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Suggestions System Closed
UDWiki's Suggestions section has been closed indefinitely, as per this policy vote. This page remains here as a historical archive.

Please direct any general suggestion discussion to Developing Suggestions.

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From the Urban Dead FAQ:

Q. Can I send you some ideas?
A. All players are welcome to suggest alterations and additions that they think would improve the game - we can't guarantee that they'll be implemented, but anything submitted to the Suggestions page of the Urban Dead Wiki will certainly be passed on and read, if it passes peer review. --Kevan

This page is for suggestions for new content to add to Urban Dead in the future. You are free to make whatever Suggestions you desire, but you must follow the Suggestions Guidelines when you Suggest them.

Once suggestions reach the end of their voting period they are moved to one of the following peer reviewed pages:

  • Peer Reviewed Suggestions - For suggestions with a total of 2/3 or more Keep votes after 2 weeks of voting.
  • Undecided Suggestions - For suggestions with less than 2/3, but greater than or equal to 50% of Keep votes after 2 weeks of voting.
  • Peer Rejected Suggestions - For all other suggestions after 2 weeks of voting, or those that comply to the 2/3 Spam votes rule.
  • Humorous Suggestions - For amusing suggestions that would normally get thrown into Peer Rejected, but are fun to read.
  • Previous Days Suggestions - For a history of suggestions - check here first before submitting.

The Suggestion System

Advice before Making a Suggestion

  1. Read the Suggestions Dos and Do Nots page and the Frequently Suggested Ideas page for guidelines.
  2. Consider taking it to the Developing Suggestions page first. You will get a feel for how the community views such suggestions and often get some idea for fine tuning your suggestion. This step is recommended.
  3. Look for your suggestion in the following pages to avoid a duplicate suggestion (Use the Ctrl + F function to search for keywords):
    1. Previous Days' Suggestions
    2. Peer Reviewed Suggestions
    3. Peer Rejected Suggestions
    4. Undecided Suggestions
  4. Repeats of Suggestions under consideration or already considered may be deleted without warning by any user unless there are substantial differences.
  5. New and sensitive users should be aware that voters will not always treat their ideas kindly. It may be helpful to wait a few days to get a feel for the place and the other users before subjecting your idea to any possible criticism. If you're unsure, the Discussion page is good neutral territory to suggest, gather feedback, and refine your idea before officially submitting it.
  6. Before submitting your suggestion, read what kind of suggestions are approved, and which rejected.
    1. If your suggestion is a basic functionality improvement, it will probably be accepted.
    2. If it makes characters, especially survivors, significantly more powerful, it will almost certainly be rejected.
  7. Again, read the existing suggestions before you post.
  8. Reading the Talk page is also highly recommended.
  9. Each author should not make more than one suggestion per day (i.e. in a 24 hour period beginning at 00:01 GMT). This limit does not include suggestions which the author has removed for the purpose of revision. Suggestions may be revised once per day at most. Suggestions must be removed prior to revisions being posted. Frequent removal of suggestions to avoid having them spaminated is considered abuse of the system. Removal of suggestions in order to post non-revision suggestions the same day is also considered abuse of the system.
  10. Suggestions created entirely for the purpose of satire, insult, or comedy are to be re-categorised into the humourous suggestions category. If you post a joke suggestion please put it on the Humorous category yourself.

Peer Reviewed Suggestions

Peer Reviewed Suggestions are not guaranteed to be implemented into the game. Suggestions that are Peer Reviewed are simply suggestions considered good and worthy by the wiki population, and being moved to that page places no onus on Kevan to implement them.

Cycling Suggestions

Please help to cycle suggestions into their appropriate categories.

Making a Suggestion

If this is your first time making a suggestion, consider taking it to the Developing Suggestions page before starting in on the voting process as described below. The friendly people there can help you avoid formating errors and will let you know if the suggestion stands a decent chance of passing a vote, has glaring problems, or (good or bad) has been made and voted on already in the past. You may also find it useful to have a look at this Sample Suggestion to let you see what you need to put into your suggestion when you make it.

To make a new suggestion:

  • Copy the following code, click here, and paste it so that it's just above the last line of code:
    {{Subst:NewSug|SUGGESTION NAME}}
  • Change SUGGESTION NAME to the name of your suggestion.
  • Make it descriptive and different from other suggestions listed, and DO NOT include your name, signature, date, slashes (e.g. /), or quotation marks.
  • Save the page. This adds your suggestion to the list below so voters can see it. You're not done yet.
  • Click the link to your suggestion page that we just created. The link should be colored red at the moment.
  • Copy the following code, paste it into your suggestion page, and preview the changes. Follow the instructions it gives you:
  • Preview your suggestion before saving it. Once you save it, you basically cannot alter it. Check the policies for specifics.


READ THE Suggestions Dos and Do Nots and Frequently Suggested Ideas Page BEFORE YOU POST A NEW SUGGESTION.

Add new suggestions to the bottom of this list - duplicate suggestions WILL be removed.


Current Suggestions

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