Cornfed Undead

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Cornfed Undead
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Abbreviation: CU
Group Numbers: any Feral Undead members that migrated here
Leadership: group is democratic, if not anarchic.
Goals: feeding on the weak and sleepy humans of Monroeville.
Recruitment Policy: FU forum, or in Discussion page of this group. really for all i care you can just join and never tell us about it.
Contact: the Feral Undead forum

Ferals of Monroeville

This is a place where killing actually gets you somewhere. Gone are the days of combat revives, gone are the days of the human you killed coming back to shoot you the next day, here the dead stay undead.

Come forth from the streets, the wastelands, the cornfields, march on civilization and kill the filthy breathers that spoil the earth every day they live. They can kill us, but we rise. We can kill them, and they wont.

This wont last forever, so get in while you can.

the Cornfed Undead

Being the Monroeville chapter of the Feral Undead we follow the same basic ideals as we did in Malton, to kill all humans, and have fun doing so.

FUvulture.jpg Feral Undead
This user or group agrees with Feral Undead. Vultures are fucking cool.

Death, Feeding, Etc...


Forgive our laziness in keeping the wiki updated, but we've been busy with our new objective, to turn Newtown into a parking lot. Come help us level this harman infested dump!

Oak Hill

We used Oak Hill as a rally point for all the fallen CU brothers and sisters to meet up before we moved on. It couldn't last even the short time we were there and has since fallen. Let the woods reclaim the Rubble, we are moving on.

We're Baaack!

Monroeville is teaming with unlife again and Headshots are no longer an issue. the Undead come from all corners to mass into a horde again and take to the streets

Truly Feral Tactics

with the headshots promise of perma-death looming over us we now pull out of the population centers to hide in rural areas and strike back at any breather that leaves themselves vulnerable. we will make raids on human civilization, breaking the walls down and bringing ruin further and further into the cities till not one man is left breathing.

Archway Mall

Were keeping the ball rolling and have begun our assault on Archway Mall. Its full of tasty humans who are about to die like the rest, so join us while there's still food!

fearing headshot we retreat to keep ourselves alive and actively killing for as long as possible.

Drummond Mall

Having had a quick victory and Monroeville Mall we turn our attention north to Drummond Mall and its tasty inhabitants.

Done with that one too, On to the next!

Monroeville Mall

Along with several other groups we are bringing the joy that is un-life to the residents of Monroeville Mall. The barricades are being breached daily, and we are eating our fill. As more humans die the easier it is for us to get in, there will be no help coming, no revives for the fallen, only death awaits them.

That didn't take nearly as long as i thought it would. On to the next mall!