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For the protection and safety of Tapton.

[[Red Resistance]] Red Resistance Soldiers Archives HQ Areas
Red Resistance
Abbreviation: none
Group Numbers: open
Leadership: The group is led by two GOTRR (General of the Red Resistance)
Goals: Liberation of all suburbs
Recruitment Policy: Any human
Contact: In-game, discussion tab, or the forum

Red Resistance


The Red Resistance is based in multiple suburbs around Malton. We act as a security force in those suburbs, responding mainly to PK and zombie alerts. So far, that's all we have so far, we will continue our history as we progress through post-apocalyptic Malton.


General of the Red Resistance - Rogue Medic

Second-in-Command General of the Resistance - Daveko

The Peacewalker

Prototype Assassin

Zealot the Killer




I am proud to say that the Red Resistance have finally made our first Stronghold in Tapton. Our main stronghold, Reach, is comprised of The Haag Plaza Police Department, the Morrhall Drive Fire Station, the Douglass Park, the Byfield Museum, the St. Luke's Hospital, the Kentisber Plaza, the Whittaker Boulevard Fire Station, and the Wagner Building. Since it's our first HQ, we still need to establish ground and tactical control in area. As our group numbers begin to expand, we will create more HQs for our battalions.

Current Strongholds

Below is a list of current Red Resistance Strongholds:

1. Reach

2. Rayne

3. Dawn


The list below are current ways to contact us:

  • Discussion Tab
  • In-game contact (most notably in or around Reach)

Radio Frequencies

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 27.66 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: can't be told

Allies and Enemies



Wulves/Second Company



Militant Order of Barhah

Ridleybank Resistance Front



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