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Squadron 1111
Abbreviation: 1111
Group Numbers: 44 active members at an average level of 33 and a group rating 1489
Leadership: Presumed to be tassajaramonk
Goals: Aligned with survivor cause
Recruitment Policy: No metagame recruiting; add name to group tag
Contact: Unknown

Who is Squadron1111?

Squadron1111 is a group who participated in the "Fort 404 era" defense of Fort Perryn against Naked Twister Party '09 and The Feral Undead. Current activities by the group mainly revolve around defending their headquarters at Tarasius General Hospital (Lerwill Heights). There is also a subgroup called the Squadron 1111 Expeditionary Force, which acts as the mobile arm of the Squadron, doing their will all over Malton. Recent activities by the Squadron 1111 Expeditionary Force (Often abbreviated as X1111) include the reclaiming of both Forts. 1111tn.jpg

RULES Of Squadron1111:

We are pro-survivor, healing and reviving is our priority.

We abide by the rules of Urban Dead: Never have any of your alts any closer than one suburb, and keep them far apart. Do not aid one character with another. Please be very familiar with these rules: [1]. Anyone participating in "zerging" will be publicly kicked out of Squadron1111!

We do not kill generators or other players, unless in self-defense.

We talk in game and try to be friendly to everyone. Let's not be a bunch of hardcore killers counting ammo, but rather an open, interesting and talkative community.

All members MUST have a radio tuned to 27.77 so we can all keep in touch. This is particularly important for the Expeditionary Force as they move frequently.

In general, be cool, don't take anything too seriously and treat others as you'd like to be treated.

Finally, we do not keep secrets, everything we do is out in the open. Our open policy allows everyone to participate, including our enemies. 1111 is not hard to find!

Maradon has created forums for the squadron at http://squad1111.forumotion.com/. Post there for suggestions - or delete this note if its too much!

All Known Members(including non-active ones)

tassajaramonk - founder of the squad and religious fanatic. He preaches Dharma to the zombie hordes...

Capt Rick Grimes - squad leader and battle commander. Tactical genius, breaking seiges is his specialty.

Franklin Dobbs - front-line field medic. Even shell shocked he can amputate or re-attach as needed.

James Eastgate - commando behind enemy lines, shoots without warning.

vatgrownmeat - government experiment gone wrong, now fighting to save Mankind.

Officer Kiddle - from Grime's original department, now on the edge of a shooting spree.

mierdaface - constantly drunk, impeccable aim under pressure. share your bottle, you have an ally for life.

Dr Coriell - brilliant PhD in a race against time to find the zombie vaccine. His samples at Tarasius need refrigeration.

xuanwu - Dr. Coriell's post-doc, he runs Tarasius Hospital, the squad's field hospital and zombie research centre.

Dr Mefford - high ranking Zombie researcher, carries a .45 in his doctor bag.

Jackson Deal - security chief for Tarasius General, ready to help, with both barrels.

Jason Henry - kamikaze in battle, but prefers holding court with his admiring ladies at the Butson Arms, drink in hand.

shamblepus - former zombie and worse for wear, he is lead scout for the Squadron1111 Expeditionary Force when in the field. After one infection too many, he stripped off his squadron badge disappeared into the rubble, drooling and haggard...

harvey hardcore - specializes in cussing, swearing, and belching while kicking in doors and spraying the crowd with 9mm ammo and spittle, he brings new meaning to aim and spray.

Jasmine Decker - she joined the squad's first 1111 Expeditionary Force in Pegton during the battle for the Rowecliffe Bldg, and has returned to North Blytheville for training. After an inter-squad love affair, she has chosen to depart the squad, but still stops by during times of need.

Penelope Springer - lovely nurse, medic in training at Tarasius General. Her training complete, and her heart broken by a fellow squad member, she headed out, and is now a prominent physician at a new hospital.

officeromally - from Grime's original department but missing in action, presumed dead...? Reappears when least expected.

Fire Rag - if multiple gunshots don't do the job, maybe a fire axe will.

BullMeister - good shot, provided security at Tarasius General. Last seen climbing over quarantine fence, presumed either dead or escaped Malton... He made it out but came back to help those in need...

Killer X747 - new recruit, assigned to security at Tarasius General. Hard to kill, never stops fighting.

Mister Bippers - went underground, presumed dead. Note- he's back Bippin' and kickin' ass!

