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DSS Red Zone Support

DSS Red Zone Support is a loose group of pro-survivor players who even play together at times. When we do, we're notable for our laser-focused, precision strikes and operations, our flawless coordination, and our strategical and technological innovations. When we don't, we're notable for being aimless, generally likeable bums. Except Rufus. He's a rather violent bum.

Some of us have conducted black operations under our own Section 2 division. We may even do it again. One of us is responsible for two popular, DSS brand metagaming tools: the DSS Satellite Phone and the DSS Map of Malton. Another is responsible for Escape, the largest survivor group/event this city has seen in many years, and for the DSS Green Zone Lounge Lizards, a radio-centric alter-group.

The DSS was founded in early 2009 by Dub Street and Sophie Ames. The following are the fine individuals who have been a part of this group at some point or another:

Please contact Sophie or Zipo for any wiki matters concerning this group and this page. The TinyURL for this page is:

DSS Red Zone Support
Abbreviation: DSS
Group Numbers: It changes.
Leadership: None currently.
Goals: None currently.
Recruitment Policy: Talk to Soph or Zipo. We're not very active at the moment, though.
Contact: or on the talk page.

You are inside Alner Mansion. Streamers decorate the walls and empty bottles litter the floor. The building has been extremely heavily barricaded with empty bottles and dead zombies. Also here are
Members of the MSP wondering what happened to their HQ.

A bar has been set up here. It's out of drinks.

Somebody has spraypainted Sorry about the mess. Love the DSS. onto a wall.

Since your last turn:
  • Sophie Ames Changed into a sexy black dress. (23 hours and 8 minutes ago)
  • George Zip Changed into a suit (23 hours and 8 minutes minutes ago)
  • George Zip Finished a beer (23 hours and 4 minutes minutes ago)
  • ZIPO3956 went looking for a drink. (exactly 23 hours ago)
  • George Zip Finished another bottle of beer. (22 hours and 55 minutes ago)
  • ZIPO3956 Found a bottle of vodka. (22 hours and 22 minutes ago)
  • Private Freudstein Distracted ZIPO3956 and stole the vodka. (22 hours and 20 minutes ago)
  • ZIPO3956 Scratched his head and wondered where his vodka went. (22 hours and 19 minutes ago)
  • George Zip Finished another bottle of beer. (22 hours and 5 minutes ago)
  • Rogueboyl Found a bottle of Beer. (exactly 22 hours ago)
  • Sophie Ames Spiked the punch. (21 hours 44 minutes ago)
  • George Zip Finished another bottle of beer. (21 hours and 32 minutes ago)
  • Betamaxx Started singing karaoke. (20 hours and 30 minutes ago)
  • George Zip Joined him on the stage. (20 hours and 27 minutes ago)
  • Sophie Ames, ZIPO3956, Rogueboyl and Private Freudstein Broke the karaoke machine. (20 hours and 23 minutes ago)
  • Rogueboyl "Tripped" and "accidentally" groped Sophie Ames. (19 hours and 9 minutes ago)
  • Sophie Ames Slapped Rogueboyl knocking him unconscious. (19 hours 8 minutes ago)
  • ZIPO3956 Found another bottle of vodka. (18 hours and 25 minutes ago)
  • ZIPO3956 Tripped and broke the bottle of vodka. (18 hours and 24 minutes ago)
  • Sophie Ames Comforted ZIPO3956 about his broken vodka. (18 hours 20 minutes ago)
  • George Zip Asked Sophie Ames to dance. (exactly 18 hours ago)
  • Betamaxx Cut in. (17 hours and 50 minutes ago)
  • George Zip Finished another bottle of beer. (17 hours and 21 minutes ago)
  • Betamaxx Stepped on Sophie Ames's foot. (17 hours and 19 minutes ago)
  • Sophie Ames Found somewhere to sit down. (17 hours and 15 minutes ago)
  • Sophie Ames and ZIPO3956 Carried Rogueboyl outside. (10 hours 28 minutes ago)
  • Betamaxx Helped George Zip and Private Freudstein outside. (10 hours and 25 minutes ago)
  • ZIPO3956 Came back inside and spray painted something on the wall. (10 hours and 18 minutes ago)
  • ZIPO3956 Found another bottle of vodka. (10 hours and 17 minutes ago)
  • ZIPO3956 Finished the bottle and stumbled outside. (10 hours and 13 minutes ago)

