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This Group is HARDCORE
This group follows and believes in his Divine Awesomeness.
"Well they tell you: never hit a man with a closed fist. But it is, on occasion, hilarious."


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Abbreviation: BC
Group Numbers: 5-10
Leadership: Blanemcc
Goals: Fight any and all forces of the law within the Quarantine Zone.
Recruitment Policy: Open
Contact: Group Forum


Cemetery stones 2.jpg PK Count
The Browncoats have PKed 899 people.

"Your coat's kind of a brownish color...” ~LUND

Browncoats are soldiers of the Outer Planets. Our name comes from our uniform; A Brown Coat. The alliance may have won the war, but we are still very much alive, waiting for our chance to rise again.

“The Central Planets, them as formed the Alliance, waged war to bring everyone under their rule. A few idiots tried to fight it, among them: myself.” ~Captain Malcolm Reynolds.


We may not be the largest group, or have the best equipped soldiers out there, but you sure as hell won't find us giving up on ANYTHING easily.

We will:

1) Fight fascists and law enforcers, where ever they may poke there heads unwanted like.

2) Defend others of our kind; The outnumbered, The outgunned.

3) Never Give Up.

How Do I Join?

Get yourself a brown coat, kid, and get your butt to the front lines.


  1. Legends of Darkness
  2. Hitman
  3. The Skorpions
  4. EVIL
  5. Betrayed

Evil pumpkin.jpg Trick or Trick!
This user or group wore a costume and trick-or-treated at Blesley Mall, Oct 2008.
Black mass.jpg Black Mass
This user or group participated in LoD's Black Mass to commemorate one year of Darkness. In churchs and cathedrals across the city, Innocents were sacrificed.

This user or group believes that the bad guys can sometimes be the good guys.

Non-Aggression Pact

  1. Novaslovanian Grenadiers
  2. Team Zombie Hardcore