First Ruining of Fort Creedy

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First Ruining of Fort Creedy; or, the Siege of Creedy
Date December 23rd, 2007 - January 2nd, 2008
Place Fort Creedy
Cassus Belli: Silent Night Slaughter
Result Zombie Victory
Creedy Defense Force, Alliance of Fort Creedy, Black Brigade, Army Control Corps PKA, Second Big Bash
Unknown Bullgod, Don Tickles
Between 400 and 700 Between 300 and 500 (including PK'ers.)
126 killed by the Silent Night Slaughter. Ultimately, survivors were killed to a man. Unknown Zombie Casualties

The First Ruining of Creedy

Fort Creedy's first ruining was finished early on January 2nd, 2008. See the talk page of this page for POV entries.

The Role of the SNS

The PKA and the Silent Night Slaughter's role in the fall of Creedy is hard to overstate. Nota bene: Representatives of the following groups were present at the SNS:

The PKA ended up killing 126 survivors that night, a full .8% of all the survivors in the game, all of whom were in the Gatehouse. Its scale and coordination disheartened some of the defenders- despite a certain Survivor spreading the word for two or three days beforehand in the game. The PKA were, ironically, left as virtually the only garrison of the gatehouse. Those few who remained in the gatehouse held on, and for a while, it looked like the ferals sieging Fort Creedy would fail.

Big Bash 2

Until the arrival of the Second Big Bash, whose list of groups included:

  1. Cybele's Shamblers
  2. De-vivification Experts of Malton
  3. Eastonwood Ferals
  4. Extinction
  5. Feral Undead
  6. Infected Swarm
  7. Rowcliffe Must Fall
  8. Killer Zombie Tomatoes
  9. Lebende Tote
  10. LUE
  11. The Minions of the Apocalypse
  12. The Ridleybank Resistance Front
  13. Thulsa Doom's Temple of Set
  14. Undeadites
  15. Williamsville Horde of Organized Zombies
  16. The Alliance

In other words, virtually every zombie group, or at least the large ones. This consisted of at least 300, probably at least 400 zombies, siegeing virtually equal numbers of survivors- however, there were only 105 survivors in the gatehouse, and most others were concentrated in the armory and infirmiry.

Farmer Building

Unlike most other famous sieges, the nearest NT building- merely 2 AP away- did not fall before the Fort did. The conclusions to be reached from this are quite possibly the most damning of survivors: Survivors who were at Creedy did not coordinate, did not even use their AP intelligently. They could and should have revived survivors who died, this problem was compounded by those who were confused as to what was an RP, and what wasn't, and how to get a revive.


Main Factors in the Fort's Fall:

  1. The Silent Night Slaughter
  2. The Second Big Bash
    These two should be obvious; the two biggest anti-survivor elements in the whole game collaborated to bring down the fort, and deserve the credit for such. This was coordination on a scale very rarely seen in UD, but is becoming more common- the PKA is now seen coordinating with zombie groups, or at least going where they are or are about to go, to amplify the effects of their mass-PK'ing. It remains to be seen if survivors can devise a countermeasure for this strategy.
  3. Poor Survivor Revival Efforts
    Admittedly, some of the "trenchcoater" reputation of Creedy was justified.
  4. Poor Tactics by Survivors.
    Revives were either not happening fast enough, or too many were fleeing the fort. Survivors could not decide to use River or Dam Tactics; if the survivors had made a choice, the victory would've either rung hollow for the BB2 and PKA, or it could've been reversed into a loss for them. Survivors also failed to coordinate in the metagame in any serious way; they had a general strategy, but did not have the coordination to reverse the advance of the zombie forces, despite the fact that they had numbers. Further, the gatehouse was not defended as well as it could have been . At the time of the gatehouse's fall, the armory still had nearly 200 survivors in it who could have been defending the gatehouse.
  5. Overcading the Armory
    Once the gatehouse fell, the armory was kept above HB the whole time. This severely complicated efforts of survivors attempting to return to the fort, especially from the Farmer building. This was the final nail in the coffin, however, without any of the above elements, this would not have been a problem; and the fort would probably have fallen anyway if the armory was not overcaded.

However, given all this, one should not minimize the valor of the survivor groups or individual survivors; they had good intentions, they stood as valiantly as was possible, but their methodology and tactics failed to evolve to match this threat.


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