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Just because it's not nice doesn't mean it's not miraculous.


The hunt continues! Kill Deus257 and add your achievements to The List

Kill Deus257 is a group of rather unpredictable, ruinous handsome PKers/Zombies/Survivors/Missionaries/people disliking UD who usually have forgotten what they were doing and why they even started griefing their victims in the first place.

~ The Terry Pratchett Quote of the Week ~

"Give a man a fire and he's warm for a day, but set fire to him and he's warm for the rest of his life."

2 September 2008
The fabulous Deushunters are participating in The 2008 Inaugural Player Killer Olympiad. Which doesn´t mean we´r going to achieve anything, all true to our motto She is anything but pretty.
13 June 2008
After a quick tea break over the last couple of hundred days the Hunt is ooooon (again) ! Various Deushunters (2) have scored points for the eternal Kill List.
9 January 2008
After touring Malton independently for the last couple of months, three deushunters decided to have a little get-together with our old friends in West Grayside.
10 December 2007
Blimey....what happened that the once feared, brave Deushunters turned into prattling journalists. Now everybody loves us. Shame on you boys...
3 November 2007
We had a jolly good time enjoying a delicious Schlachplatte in North Blythville by, once again, paying Deus257 and his Renegades a visit.

Heading kill deus257.JPG

Vivian Cinema

Kill Deus257 has a new project. We will protect the citizens of Malton from the atrocious epitome of film director Uwe Boll who´s movies are regularly shown in Vivian Cinema.

Kill Deus257 Radioshow

The latest news. The hottest music. The exclusive "interviews" you've been waiting for. Kill Deus257 members show their broadcasted on-air kills here.

Alphabet Game

Several Deusinators have been playing this splendid game quite excessivly and have now finally made it to the top.......splendid

Historical Schlachtplatten


  1. wasted wallaby now well groomed wallaby
  2. SiIlyLilIyPiIly (retired)
  3. FleischFresser
  4. Dr Rockso
  5. SillyLillyPiIly
  6. RudolfS

Borat.jpg No Policy Policy
This User or Group is unpredictable, supports the No Policy Policy & finds that PKing is more fun when everybody suffers.


This page design, the name and the whole idea of this group is a complete ripoff from geniusly creative PudgeisImbas Kill BlackReaper