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Monroeville Many are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 21:55, 1 February 2009 (UTC) Not Inactive?

Monroeville Many
Abbreviation: MM
Group Numbers: Over 80 fine shamblers in our history.
Leadership: (Founder) - Steven Elson

(Co Founder) - Little Daddy

Goals: Bringing death upon all survivors in Monroeville.
Recruitment: Nope. We're Pretty Much shut.
Contact: The Forum!

Sad Zombie News

If you haven't worked it out by now, (Or more likely no longer have an intact living brain to work it out with), the MM are gone. Too few of us remain in the city to mount an effective search for survivors. We've tasted the flesh off the good times, and the permanent Headshots of the bad times.

To throw in some highlights. I'd like to remind you of.

  • Our Humble Beginnings in West Monroeville.
  • Discovering and eating the regions phone mast buildings before they were even discovered by harmans.
  • The first advertised zombie attack to breach a mall.
  • Our crazy sneak attack during The Fall of Monroeville Mall.
  • Destroying the area Outside the City within a week after the quarantine was lifted.
  • Crazy fun at Spaulding Mall.
  • Eating User:Axe Hack

It's good to look back on these time, when the incredible need to feed is sated.

A final thanks to the following

  • All those zombie groups. Who needs a silly video camera when you can stand outside and get shot for days before you remember how to open doors? Zombies were what made Monroeville fun.
  • Those special survivors who regularly updated the wiki with the location of their "safehouses".
  • Those friendly people who in the first weeks left there alts out as "Street Treats". Much easier than cades.

Nothing more to say but. happy hunting, and If you want us to eat you, just let me know and I'll send a zombie straight over. Little Daddy

When The End Begins, Begin With Monroeville Many!
Most peoples first meeting with the group..

The Idea

Our goal is to kill all survivors within Monroeville. As more start dying in the city, the game will swing more and more in favour of the undead. We want our group to be the group that turns the tide of the game!

The end result is to be able to hear the echoing of groans from our bretheren throughout monroeville and that WE, WE have won!

You will help us do this and you can do this, regardless of level! Survivor who was killed? Now want to be part of something bigger, something better? We want you to be part of something BIG

Why try to survive? YOU WILL DIE. All those days of gaining skills, all you fight for, wiped out in a single night by a single zombie. Whats the point? Get the hell over to Monroeville where the fun is only just beginning!

Sound like the group for you? Then Join

Then come on in and get into the action! Then check out the new forum here!. Follow the threads to sign up and then you're set to go!

If you're a human finding it diffcult in the area and want to become a zombie and join us, no worries! Just find a building or a tower and jump off it! You'll be dead instantly and can help us turn this suburb into a walking disaster area!

It will happen eventually, so why not die today!? At least this way YOU can do something good from it, dreamt of being a leader of your own cell? Then Join! And that dream can become a reality!

Read our recruitment advert here.

The Beginning

To all those who want to join us, come visit West Monroeville and just start killing there. Start by finding people on the street or open buildings and start killing. Then, once you have enough experience get Memories Of Life, this will be the one thing which starts you off in your way! You can get more information at our forum as to where you should begin.

For more history on us, and other random stuff, go Here.

Why Should I Join?

A fast an effecient horde can open any doors / Jugulars you need.
  1. Because you can't live again here, why not die in style and join a growing horde?
  2. By joining now YOU, yes YOU can become a leading member of this group. Even manage your own Mini Horde.
  3. Strength in numbers! By joining us, you can help us to become the largest horde in West Monroeville and later the whole of Monroeville
  4. As more and more survivors die. Instead of being a shambling mess, you can be part of an organsed shambling mess! With one goal in mind, you cannot lose.
  5. Strike times designed to help zombies be most effective regardless of world position.

Also, when you die, why bother quiting when you can work together with us to get yourself recognised as a great zombie in Monroeville!? It doesn't matter who you once were, but you can still have plenty of fun being a zombie within the city! With so much to explore, the work will ne'er be done, but we want to make sure that you get as much experience, as much fun and as many ideas to take back to Malton with you!

We even have our own shout box on our forum so you can see what we're attacking more easily!

What's going on, Where am I going!?

October 11th Another 2 eaten.

October 7th

happy news, the many have extinguised another life.

Happy days. After recent News, we've rustled up a new template to celebrate our greatness.

FastHorde.PNG Unstoppable
This user was part of a Horde that Kevan declared Unstoppable.

