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Soon after his forced demotion from the moderation team Jedaz started to think how to get back at them. And what better way then to expose the truth? The hidden forums, the reason for perma-banning various users, even the late night runs for chocolate.

UD Mod Conspiracy
Abbreviation: UD-MC
Group Numbers: undisclosed
Leadership: Rebellion Leader Jedaz
Goals: To expose the darkest secrets of the wikis mods.
Recruitment Policy: If you aren't a mod in the conspiracy then join!
Contact: We'll get in contact with you! Or you can contact us on our talk page.


9th October, 2008

Zombie Psyop In Coup Attempt Shocker!

Zombie Grim

Dictator Perpetuo Grim today lived up to his title by rising from his grave in the dead of night and barricading himself alone in the Psyop Senate!

As the Psyop hierarchy and the plebs of Rome slept fitfully in their beds, unaware of the bloody corpse's political shuffling, he stood alone on the deserted floor of the senate and addressed the empty benches, groaning in a low, guttural voice of sweeping reforms that would lead to a new era of peace and prosperity (on pain of death)!

The gods could not stand for this aberration to exist and Jupiter himself smote the Zombie Grim with lightning from the heavens!

Now over to Andy with the weather...

8th October, 2008

Et tu, Nubis?

Grim being stabbed

Breaking news with carnage on the floor of the Psyop Senate!

Dictator Perpetuo Grim, unpopular with the plebs after enacting new draconian laws, has been brutally stabbed by a group of psyops that includes long-time critic Conndraka Cassius Longinus, and one-time friend and confidante Nubis Junius Brutus.

Many high-ranking psyops reportedly did not take part in the bloodbath, including the apparently neutral Boxy Tullius Cicero and the conspicuously absent Marcus Karekius.

A crowd of plebs has, in this hour, gathered on the steps of the senate in celebration of the tyrant's (rumoured) death.

April-September, 2008

A Time of Peace & Prosperity!

Our beloved leader

After months of turmoil and hardship for wikizens everywhere, the masses rose up and overthrew the corrupt Psyop regime!

The cowardly Psyops had grown fat and lazy on corruption that had bled the people dry, and so it was that when the Goon Squads came from the south and spoke of homogenization leading to future prosperity for all, riots and demonstrations broke out across the land.

Commissar Grim, beloved of the proletariat army, had long campaigned to rid the government hierarchy of the bloated politicos inhabiting the Psyop Citadel, and joined forces with the Goon demagogues to foment open rebellion, whilst bravely leaving himself open to the harsh judgments of the unwashed masses.

And so it was, with the army and the citizenry behind him, and the Psyop hierarchy in disarray, Commissar Grim swept to absolute power in a popular election.

After the unfortunate, but necessary, culls and arrests of dissidents and wrong-thinkers that followed, the new Republic entered into a time of unbridled peace and prosperity, where the complications of the past were forgotten under the strong governing fist of our beloved leader!

25th March, 2008

Popcorn Week

*hronch* - this popcorn is amazing - *hronch*

30th January, 2008


Fears grow amongst the cowering populace as in-fighting rages through the Psyop Hierarchy!

It's been a difficult few months for hard-liner, Commissar Grim:

As if that weren't enough, one Psyop, once beloved of the Commissar, has moved to openly challenge his authoritah by flouting the foundations of the Sacred Psyop Laws. It was no surprise that Commissar Grim moved immediately to excommunicate the out-of-control rogue-op, People's Commissar Hagnat-5 [cloned].

But what Sacred Psyop Law was broken? What crime so heinous that it would result in excommunication of a once-trusted Psyop friend? Gird your loins, for this litany of hate will be difficult to read, and this reporter worries that your soul may not be fully prepared:

People's Commissar Hagnat-5 [cloned] did, with malice aforethought, submit form X-347 without first signing form T-786 and having it countersigned by a Commissar of equal rank, according to statute P-892.

Take a moment to compose yourself before moving on, dear reader.

People's Commissar Hagnat-5 [cloned] did not even accept that he'd done anything untoward, simply suggesting to the rest of the heirarchy that they "chill out" (which is possibly a Siberian curse of some kind), before he used his media contacts to persuade Magnate Gnomus to open up a broad debate on loosening the ties of red tape in order to make everyone's lives easier.