Belle Snow - the newest Squad member, she saves lives at Tarasius Hospital. Veteran of second 1111 Expeditionary Force to save Fort Perryn.

densoi - loyal defender of Tarasius, was last seen kicking and screaming as he was dragged out during the most recent ruination... now back and armed to the teeth.

hophead turkeyneck - crawling out from a scorched and collapsed building, covered with zombies guts, he continues to sharpen his axe, deep in rumination.

PVT dirty - The Army considers him AWOL, but this soldier thinks it's the other way around... Shoots ammo as fast as he can find it.

txeyen - mysterious stranger who shows up in the nick of time... silent but deadly...

adee 1988 - he seems to be everywhere, but nowhere. More to him than meets the eye... ADEE IS NOW REMOVED FROM 1111 UNTIL SUCH TIME AS HE GETS HIMSELF REMOVED FROM THE ZERG LIST! INSTRUCTIONS ARE HERE: [2]

gobuick - dark red shirt, you notice the fluevogs, then you notice the antique revolver pointed between your eyes...

Antiartillary - The Army was taking too long to finish the job, so he decided to take matters into his own hands...

Raymoncam - He battled the RRF face to face... and left axe marks on more than a few faces... Represents 1111 with honor...

cameron shelley - behind the 'cades or out in the streets, this scientist's inquisitive nature is only outstripped by his dedication to the survivor cause. He is a proud addition to 1111.

deadrats - once zombified, he found his way to Tarasius and now seeks to turn back the tide of undead.

mattyb5 - rotten undead scatter when his huge shadow crosses the doorway, fearing his merciless axe...

ShadowFalse Eh - Once he fought for the glory of 1111, but has chosen to go his own way now.

John Q Adams - long haired youngster, doesn't mind a good buzz while shots ring out in every direction. He has taken off the badge of 1111 and has chosen to walk this road alone....

Susannah Zane - red haired young lady, not afraid to jump over the 'cades and take it to the streets...

Chet Wilderness - former park ranger, now trying to tame the wilderness that is Malton.

Lerime - might look bored but he's watching your every move...

colt commando - ex-soldier with two areas of expertise: foreign language and zombie extermination at point blank range.

Seth Ehre Myrrh - He steps out from clouds of billowing smoke, twin .45s aimed at anything moving...

Peter Glau - Keeps to himself after everything that happened, but when the call comes he backs the Squad with all he's got...

Doctorotcod - Med student interning at the 1111 Field Hospital, specializing in traumatic injuries, fixing them AND inflicting 'em.

Private Pubic - So what if they printed his tags wrong, the good Private stays busy scouting NW Lerwill Heights, bringing hope to survivors.

Venkmin - This dedicated healer is rocking out with an old school walkman as he heals and revives. Then you notice there's no batteries...

Mike D Stewart - A pacifist at heart, he only kills when he has to, which is pretty much every day...

xenocloud13 - When not reviving the undead, xeno is downloading torrents on his souped-up DNA extractor.

Morgana Flynn - medic in action, she applies first aid under fire no matter how heavy.

Travis Andress - straight out of boot camp, he may be young but he's ready to do whatever it takes... He has stripped off his 1111 badge and gone solo now, good luck Travis!

sohofalco8 - long time defender of Tarasius, he's seen it all come and go. Just rebuild, reload and return fire till they drop.

Doctor Redwall - He'd seen hell during his years in the Red Cross during wartime, but nothing prepared him for Malton....

Look Im a doctor - Another member of Tarasius's top notch medical staff, he risks life and limb to save the lives of others.

Williamsons - Battlescarred but still handsome, this scout keeps an eye on Lerwill Heights, proving that 1111 is Watching...

krollthewarriorking - A scared wimp on the outside, but with the heart of a blood-mad War God within.

brainseater7 - Who says only zombies eat brains? Don't knock it till you've tried it...

Sybertronic - Police Sergeant Sybertronic protects and serves the survivors of Malton, down the the last shotgun shell.

Samurye - A simple man with simple needs: unloading a rain of continuous gunfire at the undead hordes.

andrewpandarew2 - When they first bit his face he swore to exterminate all of the walking dead, one by one...

Annie Gunn - Lovely in her bloodied nurse uniform, she duct tapes another zombie to a gurney, hacksaw at the ready, this won't hurt a bit....

