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With the new update, I am given a unique opportunity. I am the first person to get OVER 9000 experience twice with the same character. The new skills brought my exp down to 8990... So I nommed a harman.

First time, months ago.

Second time, just now.

Suck it.


Alright, a little about me:

I've been playing Urbandead since late 06'.

I've been on the wiki since early 08.

With that, I had one epic fail promotion attempt, which was denied.

I founded five groups, but only one of them has really taken off. The TRUE Umbrella is unstoppable.

I started out as a troublesome user often found in a dispute with the Umbrella Corporation. /me glares at Thad. However, now that I retired as leader of my clan broke my hip, I honestly don't care about anything he wants to argue about. I just want to help out now.

Besides; this wiki isn't going to get taken over by itself, now is it? :P

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