When this reporter confronted Commissar Grim and asked for a reaction to the debate, his reply was unequivocable: "Hagnat ... is ... a friend ... that I've been forced to ... fuck ... You are not worth consulting. It wastes time...tyranny...tyranny"!

Off the record, on the Q.T. and strictly hush-hush!

17th January, 2008

Invasion of the Word Snatchers

Commissar Grim

After the recent return of Nali Scallywag from a longer than planned foreign holiday, rumours have been spreading that he's not quite himself, and may, in fact, have been taken over by an alien entity. Some have suggested that he's part of the first wave of pod people from a homogeneous alien swarm on the brink of taking over our planet by infiltrating our minds.

For mental succour and stability, the unwashed masses turned to the beloved psyop rulers of the wiki and bade them comfort them and explain away such vile rumour with pristine, clinical science and sterile facts. Commissar Grim came out onto the marble balcony of the Psyop HQ, as pictured, drool forming on his chin, and proclaimed in stuttering shouts:

"He stole mah wurds! Straight outta mah living brain! He must be cast out lest we all have our wurds stolen frum outta our living brains!"
Nali Scallywag

Two things struck this reporter as decidedly odd, dear reader. Firstly, Commissar Grim was wearing a tin foil hat. Secondly, he was speaking in a Texas accent when actually he's from coldest, darkest Siberia, as we all know. Rumours immediately started spreading that the psyop hierarchy had been infiltrated by pod people, possibly from Texas.

With all this human emotion clouding the issue, I decided to speak to my purely logical source on the streets, Robobob, the fighting android, and see what his scanners had to say. Just my luck, he'd recently installed an emotion chip, and I finally tracked him down to find that he was dragging Nali Scallywag out of a downtown liquor joint by the hair, screaming in binary (it's not pretty) that Nali's correct pronunciation of "tomato" two minutes after he'd said "tomato" was illogical and proved without a doubt that he was in fact a pod person from Alpha Centauri.

Off the record, on the Q.T. and strictly hush-hush!

15th November, 2007

Grim's Law

In a public speech today, Commissar Grim attempted to allay fears of a Psyop crackdown by outlining his new, moderate stance on petty criminals: "You have burnt all my remaining mercy. None shall be shown in future".

This followed tense scenes in the Public Debating Chamber, as popular freedom fighter Nali Scallywag tried to rescue a newcomer by disrupting a public beating. Only the timely and calming influence of Commissar Grim's faithful and beloved hunting dog, Boxer, stopped the horrendous beating.

The incident sparked a series of civil disturbances:

As night draws in around us, all is quiet - but for how long, dear readers? For how long?

Off the record, on the Q.T. and strictly hush-hush!

1st November, 2007

Demagogue Incites Uprising, Psyops Seek Emergency Powers

Brother Akule

With the demagogue monk, Brother Akule, inciting a popular uprising against the corrupt and untouchable Psyop community, Commissar Grim has moved to adopt special emergency powers.

Brother Akule is trying to push through a proletariat-led purge of the Psyop hierarchy which, if implemented, would see the immediate execution of ten semi-retired Psyops, and the trial-by-mob of the three longest standing, with further trials to follow at regular intervals.

Commissar Grim

In response, Commissar Grim has put forward a proposal to the Psyop Senate, to rescind the democratic powers of the proletariat with immediate effect, and form an elite ruling party, under the banner of democratic consensus, which would provide our Psyop overlords with the power of veto over direct democratic reforms.

Whilst both parties have so far been restrained in their use of underhand tactics, it has come to this reporter's attention that Brother Akule is being supported by head of the Merry Prankster's Assassin Guild, Grand Poobah Anime.

Meanwhile, the one-time head of the Psyop Special Circumstances branch, Lord Nubis (long thought dead), has resurfaced, armed to the teeth with off-world nano-death-tech, and rumoured to be newly employed as the personal bodyguard of Commissar Grim.

Off the record, on the Q.T. and strictly hush-hush!