8492 squad medic - If you are in need the squad medic is there, with first aid or covering fire...

Lawrence Fialkow- Once he fought fires but now he fights something even more relentless and consuming.

Raving Lunatic - the things he's seen have scarred him deeply, but the things he's done are what pushed him past the edge...

Isis Smith - When she took the cross upon her neck, she swore to never hurt another being, living or dead... Now she heals the sick and comforts the wounded wherever they are to be found.

MrDentist - Former orthodontist, he now patches folks up as best he can under the circumstances...

Malachi Krieg - His brain was infected with rot, which drove him mad until his sister Sarai got him to a clinic. Now he helps mankind.

gabriel chicago - Ready and willing to kick zombie ass, taking names is merely optional...

Bucky Tesla - In the name of the Father, his pump action shotgun will eradicate this undead plague.

Jezzafell Jones - Knee deep in corpses, under fire from PKing whackjobs, Jezzafell continues to fight for the survivor cause, unto Fort Perryn and beyond...

Aodhan McBrainiac - Scientific analysis is his job, but finding new methods of zombie extermination is his passion.

SantaCruzTerry - Laid back central coast bro, flip flops, board shorts, sawed off shotgun, and flak jacket. It's all good.

Pertwee - Helpful young fellow chatting on his mobile. Then you realize that there hasn't been reception here in months...

Doctor 21 - Trauma surgeon, he does what it takes to keep the living alive and the dead dead.

Shotgunchief - A series of loud booms, and zombie parts scatter all over the walls- The Shotgunchief is in the building!

Firemen Blaze - Man with a job to do, lives to save, but no home to return to...

Nevek - Formerly a regular guy, now his beard has grown out and he has removed the safety from his shotgun.

Stan Banks - Eyes bulging, never blinking, he seems to be counting repeatedly under his breath...

Micheal Summers - He scans the room and your eyes meet... his thousand yard stare goes right through you.

Cally Bradford - Her bandmates were torn to shreds during their final show, in a small town called Malton. She's been wandering ever since...

Nearaven - He offers his hand in greeting, "¿como estas?", his other hand grips the handle of a sawed-off shotgun, recently fired.

72495 - Thirty years with the Fire Dept, then wouldn't you know it, the day before retirement everything hit the fan...

Rick Fury - "Rick Nervous" would be a better name for him; but if he's got your back, you don't need to be nervous.

Mike Shultz - After years spent wandering as a zombie, he staggered into Tarasius, alive but disoriented...

PenelopeGilley - Nurse and field medic, roving Lerwill Heights helping the wounded.

SK100 - He's a man on a mission from god--actually, from a particular god: Bacchus. He's got a camera, a bottle of wine, and a top hat, and he's not afraid to use them. He's the unofficial photographer of famous porn star, Page Turner.

botheefus - just your average cop on patrol, nothing much has changed for him except the perps are walking dead.

Los Baricados - Engineer hard at working keeping the barricades piled high, periodically refilling a leaky aquarium.

Daniel Muir - Hard working physician at Tarasius General, his workload has never been heavier...

Bran Rainey - Before the quarantine, he ran Club Rainey, but in recent times it's quickly become an effort in futility. Now he's dedicated his time to helping others and keeping Tarasius General running smoothly -- but he's always up for a few beers over a zombie's skull, when he has the downtime.

Page Turner - This blonde bombshell was the pinup on your bedroom wall, her naughty nurse outfit leaves little to the imagination...

Doctor Herbert Westt - His experiments with the living dead have been frowned upon by the establishment who fear his knowledge!

Raze Zyne - His shocking haircut and outfit make you think he's a street punk, yet his Necrotech ID badge shows him as a PhD level researcher.

Maradon - A menacing figure suddenly stands over you, a shaggy red beard covers his face, his blood soaked fire jacket shredded with claw marks.

Dr Mazur - A friendly general practitioner, his bedside manner is excellent...

Desmond Greeve - Formerly a 'nice' drunk, he has seen horrors that no amount of booze can ever erase.

Patty B Quik - Some say she's has the fastest pair of 9mm pistols in the west of Malton...

Gabriel Trenton - New lab assistant at Tarasius General, his work on the zombie vaccine has been brilliant so far.

