Sword of Damocles

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Sword of Damocles
Abbreviation SoD
Group Numbers Undisclosed
Leadership Philosophes
Purpose To find and punish those guilty of Hindrance
Recruitment Policy Closed
Contact Forum


Your journey through the Philosophe Knights pages have brought you here. It is dark, the floor creaks under your feet. Uneasy, you use your now blinded eyes to search the darkness for any light. A way out. Scuffling is heard to your left. Your previous encounter with the voices has left you uneasy and disturbed. You cannot seem to shake the fact that you felt them inside your head, not part of your own conscience.

You: Not again...
GS: But the fun is just beginning!
You: Who are you?

The futility of this question dawns on you, the voice appears to ignore your question.

GS: You have found the hidden room. Our Attic. The place we punish those who Hinder.
You: I don't understand. Who are you?

New voices are heard. One is female and merciless. The other is quiet, yet poisonous. The darkness around you feels suffocating.

LE: We follow the guilty as closely as golden hands the minutes on a clock.
GS: Our purpose is much like those before us.
SY: Only that most heinous crime brings our inevitable wrath upon you.
WR: And we remain ever vigilant. We are but the keepers of the golden watches.

The voices fade.

The Philosophe Knights
The Order of the Philosophe Knights

Policies supported by the Philosophe Knights

Kill List
A list of all kills made in the name of knowledge.

The Liste
A List of those who walk the blind path of Ignorance

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