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Barricade Interference was introduced with the January 23, 2008 game update. Since the update, the presence of 2 or more zombies inside a building impedes survivors efforts to rebuild barricades. Interference is an entirely passive ability; a zombie does not need to take any action or expend any Action Points (AP) to cause the effect. They need only be standing inside.

If a survivor successfully adds to the barricade while Interference is in effect, the game displays the following message:

Dragging [an object] past the zombies, you reinforce the barricade

If a survivor fails to add to the barricades because of interference, the following message is displayed:

You drag [an object] towards the doors, but the zombies lurch into your way

It is unknown if a greater number of zombies inside a building increase the interference effect. Initial data seems to indicate this is not the case, and like with dark buildings, barricade build rates are approximately halved. Further controlled tests to more precisely study the effect are needed. Any statistical data from regular play should be compiled here


Barricade Interference was introduced during the Second Big Bash's siege of Giddings Mall. Some players have argued that the update tipped the scales of the siege in the zombies' favor. In any event, 'cade blocking has led to a rethinking of survivor tactics. A breach by only a handful of zombies can now be very difficult to repel, as more zombies, often attracted to the initial break-in by feeding groans, pour into the open building.