DSS Red Zone Support

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DSS Red Zone Support

DSS Red Zone Support is a loose group of pro-survivor players who even play together at times. When we do, we're notable for our laser-focused, precision strikes and operations, our flawless coordination, and our strategical and technological innovations. When we don't, we're notable for being aimless, generally likeable bums. Except Rufus. He's a rather violent bum.

Some of us have conducted black operations under our own Section 2 division. We may even do it again. One of us is responsible for two popular, DSS brand metagaming tools: the DSS Satellite Phone and the DSS Map of Malton. Another is responsible for Escape, the largest survivor group/event this city has seen in many years, and for the DSS Green Zone Lounge Lizards, a radio-centric alter-group.

The DSS was founded in early 2009 by Dub Street and Sophie Ames. The following are the fine individuals who have been a part of this group at some point or another:

Please contact Sophie or Zipo for any wiki matters concerning this group and this page. The TinyURL for this page is: tinyurl.com/dssrzs.

DSS Red Zone Support
Abbreviation: DSS
Group Numbers: It changes.
Leadership: None currently.
Goals: None currently.
Recruitment Policy: Talk to Soph or Zipo. We're not very active at the moment, though.
Contact: dssrzs.org/forum or on the talk page.