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Zombie Lecture Series Intro

Starting November 2006, the Quartly Study Group is hosting Malton's first ever Zombie Lecture Series. Numerous speakers have been invited to recover temporarily from their lack of pulse and hunger for human flesh, in order to deliver talks on topics from the zombie perspective.



There have been recent accusations that our guests are Zombie spies being protected by the QSG so that they can attack the suburb. We cannot emphasize strongly enough that this is NOT TRUE. Our guests are here to speak and discuss, not to grab or harm. In fact, they have been helping to defend the library against their own zethren, and have proven themselves to be trustworthy friends. As long as they are our guests, they need not be feared.

The NO KILL rule: The Quartly Study Group respectfully requests that the library be honoured as a NO KILL zone. This includes survivors, revived zombies, actual zombies, animals/zombie animals, mythical creatures/zombie mythical creatures, and anything else alive or undead. These people are our guests, here to further the exchange of knowledge and understanding. Also, we don't want to get blood on the books.

Important notice to speakers!

If you would be so kind as to let us know the topic of your lecture, and approximately when you plan to deliver it, we would love to advertise beforehand.


Anyone wishing to come hear the talks is welcome, regardless of their current breathing/non-breathing status! Guest speakers and audience members in need of revivification are asked to please wait at Turpin Crescent. Those in need of a little extra help in order to live again are requested to follow our B.R.A.I.L. protocol.

It must be emphasized that these speakers are not spies, but rather our honoured guests. Please, no killing of revived zombies in the library!

In the words of the Head Librarian: "I do not believe that any reasonably well-read individual would disagree regarding the horrific ethics involved in the killing of another human being. Self-defense is the only generally-defensible case, and while it may be argued that the idea of killing 'zombie spies' falls under a doctrine of self-defense, this particular line of reasoning can be demonstrated to be wholly fallacious."

Guest List

  • Viruse, Lebende Tote, to speak on Zombie Youth and Gaining Experience in Undeath
  • MoreThanDork, JPS


Tea (w/ milk and honey)

Chocolate milk

Nilla biscuits

Orange drink

Sponge cake

Doughnut holes

Rose-hip tea

Help yourself! Contributions are also welcome.


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