Sgt Frank 64 - Veteran of countless campaigns, he brings strength and stability to this never ending war.

chancetarget - A young man with a dark goatee and sunglasses, he always has a smile on his face. His gaze seems a little...vacant.

daryoon614 - Assistant manager at McDonalds until the outbreak, he locked himself in the freezer for over a year. When the food ran out, he set off to try and escape this hell...

butch wormjuice - Dirty and in need of dental care, Butch keeps an eye out for hand sanitizer in the rubble, pity the zombie who gets in his way.

DeadMeat111 - When all around is death and destruction, there are those who will not surrender, dead or alive...

Entelbar - A senior citizen he seems helpless in this apocalypse, yet multiple holsters hold enough rounds to eviscerate a platoon.

jenna green - Green eyed and beautiful defender of Lerwill Heights, she is feared and respected by zombies and humans alike.

Nick O'Demus - Major Blue Jays fan, Nick never missed a game until the apocalypse, now he's super pissed...

Trestles - He roamed the streets as a living corpse, ravaging the bones of the rotten, until he returned to life in Lerwill Heights.

James Edberg - This young fellow was searching for something to fight for. Shooting it out with the Squad at Fort Perryn he found it...

Dragonfly77 - Former helicopter pilot, working on repairing a downed chopper so he can get the hell outta this mess.

nrealot - He never says much, but his mind is racing a mile a minute, calculating angles, vectors and velocities of projectiles.

jenjen88 - A legendary anti-zombie operative our of North Blythville, jenjen is a sight for sore eyes, shapely in all black on stiletto heels...

Cybe - Grad student out of Stanford, all he needed were a few samples for the lab, but the quarantine fence left him trapped in this hell.

Nethack - ┌─────┐ │d····│ │·····+ │·····│ │·····│ │·@···│ │·····│ └─────┘

ChooJeremy - Who is that guy over there? Where? Oh, he's gone...

Dray Parker - Physician, gentleman, and a dedicated hero of the survivor cause.

soldier3399 - Loyal to his friends, and lethal to his foes...

Gore Corper - GC has decided to return to PKing and has removed the badge of 1111. He will be missed!

yes i sniped u - The FBI trained him to kill from a distance, but in Malton he learned to cut furiously at close range...

Capt Katie Helm USAF - Shot down over Malton, she's become a leader in the resistance to the undead scourge.

TheFencer - Swordsman at arms, known for his sharp wit and even sharper epee...

6OZ6 - Wild red hair, a ripped up blue shirt and sandals. A street fighter like no other.

Clay Nomex - Tall, dark, handsome with a large, sharp axe.

Derek Frost Price - Sgt. Derek Price. Delta Force Operative assigned to Team Metal 0-4. Callsign Frost.....not even Delta could prepare him for this.

Saint599 - Corpsman Saint599. Delta Force Operative assigned Team Metal 0-3. Callsign Grizzly.

themoondog - Expert healer, keeps Tarasius Hospital safe and patients healed.

yurrd - Reformed zombie and mass murderer, yurrd is now a friend to mankind and defender of the weak.

Jorgamoundr - His knuckles and fingers are crusted with dry blood...

Wonberger - You think you can make something out from his whispers... something about a ship... but what is it made out of?

Yollers P Ballin - A rapper straight outta Roachtown. Representin Club Rookes with sick rhymes and slick beats.

Phillip Cottonsworth - Smoking remains of a firefight, shells scatter among body parts. Only one man remains alive. Cottonsworth, I presume?

Minato Raymond - Hollow eyes, lifeless stare. They destroyed him and now he breathes only for revenge...

Vulture Eye - a man who appreciates literature and music, he'd see it survive in this city of desperate lives and deeds.

K Perry - Another celebrity member of 1111, she kissed a girl, and she liked it. Wearing only a pair of tartan slippers and a nurses cap she makes quite the impression.

Lickerz - Young and impressionable, he's learned that life is much too short in Malton...

Kiloditer - Long time friend of 1111, Kilo is now on board for the long haul, until these undead are exterminated.

Blood Clown - Young good-looking long-haired tall man in blood-smeared clothes and with pain in his eyes.

Sister Sirloin - This nuns clothing is torn and bloodstained. Her blonde hair is contained in a bloodstained bun. She will find that her medical experience will prove useful during these hard times.

treeko411 - Lively when living, but much less so when dead. So revive the man for gods sakes!

