The Skorpions

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The Skorpions
Abbreviation: TSK
Group Numbers: 7 (5 active)
Leadership: TheUnremarkableHulk
Goals: Stick it to the man, cream freams, be hip, use vintage 50's lingo as we slice up squares
Recruitment Policy: Recruiting
Contact: //


Cemetery stones 2.jpg PK Count
This group has PKed dozens of people.

Evil pumpkin.jpg Trick or Trick!
This user or group wore a costume and trick-or-treated at Blesley Mall, Oct 2008.

Tell me somethin', boss, you think the DEM is a big group of freams?

Wanna show all the wet rags in Malton the word from the bird?

Think I'm writin' a book here?

Nah baby, I'm just in orbit, Daddy-O. Come hang with me, don't be a party pooper.

Our Rap

Movin' from our Pad in Galbraith Hills, our gig is tryin' to pound on the DEM nerds and give them a big old knuckle sandwich wherever they go.

Maybe bein' hip we'll kill some square folks just because we're a cool crew like that. We're always lookin' to be cookin' other pro-survivor squares.

The Rules

  1. Don't kill other oddballs in the crew.
  2. Don't kill other hip PKers unless the Fonz says it's cool, even if they whacked you first. We are hipsters, so we cats gotta stick it out, you dig?
  3. Be hip, baby! We ain't no squares!
  4. Smoking is cool.
  5. Don't be shy, let the nerds hear you lingo!

Where we operate

Everywhere we want to, nerd.


Come check out our pad, Daddy-O:

Don't be a square, tag a wall with our wiki page's tinyrurl:

Cool Cats that Chill with us



Columbine Kids

Legends of Darkness

The PKer Alliance

The Freams and Jive Turkeys

The Browncoats

Flowers of Disease

Imperium of Man



Malton Skeet Club



Anyone who playin' a bit with our pals ain't livin' long.

Hip PK's

Trenchcoat volitile gets the word from the bird from TheUnremarkableHulk.

Another CDF nerd ethan gives PrivateFirstClass my first ever PK.

Trenchcoat PKRU member shadow helps PFC spread the word from the bird. (didn't have Iwitness working for awhile, so he asks you take my word on these)

Hulk cruises over some random guy. Hulk's a real oddball man.

I dropped two nerds in a day. First, this nerd turned hipster and then this jive turkey.

Joining in on the Browncoats fun, PFC found a Fortress nerd tryin' to be an actor in a crew of randoms.

Hulk's kill right here is the bee's knees. Malton's "Finest" gets the word from the bird by a true daddy-o.

This cat's profile at the time said he hurts "bad" people. PFC thought he needed to cool it.

TZH hangin' in Roftwood? Not in Hulk's pad!

More Fortress? You better believe it daddy-o. For bein' the best survivor group, these squares are pretty jive.

Jensonson was one of Private First Class' earlier kills, remember? I think he couldn't get enough of me Rick Rollin' him. Poor jive turkey...

PFC got some Necronerd. Check this Fire Axe Beatdown.

Once again, this hip greaser oh-so-hiply grases Rookie Fream.

And many more! We ain't showin' off every kill we make, baby!

The Current Dig?

As of October 5, 2008, we'd been giving CDF trenchies the word from the bird. So far, even though my computer is garbage at screenshots, we have 3 dead jive turkey trenchcoats. Pretty hip for our first time crusin' for a bruisin' i gotta say. Stay tuned for more hip and happenin' news daddy-o.

Hey hipsters! Movin' out of CDF land, now goin' to participate in a hosted PKer event. If you ain't there, you ain't hip baby, you're square.

The Skorpions participated in the Second Samhain Slaughter. We sliced up some squares before we threw up some gravel. Those cubes didn't know what was comin', baby!

So what are you up to now? We can't dish out the details, Clyde, but we're participating in some super-secret business. What to know what it is? Join up, Daddy-O.

Kickin' Templates

James-Dean.jpg The Skorpions
Hey, Daddy-o! {{{User}}} is one hip cat, and {{{he/she}}} ain't puttin' up with no jive, you dig?
What've you got.jpg What are you rebelling against?
This user is a rebel who may or may not have a cause.
431px-Pond gang.jpg The Skorpions
A Skorpion is a Skorp all the way; from your first cigarette, to your last dying day.