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The biggest abuse of Vandal Banning and Arbitration since Wikigate.
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The General really, really likes cheese.
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The General is currently thinking that that mixture was probably more Southern Comfort than lemonade...
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This User does not use templates. Ever.
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Fire.jpg The Final Sign of the Apocalypse!
One of Mr Aushvitz's suggestions was implemented!
Steve.jpg R.I.P.
Steve Irwin

22 February 1962 – 4 September 2006

Hi, i've been around here for a while (around December 2005) so you'll probably see me around, particularly on the suggestions page. I'm happy to answer any questions concerning the wiki or the game, and to help develop any suggestions you may have, you can either post them on my talk page or use one of the other messages listed in the sidebar.

I am also a sysop, so if you need any help with vandals or want advice on guidlines then you are welcome to contact me.

I am also seriously worried about this:
Thanks to grim for the pic

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