Just type {{Template:Unstoppable}} To use it.

July 25nd

The people hiding in the junkyard free ran out before we even able to get in.

July 22nd

Another PD lies in ruins, and so does a hospital, The double M are shambling up towards the North Again. Watch out.

July 21st

Doubling Back over old ground, the MM are wandering back through South Monroeville eating those survivors who try to reclaim.

July 14th

Quote from foxworthy PD.

  • lostcauseman said "There are over 120 survivors clustered in Hyginus, Johnson, and here. WE CAN MAKE A STAND HERE." (18 minutes ago)
Try it.

July 10th With help from fellow zombie groups especially the Monroeville Resistance Front griggs Pd has fallen. In the last week in Newtown zombies have extinguished over 5% of all those living in the whole of Monroeville.

July 7th

Accidentally blundered into Griggs crescent Police Department. 58 survivors greeted the first zed through the doors. After an uncomfortable pause he managed to take the generator out before being shot. A lot. Come join the fun.

Darby Way Police Dept [313,79] and Sims Road Police Dept [314,79] are both ruined.

July 6th

Thanks to our work this week, there as an area of 345 blocks in NE Newtown with no active hospitals.

June 28th

Little Daddy ruins Spearing Mall. Happy days. Onto Newtown!

June 25th

The following TRP's Were ruined/ransacked today.

  • Downing Grove Police Dept [348,73]
  • Donica Alley Police Dept [350,71]
  • St Joseph's Hospital [343,77]
  • Barbara General Hospital [344,73]

We did say we were "going to get you Barbara."

Kidder Row Police Dept [347,75] Is currently Doors open for low level zombies. 10+ survivors inside, all below level 3. Enjoy.

June 24th

We kill our first celebrity. Sorry Axe Hack.

June 22nd

Spaulding Mall is gone. We're hitting the buildings along its northern edge. To stifle any future recapturing efforts.

June 15th

Wiped out a farm, and now using it as a zombie first aid point. Members new and old are out scouting for fresh targets.

June 14th And low the mighty did rise and promply ate some zombie hunter survivors. Big shout out to [[1]] biming who was killed by the zombie he headshot over 4 weeks ago. Us zombies love karma.

May 28th

Veteran members of the horde waiting for new recruits. Look at their smiling faces!

The MM are back in effect, or at least will be from next week.

Monroeville will be reopening its borders for a short while during June. Any survivors and zombies that make it as far as the end of May will have the fact noted in their profile.

On a side note, several members including Little Daddy still breathe the foul air of undeath. Survivors, get organised!

All news from the first great Monroeville assault is in the Archive.

How!? I'm Not in the Same Time Zone!

No worries! If you're in West Monroeville, or any of Monroeville for that matter, find a building (preferably with a human outside) and start killing! Currently we are using X:00 tactics and they are working for us! With each attack bringing an increase of 2 levels on average through our members, we are very successful. Remember, by joining you have the chance of conrtrolling your own time zone!

Remember this, if you get killed then just put in your address bar and you're up again! Simple as.

Friends in the Area

Through the long months of Monroeville we have feasted on brains alongside many fellow gentlemen. Without them we are nothing. Onwards the horde!

We Salute you , Zombie Brethren!


Handinhanddp1.png Kill It Forward
This User or Group Kills it forward.
Killed in Monroeville? kill someone else!

To use simply type {{Template:Killitforward}}

Mall Defense Monroeville Style

Another expert defence from the harmans.

Survivor counter

  • 08/7/08 1859
  • 10/7/08 1760
  • 12/7/08 1669
  • 13/7/08 1554
  • 15/7/08 1422
  • 16/7/08 1338
  • 18/7/08 1212
  • 21/7/08 1120
  • 24/7/08 991
  • 26/7/08 898
  • 28/7/08 773
  • 30/7/08 668
  • 02/8/08 590
  • 05/8/08 484
  • 12/8/08 390
  • 18/8/08 260
  • 19/8/08 183 vs. ~2000
  • 20/8/08 143 vs. ~1900
  • 21/8/08 129 vs. ~1800
  • 22/8/08 126 vs. ~1750
  • 23/8/08 117 vs. 1649
  • 24/8/08 114 vs. 1522
  • 25/8/08 106 vs. 1472
  • 26/8/08 104 vs. 1422
  • 27/8/08 99 vs. 1423
  • 28/8/08 100 vs. 1363