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Group Leader
Psychotic Pantomime
None atm

Captain Cleanoff
Criminally Insane
Chris Field
Stupid Twilight Fan
Sergeant Sadist
No Apprentices

Retired Leaders
David Sly

Retired Co-Leaders
Athair Bas (RIP)
Fred Costello

Table of Content:

Legends of Darkness - History - Code of the Darkness - Allies - Enemies

Remember as a child, how you feared the darkness. Unsure of what was watching from the shadows, unable to see them as they were about to strike. We Legends of Darkness bring back that fear, and allow it to consume you. Let the darkness take hold and find redemption that Malton can not bring you.

Legends of Darkness

Legends of Darkness is a Player Killer / Death Cultist group who is all about fun. We may intentionally grief, harass, or such things at times, but try to make a kill seem as fun and enjoyable ( for us) as it can be. We will play as both Player Killer or Zombie, depending on whichever suits our needs at that moment.
So if we eat you, shoot, stab, bludgeon, punch your ass, or injure / kill you by any other means, it's all in a days work for us. You say you have a problem?, please come and visit. We don't actually care, but hey, we love a good laugh. Leave a message on our talk page or here: Legends Forum
I've decided to open the link to the forum for all our fans, good or bad. Come have your say. Call us merciless? HELL YA! At least we're not boring.

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Legends of Darkness started from humble beginnings. Four members in total, all of which had different and very knowledgeable backgrounds in Malton. They followed Pantomime ruthlessly as she built the group up. From that point on, LoD hit the ground running, taking out anyone and everyone they thought could use a little "Darkness" in their lives. The official first day as a group was March 21, 2008 and there is no sign of stopping anytime soon.
Original founders of LoD are:
Psychotic Pantomime (original creator) , Death To Socialism (Retired), Matt Aries (moved on) and Jailbird (MIA)

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Code of the Darkness

Although we are killers, there is still a code that we follow set forth by the Darkness itself.

  • We will not spy
  • We will not intentionally grief a character, or player (ok we might, for the lulz)
  • If we've designated you an asshat and pissed us off for some reason, you're in for some hurt.
  • We will not zerg
  • We will have fun (at your expense of course)This is a game remember?

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We don't necessarily have allies we won't kill for our own needs. It's a chance you'll have to take to kill with the best.

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People we love to eat and murder!

Lists, lists lists.. nah! We murder/eat everyone.. There's the list for you. Any ridiculous reason that makes no sense at all is sorta fun too. Honestly, you are much more tastier when you scream..or run. So run. A lot.
We all float in a pool of darkness, cold death awaits us. We have no fear of death ourselves. You are not alone, the shadows move when you turn your head. We are watching. Do not reach for sparks of hope. I'll cut you. Watching you bleed and suffer is sweet reward! It will burn for only a moment lingering until the Darkness takes you. Your flesh will feed my Legends.If you have been taken,consider it a blessing. Now go baste yourself.

Malton Murder Awards '09

====Legends of Darkness is the proud winner of Five Malton Murder Awards this year!:====

Best Single Attack/ Kill 2009- Athair Bas Vs Ottari
"Athair is no longer with us, but his work still lives on." Always in our hearts.
For those moments of artistic genius, when a kill becomes something more beautiful and elegant than just shooting some bastard, this award serves to highlight those rare instances of glorious artist merit.

Best Group-2009

The best of the best, the top of the mountain, cream of the crop, the list of metaphors - this award is for the group whose contributions outweigh those of their competition.

Grooviest Group

This award honours the group for whom fun is a priority, whose attitudes are laid-back and whose members are the grooviest, coolest cats on the planet, man.

Chief of Mischief 2009- Psychotic Pantomime

This award honours the sheer dedications its recipient has given to disrupting the lives, workings, and operations of Malton in general, or groups and areas in particular.

Best Death Cultist- Psychotic Pantomime

This award honours the best individual effort to benefit the undead cause, from the living side. We're all going to bite the bullet some day, but the winner of this award has planned ahead.

MMA.JPG Malton Murder Award Winner, 2009
The contributions of this user or group to the PKing industry were honoured with an award at the Malton Murder Awards 2009.
MMA.JPG Malton Murder Award Nominee, 2009
This user or group has been nominated in a category at the Malton Murder Awards 2009.

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Join Us
Become one with the Darkness.


Our beliefs.

Hall of Heads

The fortunate few that the darkness chose.

Kill on Sight List

Those that cause us harm, will see the Darkness before all others.

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Since it's conception, this page has always been under construction and always will be. Yes it needs work. Heres the good news/bad news: We're too busy killing you. While you are editing your wiki page, we are logged in ending your life. (actually, if anyone wants to offer some help, I'll be more than grateful.) --Psychotic Pantomime 04:34, 9 January 2009 (UTC)

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It is either not completed or is about a subject or event which has yet to finish.
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