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Our aims in Malton
Bringing chaos and death to the masses, through indiscriminate murder and general lawlessness. Also, fun. Fun is good.

RDD at War
A History of Violence
Chaos theories

Contact our staff
- Psychout
- Haircuts That Kill
- Skull Grin

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RDD only accepts applicants for membership who:

  • Are willing to partake in, or support, player killing.
  • Are willing and able to communicate outside of Urban Dead.
  • Are willing to have a good time, all the time.

If you think you qualify, leave us a message here

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[Serious face]

Founded on December 23rd 2003 by Misanthropy, the online gaming clan RDD originally started life in the online browser-based game Heavy Metal War, before branching out to cover other online games. RDD is mostly a death-cult group, although career zombies and dedicated PKers are also to be found amongst their ranks. They have a relaxed attitude to play, and to life in general, and membership is open for all to apply.

[/Serious face]


‘Sup dawg? We’re here for fun. We are not one of these petty groups who’ll hold a grudge for years or go out of our way to achieve a goal – that’s serious business, and business is for business-types. We traded our briefcases for beer money years ago. RDD is instead a rag-tag band of no-good good-for-nothing rootin’-tootin’ 50s slang. Now you’re on the trolley. We’re in this for the lulz and the lulz alone. If we think it’s funny to murder your group back to the stone age, then it’s on like Donkey Kong. However, do not think about underestimating the wits behind the mayhem. RDD is home to some of the most prolific diplomats and cunning strategists around, and will wrangle our way out of any kind of mess. Stay on our good side, or provide a valuable service, and we’re likely to leave you alone. Unless we had our fingers crossed.


Pretty much from the outset, the main stomping grounds for our lads has been Millen Hills, home to our favourite ‘de-vive’ clinic, the Müller Building. However, we've also branched out to cover Shearbank, too, and found a tasty Walnut Whip to crack open. This is the captain of your ship calling. As a death cult, we tend to spend most of the time munching some tasty – and many not-so-tasty – brains whenever we see fit, but have arranged successful real-time strikes on many occasions, and are experimenting with the concept of the fake-time strike. Several member of RDD are entirely nomadic, however, so if that knife in your back way down in New Arkham or Miltown seems familiar, it’s probably us. Hell, even if it’s not us, it is.


RDD members in general are to be considered autonomous. Fuck you, authority. However, the overall clan outside of Urban Dead is led by a leader elected every six months, the current dummy being Haircuts That Kill. However, the leadership of the UD group was previously handled by a separate player, but due to some incriminating photographs and a clever blackmail campaign, ol' Haircuts has taken up the mantle in-game too. Teehee.

RDD at War

RDD does not lose battles. As such, we’re never really ‘at war’ so much as ‘at winning’, but sometimes we pretend like everyone else stands a chance. The following are groups which RDD has interacted with in notable ways. And no, we did not stick anything in any of their poopers.

Allies, and those we murder less often than normal

  • Arbco Moving & Storage – Fellow children of the 80s, and another bunch of people who know how to have a good time.
  • Philosophe Knights - These guys are smart. As such, they know when not to pick a fight, which has has lead to RDD and the Knights having a mutual respect for each other. We don't like to kill each other unless it's genuinely necessary. That, or when OV's not looking.
  • Rotter's Relief - Former allies, Rotter's Relief's policies regarding zergs and their proper handling and care led to RDD engaging in strict (some might say stabby) quarantine control.


  • Rotter's Relief - Former allies, RDD have re-engaged in hostilies towards Rotter's Relief as a result of their policies on zerg revives. Damn, dog, there's just some folks you shouldn't stick your pricks in, you know?
  • Browncoats - Nothing personal, but besmirching our honour was always going to lead to war, especially with the kind of guys who can't take a joke. But damn, they can take a bullet. NOTE: War is over until Browncoats return to Urban Dead.
  • YOU. Yeah. You. Just you watch your step, sonny. You just watch your step.

A History of Violence

We've been through the motions here at RDD. Our first full-on war was with Rotter's Relief, which ended in a peace treaty enabling us to embrace the rot with free revives. Then came the full-on duck-hunt that was Grand Zerg Auto III, which left us knee deep in the dead, so to speak. We kinda... well, we lost count during that one. End result was a marked reduction in zerg activity in the area, though, which was a plus. Then came the Night of the Long Drinks, which sort of waylaid us for a while. But then! OH! THEN! Samhain Slaughter III brought us right out of our hangover, with a glorious holiday across Malton, marred only by last-minute venue changes halving our participation. A direct follow-on from Samhain was the war with the Browncoats, in order to avenge a dick move by the kids. We may have... uh... griefed them out of existence. Sorry guys. Next step? Zerg hunting!

Play by Play

  • War with Rotter's Relief - Result: Peace treaty favourable to our ends
  • Grand Zerg Auto III - Result: Shits, giggles, and decreased zerg presence
  • Samhain Slaughter III - Result: 12+ kills, half of group present
  • War with Browncoats - Result: Disbanding of Browncoats, retirement of their leader

Chaos Theories

We are an international group that work together on IMs (mainly MSN) and on our own website, Neo Kaon, and are willing to attack any target at any location at any time. No one is safe. We tolerate only one alt per player as RDD, so pick wisely. Or pick for shits and giggles. No big.

RDD is mainly a death cult, but we accept all elements of play within the group. We support PKing, GKing, RKing, ZKing (better to g!b mah zambah brazzahz an z!zzahz zan zah Bang Bang Man g!b zam. Zambahz zzzz avaah zah g!b annazaa) and JFKing. We have no respect for "Sacred Ground" or "Honour Amongst Thieves", because, damn it, mayhem.


Do you have what it takes to join RDD? Do you have the fortitude and aptitude? Do you have zero respect for authority, a tiny attention span, a love of mayhem and the £25 admission charge? Do you have Misanthropy's "The Real Thing" CD? Cause, seriously, I need to figure out where I left that. Contact Haircuts That Kill or Psychout to apply. And don't forget to bring the money.

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