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Psychotic Pantomime

Psychotic Pantomime -
Character Details: Psychotic Pantomime
Kills Haven't stopped.
Hey you! Get over here, I want to stab you in the eye.
Leader of LoD Wearer of lazy ass Tee-shirt.
LoDtemplate.jpg Proud member of LoD
This user is proud to be a Pker/Zombie of Legends of Darkness!

There was always something weird about this girl

"When she was growing up she was a loner. She never trusted THEM. THEY always were against her.
No one loved her. Falling out of grace from her family at a young age she wandered Malton working whatever job she could find, moving around and never in one place.
Survival, thats all it was. An existence of life without love is a pitiful excuse to keep breathing.
She kept moving somehow knowing there was a reason she had to, an unknown purpose.

The Beginning:
One day two cops arrive at an abandoned house where they've heard screaming and mumbling, incoherent words between screams echo outside...
SUCH SCREAMING! It chilled them to the bone as they heard, "oh GOD..the AGONY!" "Don't let them get meeeeee!"
Oh YES, I see now, YES! They are mine! HA HA HA! NOOOOO!! MY HEAD! IT HURTS..YES YES... TAKE ME, I am yours then!
They find a woman hunched over and her eyes and cheeks are bleeding out from self mutilation. They quickly look around, but she is alone.
One of the officers approaches her, tries to calm her down.. She looks up at him, white paint and blood covering her face.
"Are you ok? He nervously asks.
Looking up at him she smiles and says "I have been consumed, the Darkness has blessed me, as it will you." I know my purpose now.
OH SWEET JESUS..she wanted all of them to DIE! She reaches behind her pulling out an axe and casually hacks one of the officers in half and cuts the other officer's arm off, as he shoots and kills her.

She knew it was coming, the apocalypse, the dead were walking. She saw them at night, she hid in the shadows watching. No one believed her.
oh she tried to tell them, but she was that crazy bitch no one listened to. Time went by and then she didnt care any longer.
She watched them dance the dance of death. It was amusing how they lumbered along quietly. Those voices, beautiful voices of hell and damnation showed her the way, and now she wanted them all to enter into the shadows with her!

She joined all of them that day, in that abandoned building her death and life became one of the same. She was freed! Oh the sweetness of the Darkness, it calmed her.
The Darkness will be brought to all now. ALL OF YOU WILL KNOW. It's sweet pain is delicious!

She wandered Malton for months as a zombie eating with only one thought, "BRA!NZ!" The Darkness was waiting inside her. One day someone revived her, someone from a place called NecroTech and a hand full of Mk.1 Syringes.
He smelled of sweat and death and she was a test subject, nothing more.
Instantly alive! Her lust to kill stayed with her, her darkened heart beat again and she craved the smell of blood and fear!
She began her search for souls and now she leads an army of killers!
We are all the forgotten, unloved, murderers, psychopaths, and maniacs, and now we are back. They will be collected, equally loved, never forgotten again, to rise and become:

"The Legends of Darkness"

And will all enjoy it's sweet pain."

Do not consider it death, but a blessing.
If I have removed you from your miserable, pathetic existence and allowed you to enter unto "The Darkness" be grateful you were a chosen one.

What is the Darkness?

The Darkness is your hearts desire. Whatever it is you wish most in the world will be yours for a price. This price is small for some, but for others, it is the most costly thing to them. Your very sanity.

Look at it as a tap on the shoulder from a higher power,not good, nor evil, just something that calls to you and tells you that you can have whatever it is you want. If you are to do certain things in the name of something long lost dead, the Darkness is always close inside you waiting to unfold. Some see this calling as a blessing and embrace it fully, while others see it as a curse, and become something much worse! For their change to live out their dream is also a curse.

What is your hearts desire? Do you wish to belong and be accepted for what you are? How about powerful? You are already powerful! Psychotic Pantomime will empower your greatest desires! Do you wish to have been able to get out of Malton before the outbreak? What do you wish for most? Whatever that may be, the Darkness and all it's power can grant you that, and more. We can give you that if you truly embrace us. Embrace the Darkness and become a Legend. We wait for you in the shadows my brothers and sisters.

Membership into LoD

If you join us as an Apprentice, I will personally beat you to within an inch of your life with a tickle stick upon request, and then give you a cookie when I'm done. You'd better eat that cookie too.
Apprenticeship is a min 14 days. You'll need to fulfill a certain amount of expectations while there, and that includes PKing and using your zombie skills. We also have an in group kill record competition just for new apprentices. You can try your luck at breaking the record in "Solo" or "Team" kills within the 2 week period of apprenticeship. It is a lot of fun with no pressure or tedium.
WE KILL TEDIUM! *Starts waving axe madly in the air for emphasis*
The main goal of this group is to have fun and enjoy the game. Team work and a minimal level of activity is expected. Be prepared to be part of a no holds barred, no mercy group. Our poor taste in humor has no boundaries.
Once you graduate, You'll be unchained and allowed to mingle, you will be part of a group that prides itself in providing NO DRAMA, and FUN!

If you are a Drama Llama keep moving, you don't belong in LoD.

Alliance Requests

If you like to kill and party at the same time. Ally with us. The fun never ends. Go to the main group Wiki and leave us a "Beep!" or follow the blood trail to the forum. --Psychotic Pantomime 06:45, 13 August 2008 (PST)

==Psychotic Pantomime is the proud winner of two Malton Murder Awards:==

Chief of Mischief-2009

This award honours the sheer dedications its recipient has given to disrupting the lives, workings, and operations of Malton in general, or groups and areas in particular.

Best Death Cultist - 2009

This award honours the best individual effort to benefit the undead cause, from the living side.
We're all going to bite the bullet some day, but the winner of this award has planned ahead.

MMA.JPG Malton Murder Award Winner, 2009
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MMAMX.png MMX Malton Murder Award Nominee
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In Memory of:

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Brad1.jpg Remembered Forever
Brad Glore: Dec. 17, 1974 - Sept. 11th, 2009

Remembered by many for his respect & ability to make you laugh.
Most of all, for being a good friend.

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Yuo fayl Englesh? That's unpossablle!
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"One kills a man, one is an assassin; one kills millions, one is a conqueror; one kills everybody, one is a god."

This user is a PKer and supports the act of Player Killing.

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If you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.
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Legends of Darkness are part of the Malton Uprising

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Throw away the Ritalin

and be the Psycho YOU want to be in

Legends of Darkness!

Dawn ut dead.jpg Head shot me again Bitch!!
I'll keep standing right back up.
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Psychotic Pantomime trick-or-treated at Dowdney Mall, Nov 1 of 2009.

For those I personally touched by the Darkness

For those fortunate enough to have felt the Darkness by my hands,
Or maybe I just nibbled a bit on your tender parts. I give you this as a remembrance

LODvictim.jpg Touched by the Darkness
I've been touched by the Darkness and it was good!


All written above is considered role play and fantasy for my Urban Dead player.
If you ever consider any of this to be actual real life, go seek medical and psychological

help immediately or I'll kick your ass you crazy bastard!