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I'm Zipo not much a coder or anything like that so bare with me as I fix and change these pages over time. I have a few characters left in the game they're listed on one of the other pages.

P.S. Also as an extra note I think this page here I have created may be a little unstable so it is advised that you not stand so close.


Before I forget my Monroeville guy ZIPO271 he survived the Monroeville quarantine.

Aug 26 I think. Made it to the last 100 many good survivors didn't survive hopefully I can make it a little further but I have a feeling I don't have long left.

Jan 2. Made it further than I thought went to sleep for a while and woke up again on about the 29th of October Glad to still be here.

Jan 15. Woke up to discover another friend has died. RIP Bldude If we can ever kill them permanently again ill get one for you. When will this madness end?

Jan 21. Another survivor passes on RIP Mykal McFarland may you never rise to haunt the living. :-)

Diary-of-the-dead-logo.jpg Monroeville Quarantine Survivor
This user survived all Monroeville quarantine(s).


I only have one alt left in Borehamwood now after lag got one and a PKer got the other. This is it Sophia Jenkins.

Jan 30. I hope this to be the start of long journal. But to start I have bad news the city is dead only a handful of the original population remains as a cop I tired to help where I could but today we lost Zacus a fine survivor and some one I would gladly call a friend. We are left now with 111 of us left scattered in this city but maybe someday we will be able to turn the tables on these undead but for now all we can do is run hide and hope for rescue. I hope my sister in Malton is okay I haven't heard from her since she was sent into Malton's quarantine zone.

Feb 07. Unfortunately Sophia was found dead. My comp packed up so I couldn't log in for a week they got me a couple of hours before I got back and less than 30 minutes till she would of been idled. Ah well.

Borehamwood300.jpg Survivor
Sophia Jenkins was one of the
Borehamwood 300


Here is where I shall display the signatures I have decided to start collecting (because I need something new to do in this game) from people who I find interesting or are famous. My rules are simple I have to get the autograph in game which should be difficult as it is likely half the players no longer play. The list here isn't complete I'll make time to add some maybe.

To do list
Annabell Leigh
Sophie Ames
Kempy Classic
Jenny Sparks
Erica Rackham
Officer Murphy
Amber Waves of Pain
Kelly Underwood
Lois Millard
Ron Burgundy
Lord Moloch
Psychotic Pantomime
Jim Lockwood
eugenie de franval
Timur Leng
Duke Garland
Carrie Cutter
Technically the man who started this Dermot O'Leary
Ryan Lynch
vinetown scout

After a couple of attempts I got Annabell Leigh's. She's a nice killer with some style.
I'm sorta sad things ended the way they did I didn't even get to say thanks for not killing me and all but I got Kelly Underwood's I didn't get to say thanks for that either.
I met the notorious Tommy Gun Killer while helping fix up Molebank. Needless to say I managed to get the signature of the one and only eugenie de franval.
I encountered the lovely cowgirl Carrie Cutter and she was kind enough to humour me with her Signature.
Met the great Tamburlaine/Timur Leng he actually noticed me hmmm.
Encountered one of the best bounty hunters in the business Erica Rackham. Should be safe to put this here now.
I met he Legendary bounty hunter Ryan Lynch he said I do good work.
One of the best Scouts in the business and definitely one of the best Man hunters vinetown scout.

Warzone.jpg Adventure Tourist
ZIPO goes on holiday
in ruined suburbs.
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This user has been known to say the word "Dude" from time to time.
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ZIPO is Australian.
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This user plays Urban Dead. Wow, what are the odds?
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This user supports the Sacred Ground Policy.
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This user uses Firefox.
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This User Pays It Forward.
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This User reads Mistakes Were Made
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This user is a Wiki Code Stealer and is probably off copying and pasting some code.
Trench coat.jpg Anti-Trenchcoater
ZIPO finds people with 20 shotguns and katanas to be obnoxious.
Paranoia.gif Paranoia
This user is paranoid.
Hoard.jpg HOARD
ZIPO recognizes the difference between a horde and a hoard.
Miracle max.jpg ZIPO is capable of Miracles
Just don't rush them...
SLAB Template Image.jpg Sting Like A Bee!
This user was part of Operation Sting Like A Bee.
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Michaleson has given AHM3 members a cookie for himself guessing wrongly