a -1 kill penalty for entering late. Kempy narrowly missed tying with Natasha by just one kill, while the notorious Rosslessness managed to scramble for third place, being just one kill short of Kempy. The iconic Axe Hack also proved that his PKing skills were not as horrible as they seem, scoring his first and only kill in the entirety of his own Malton Manhunt event. Obi, on the other hand, takes Axe Hack's title of horrible PKer.

Axe Hack's Third Manhunt Results

Wiki Profile Kills Deaths
Natasha Fatale Natasha Fatale 11 5
Kempy DJ Talent 10 5
Rosslessness Vinetown Scout 9 4
RenegadeRomero Dante Bosch 7 3
Hashk Susan Popham 5 5
Giles Sednik Gyles Zednik 4 3
Aichon Doug Collins 4 4
Sexualharrison Your Own Guilt 4 5
ZIPO Shaun A Jenkins 4 5
DanceDanceRevolution DanceDanceRevolution 3 0
Misanthropy Misanthropy 3 0
Hibernaculum Hibernaculum 3 5
Maverick Farrant Lord Pendragon 3 5
Rorybob a bee 3 5
Yonnua Koponen Alex Koponen 3 11
Oidar Tony Oidar 2 5
Homeless prophet Ben Harding 2 6
May Widowmaker May 1 0
Axe Hack Axe Hack 1 2
Michaleson bobby pegleg 1 2
ObiFireFighter ObiFirefighter 0 0
Bosqo Harvey Korman 0 2
OrangeGaf OrangeGaf 0 2

Axe Hack's Mudkip Hunt

A city-wide manhunt which involved finding and killing Axe Hack's Mudkip through a series of clues given by Axe Hack's alts. The manhunt lasted only 5 days, and the winner was Colette Hart.

Axe Hack's Mudkip Hunt Results

The winner was Colette Hart, who found Axe Hack's Mudkip in The Blackmore Building.

Discosaurs/Rage in the Age

Hosted by the Discosaurs, this was a team-based, prehistoric-themed manhunt event. Originally slated as Rage in a Cage and hosted by EVIL, the manhunt almost didn't happen due to the original planner ragequitting the wiki. Thanks to the efforts of some of the signed-up participants, the event was resurrected and renamed Rage in the Age.

Highlights of the team manhunt included the opening night, dubbed Day of The Meteor by the Discosaurs when the majority of their group was wiped out be a highly organised Allstars strike, Red Rum arriving to disrupt proceedings only to suffer greater casualties than they inflicted, the amazing sight of a Manhunt team being filled with rotters and Axe Hack actually killing people.

Rage in the Age Results

Team Members Kills Average Kills Deaths Ratio Score
Manhunt All-Stars 8 34 4.25 16 17:8 18
RDD 5 5 1.0 8 5:8 -3
The Team Formerally Known as Karloth Vois 1 0 0.0 0 - 0
Timmy the Trenchie's Twist and Shout Band 7 19 2.71 20 19:20 -1
Discosaurs 8 4 0.5 18 2:9 -14

Red October

The first October Revolution centered manhunt. Vapor planned this event as a "PK Event" before he knew of the term manhunt. The event was team-based and the rules were very similar to the RITA manhunt, though participation was much lower. It featured a stylistic approach and a fun theme. After the event, the participants gathered at St. Basil's Church as an homage to St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, where members of the winning White Army team repeatedly killed members of the losing Red Army team.

Red October Results

Contestant Wiki User Group Number of Kills
Alex Koponen Yonnua Koponen Red Army 2
Misanthropy Misanthropy Red Army 1
Axe Hack Axe Hack Red Army 2
The En4cer V darkstar Red Army 0
Julie Marsh Hashk Red Army 1
Obese Twins Lady Clitoria White Army 3
Vinetown Scout Rosslessness White Army 4
SlNlSTAR TripleU White Army 4
K27 Kempy White Army 2
Zensaga Zensaga White Army 1

The Rosslessness Duck Hunt

A Manhunt event with several static targets. The "Sitting Ducks" were designed to draw players together into a small area in order to increase the carnage. The profile IDs of the Ducks were posted to the wiki and clues to their location were found in their profile descriptions or in some cases in their names.

Duck Hunt had but a few participants and all ducks were killed by Yonnua Koponen.

The Rosslessness Duck Hunt Results

All static targets were killed by Yonnua Koponen.

Axe Hack's Manhunt 4

The fourth installment of the Axe Hack's Manhunt series. Unlike previous manhunts, AHMH4 featured a uniquely shaped playing field. Several shapes were originally suggested and subsequently voted upon.

AHMH4 Results

Axe Hack's Manhunt 4 Scoreboard
Wiki Profile Kills Deaths
Rorybob a bee 2 4
Yonnua Koponen Alex Koponen 5 +1 innocent


Axe Hack Axe Hack's Mudkip 2 2
Michaleson bobby pegleg 5 3
The Colonel Colonel Krauser 1 3
Kempy DJ Talent 10 4
Hibernaculum Dr. Summeroff 0 1
Espemon333 Espe JP 6 6
Colette Hart Fiona Hatherley 1 4
BEZERK805 George Castro 3 7
Heather Angel Heather Angel 3 1
Vapor James Slimm 3 7
Jaureaz Jaureaz 1 4
A.schwan JR BobDobbs 11 8
Misanthropy Misanthropy 0 0
ObiFireFighter ObiCop 7 1
ZIPO Shaun A Jenkins 4 6
Hashk Susan Popham 8 3
A Helpful Little Gnome Target Zombie 5 7
The'Joker The'Joker 8 4
Tinire Tinire 3 3
Bee Trajerly Bee 0 1
Rosslessness vinetown scout 0 0
Shadok Zohtun 3 6

Manhunt Marathon

Ross steps up to the organising role!

Red October 2

The second installation of the October Revolution centered manhunt.

Axe Hack's Manhunt 5

The fifth game of the famed Axe Hack's Manhunt series.