Whispering Feathers - Cute Asian girl. Innocent and quiet... or is she?

Rutachigal - She took up the cause of justice and charity, fighting with 1111 on the X Squad.

Doctor Zomb - An NT Scientist always gazing around in curiosity. Especially at guns.You can't tell his eye color, due to those red tinted safety goggles...

taiwanrox8 - A shrewd asian nerd with neither confidence nor courage. Without his mother, his GPA, and his SAT prep classes, he is nothing.

Gouanaco - All-American young fellow with a blond crew cut. Came here to do the right thing, still learning how...

Kammall - Black gruff medium build.

kpowse - Never Surrender, No Remorse.

RubyRage - Tall, with a head full of long curly hair, all this killing is kinda fun, but inward I'm sad and pensive....

guavacheesy - A somewhat insane but well intending dwarf who somehow suddenly ended up in Malton when he was running from goblins in Middle Earth. And now he's stuck here.

BelleKnox - "Hi!!! Do u need a heal?????" says a sexy nurse in stilleto heels.

Katie Woodruff - Young brunette with a great smile and perfect hair. The mischievious look in her eye suggests she's up to something, or maybe she just refuses to let the situation get her down."

Nibs Nipper - Mysterious but stalwart, he fights on as the city crumbles around him.

Chasval - A young adult named Chasval. All the time he just seems to be neutral even though the setting is far from nice.As a member of squadron 1111 he tries to help as much as he can but often is useless.

Gary Chandling - America's favorite funnyman is back and this time he's not laughing.

Maxwellhammer - An ordinary looking fellow with a whole heap of pistols and fuel cans in his pockets. He doesn't know how they all fit in there and he's not sure he wants to find out.

Scottrunz - more dead than alive. Trying to find humanity, and a cheeseburger.

Chuck Negan - Commonly mistaken for his psychopathic twin, Chuck spends his days tending to Malton's sick and dead. He also has an unfortunate habit of whistling while swinging his baseball bat...

PresidentTrump - MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Currently bombing: Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya Will probably bomb: North Korea (with or without China's help) Any ideas who we should bomb next? Let me know!

Xander Knight - In 2005 a crack commando unit was sent to prison for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Malton underground. If you have a problem and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the S-Team.

SGT Cage Williams - Emerging from the ruins of Ackland Mall, Sarge Williams is determined to bring peace to Malton- at any cost.

Jack Daw's - The creations of the hand are confined by reality. The creations of the mind know no such limits.

SilSky - a sexy 25 year Ode 6ft 2in Police Women with long Rust colored hair in a ponytail That Go's to The small of her back and Silver Eyes with a Beautiful Face and double D Breast and skin so darktan that it's almost a Golden Brown and a big scar on the throat

Harleen Irons - A meek, twitchy figure, skulking in the shadows and hoping for the best. You can see wary eyes behind her mask.

Bill Burlton - the guy sweeping in the background

Mickey house - A stock broker and investments dealer.

Osairis - He has the power and glory of the God of the Dead.

anto2020 - Italiano, mucho pelo oscuro, ojos penetrantes.

Buzz'Lightyear - An action figure toy about 13 inches tall.

Stoneflower - Lost amidst the broken rubble, a small yellow flower blooms, alone.

Gaylord Robinson - A blue muppet man with a big nose and a short temper but also has great dance moves. Once an employee of Krinks Power Station, he joined Squadron1111 in Lerwill Heights to ensure no one meets similar fate as his child neighbor, Gumball.

Lorem Chicken - Uhh, still new to this.

Roserose - Medical personnel dispersed into Malton. She found herself alone amongst the crawling horror.

Groovinator - New recruit, but he's got a SICK playlist.

Doctor Jay Chay - Dressed in a clean white doctor coat, this survivor is ready to get bloody.

orgakon - Anonymous, a shadowy figure in the distance. Never seen in the same place twice.

Paige Brooks - Brooksie is a picture of urban grunge with tousled ash-blond hair and stormy gray eyes. Her fair skin contrasts with the dark makeup and punk attire and her presence exudes a rebellious, carefree vibe.

DrunkenUnicyclistsf Born from fire, this fireman's got more than an axe to grind.

tonberryknife - Looks like this zombie would rather be alive!

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Art Wardens of Matthias General Hospital


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