15th October, 2007

Psyops in almost total control

It has come to this reporter's attention that 75% of all Wiki users are now Psyops! That's right, people - they're taking over by replicating, and soon there'll be no innocent wikizens left on Planet UDwiki. Many Bothan spies died to bring you this information.

3rd July, 2007

Oh noes, Hagnat does unfair actions

...we ask why? It was so peaceful.

Seloth said:
I do not wish for this case to be handled by Hagnat as I do not trust his judgment and he does unfair actions.

Another complaint by a wikitizen by the over his unfair treatment, or more specifically the special treatment for certain users. Why you may ask? Well it all started out having a quite drink in the land of Barhah when all of a sudden the Mob burst in "requesting" that the MOB document was altered so that it advertised both of their groups. This lead to much altering of the sacred document.

At this time Hagnat had became aware of this issue, mainly because the arguing woke him up. It was reported that he was "Mildly sleepy" and "bored" by the whole situation. However in order not to look like he was biased, and to keep his friend happy, he got LibrarianBrent to do the dirty work. Thankfully a long-term undercover agent came to the rescue and changed the 48 hour ban into a warning.

Hagnat was unavailable to be interviewed. We could only find an Anonymous Coward on his talk page. Has he left for more corruptible grounds, ones that don't have an active team of Investigators? Only time will tell.

News box

Thanks to Hagnat the Mod Conspiracy has a News Box. When adding new stories here don't forget to update it to keep the public informed.

23th May, 2007

Gage leaves, psyops keep low profile

...and something's gotta give!

On May 9th (a day which will live in our hearts forever) Gage, the one, the only, asked to be demoted. Now he is amongst us mortals, and it was only with his demotion that he finally apologized to the people he traumatized on a regular basis. This only goes to show how power corrupts, for it took a demotion to make Gage realize his bitter, bitter ways.

A hand mirror fit for a mod?

Moving along, the ever mysterious Cyberbob240 put in a demotion two days later, then decided his agenda could be better served with the powers, authority, and majesty of the psyop position.

Also, in a move considered by many informed wiki users as reverse psychology, three psyops put in re-promotions on the promotions page. Besides trying to subtly manipulate us, this could also be seen as a vanity move, though reports of Vista, Cyberbob240, and The General purchasing new hand mirrors remain unconfirmed.

Finally, after this flurry of activity, the psyops have been unusually quiet. The phrase 'eye of the storm' comes to mind at times like these.

15th April, 2007

The dust settles

...and buries any signs of the sysops

The sysops have ceased any notable activity, in fact the Mudkips are now controlling the wiki and changing Urban Dead's logo. This has startled users as there was a slow response from sysops to this threat taking up to 30 minutes to ban the source of the issue.

We do however have an update on a previous story from the 13th Feb, 2007. A relatively unknown user has taken Gage to Arbitration for his "naked lady". Gage responded with "It isn't really a picture of a naked woman, it is a collection of textual symbols and letters that appears to be a naked woman". Other sysops backed him up with comments like "I need gage to give me the phone number, name and more pics of the model used in the ascii image", and "Grow up, if someone is looking for porn they would not look here, and if someone look at gage's image they will only find it funny and perhaps copy-pasting it in their myspace or something".

As there is obviously an underground trend towards this kind of thing the Mod Conspiracy has decided to please it's viewers with our own picture. Of course it is only a collection of textual symbols and letters that appears to be a naked woman, just the same as any other thing that's viewed on the Internet is just a collection of different coloured squares that appear to be something that they are not.

When will the madness end and decency begin? Only time will tell.


Don't worry, the articles have not been covered up by a crazed psyop. They've been relocated to another easy to access page.



Q. Are you serious?
A. Yes, making a joke is serious business.
Q. So you are saying that everything/most things here are not real?
A. No, infact quite alot of this is taken from the real wiki drama that is happening every day.
Q. How can I join up?
A. Quite simply, sign your name up to the investigator list and you can start writing news articles to help inform the public. Any articles that don't conform to an appropiate standard will be re-written (and probably re-written again).
Q. I don't want to contribute articles, but can I still help?
A. Sure, put our template, {{Mod}}, on your page and show those Mod-Conspirators you're onto them!