Decisions of life and death

She stumbled into my safe house bleeding heavily from the gunshot wound to her side. A wanted criminal it wasn't the first time we'd crossed paths in this hellish city. The decision to treat her wounds or let her turn into one of those things outside it was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made.

Most people in this city seem to have the idea that getting bitten is what turns you. They’re wrong it only kills you I’ve seen survivors throw themselves out of windows only to join the hordes they sort to escape. An individual zombie is rarely as dangerous as another survivor in a city where the dead walk who can you trust?

I grabbed my medical supplies and patched her up and I knew either way it was going to come back to bite me. I’ve kept one eye open since.

History of The (not quite so) Invisibles The (not quite so) Invisibles Friends & Allies The Do Not Revive List Recruitment Notice The (not quite so) Invisibles Lineup
The (not quite so) Invisibles
Abbreviation NQSI
Group Numbers Growing.
Leadership By Committee.
Goals Defend & maintain the suburb of Danversbank & the surrounding area. Provide public services to the area citizens.
Recruitment Policy Open to all survivors!!
Contact NQSI members in-game, our Group talk page or at this forum
Bill&ted05.jpg DUDE! It's a Template!
This user has been known to say the word "Dude" from time to time.
Dead.gif Urban Dead
This user plays Urban Dead. Wow, what are the odds?

An Introduction to The (not quite so) Invisibles

"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

---Ralph Waldo Emerson.

We're a small, and very coordinated survivor group. More later......

Group Rules & Regulations

  • No Zerging
Zerging means using 2 or more alts to perform any task, which includes fighting the same group, and using/sharing ANY information with one alt gathered by another. Alts must lead separate lives. Failure to do so will force the NQSI to bring a horribly swift case of DEATH down upon you, as well as call in a Protoss airstrike to fry your no-good zerg arse.
  • Only 1 character per person is allowed to be in The (not quite so) Invisibles
Using more than one character in the same group not only borderlines alt abuse, it is considered a cheap tactic. So don't be lame; show a little pride and only have one character in the NQSI.
There is almost no time in which destroying a generator in a tactical resource building is beneficial to the survivor side. As for non TRP's, it can be useful at times to sleep in a darkened building, and is allowed, provided the action does not harm/hamper other survivors.
PKing is only tolerated under very extreme circumstances. Never kill a fellow group member, or ally. If there is a problem, bring it to the attention of the group, and we'll first seek a diplomatic solution to the problem.
  • No Spying
Joining a group/forum to gain undisclosed knowledge under false pretenses is strictly forbidden. Spying is underhanded, dirty, and not in the spirit of this group. Information in the public domain is acceptable, as is any information they disclose to you, provided they know full well in advance that you will share the information with The (not quite so) Invisibles.
  • Conduct must remain civil
While playful banter with enemies is encouraged, remember that this is a game. Our enemies are here to have a good time just as much as we are. Be sportsmanlike in your actions. Keep the language at PG-13 and below in game, and on public forums.
  • Have Fun
As said earlier, we at The (not quite so) Invisibles take our jobs seriously, but we want you to have fun doing it. Don't be afraid to spend those AP to talk and have a good time.

The punishment for infractions vary from verbal warning, to expulsion from the group, based on frequency and severity of the infraction.

The (not quite so) Invisibles are an equal rights group. Every member has a voice and is encouraged to provide opinions and comments on group operations and activities, provided they do not go against these rules.