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“If that zombie leaves the mall and you're not with him, you'll regret it. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life.”

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I won the game

None of you have realised this yet, but I won the game. Totally. Thanks.


NB: Just because my characters are all described as survivors, that doesn't mean that I'm pro-survivor, or anti-zombie, or vice versa (either). My characters all started out as survivors, but I play a dual nature role-playing game in Urban Dead. If my character is alive, then they do everything they can to stay alive, but if they're a zombie, then they have only one concern - to feast on brains! If someone happens to revive them, then it's back to staying alive.

Funt Solo


  • Group: Funt Detective Agency
  • Class: Military (private)
  • "Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she lurches into mine."
  • (Credit: image from Mike Spanner.)
  • History: Has spent most of his time running a Detective Agency from his small office in south-west Malton. With most other survivors spending every waking moment defending themselves from hordes of ravenous zombies, business has been light. Well, non-existant. In the summer, he refereed a Killing Game death match in north-west Malton, from the independant Peet Nation conurbation, which was rudely interupted by the Fall of Caigar Mall. With successive waves of Mall tours and Big Bash zombie hordes smashing their way through the suburb Funt calls home, the office spends half the time empty, giving him the excuse he needs to visit friends and neighbours, who might just have some spare bourbon.



  • Group: The ABC Warriors
  • Class: Military (scout)
  • "Yes, I'm a robot. D'you think anyone'd be nuts enough to superglue metal panels to their entire body? Well? Do ya?"
  • (Credit: name and image from 2000AD character.)
  • History: The original squad of ABC Warriors tried to spread the word in Miltown, but found themselves defeated by a group of death cultists, who took great delight in fighting both ends against the middle throughout that accursed suburb. When you can't even trust your fellow survivors to help keep out the zombie menace, it's time to move on. Their next mission took them to Ridleybank, where they took part as defenders in the Battle of Blackmore. Having successfully aided the survivor coalition in disrupting the Big Bash, the team went their separate ways, and Blackblood spent some time in Fort Perryn, attempting to wrest it from undead control, but ultimately failing. Having teamed up again with old squad-mate Mek Quake, his current mission is classified.

Jack Point


  • Group: Necronauts
  • Class: Civilian (cop)
  • "Don't any of you rotting bastards have a sense of humour?"
  • (Credit: name and image from 2000AD character.)
  • History: Pitneybank was too dull, so Jack decided to go on a pub crawl around the entire city, eventually ending up in a quiet pub in northern Malton, undisturbed by the zombie horde for over a year. It's served as a real home from home, and a great place from which to visit other suburbs, chat to survivors, blow zombies brains out and desperately stack up chairs against that wobbly window on the ground floor. Recently, things went badly for north-west Malton, and the pub was decimated, including an amazing collection of little cocktail umbrellas, and the backgammon set. Jack's gone on the lamb, wandering the suburbs of north-east Malton in search of somewhere to call home.

Doctor Maniacus


  • Group: Malton Cartographic Society
  • Class: Scientist (doctor)
  • "What insane waking nightmare is this? Nurse! More morphine! *glug*"
  • (Credit: name from 2000AD character.)
  • History: Doctor M's an ex-brain surgeon from Darvall Heights' St. Matheos's Hospital, but the disaster has left him bereft of even a semblance of sanity. He thinks that everyone's a zombie, and regularly sticks anything he can find (including christmas trees) with syringes of god-knows-what. Having decided that the military probably had a secret stash of really dangerous chemicals, he was last seen heading towards Fort Creedy carrying a test tube full of his own urine.






  1. Spam Removal Alteration
  2. Truly Inactive Sysops
  3. Reduce Vandal Escalations


  1. Third Bureaucrat
  2. Misconduct Procedures


  1. Tolerance



  1. Fire Fighters Start With Radio : 11/11 (100%)
  2. Fort Body Clearance : 28/35 (80%)

Peer Reviewed (now in order of popularity)

  1. Fort Flavour Text Addition : 13/13 (100%)
  2. Malton University : 24/24 (100%)
  3. The Malton Tower : 23/23 (100%)
  4. The Underworld : 41/45 (91%)
  5. Gatehouse: Tall Building : 21/23 (91%)
  6. Starting Equipment 1.1 : 27/30 (90%) (co-created with Andrew McM, Catriona McM & Gene Splicer)
  7. City Map v2.0 : 13/15 (87%)
  8. Fireman's Carry v2 : 22/26 (85%) (co-created with Pesatyel)
  9. UD Competition Mini-Maps : 40/47 (85%)
  10. Notice Very Strong +2 : 19/24 (79%)
  11. A River Runs Through It : 29/38 (76%)
  12. Fences: New Rules : 21/28 (75%)
  13. Advanced Digestion : 17/23 (74%) (co-created with Gene Splicer)
  14. Fallback : 19/26 (73%) (co-created with Gene Splicer)

Peer Undecided (now in order of almostocity)

  1. New Fence Rules v1 : 11/17 (65%)
  2. Prestige : 32/49 (65%)
  3. Neuro-Toxic Bite v2.0 : 10/16 (63%)
  4. FAK/Infection Tweak : 21/33 (64%)
  5. Outbreak : 13/21 (62%) [never got sorted]
  6. Junkyard Safe Entry : 10/18 (56%)
  7. Sniper Rifle : 17/31 (55%)
  8. Militia (1.1) : 11/22 (50%)

Peer Rejected (now in order of crapocity)

  1. NecroTranq Syringe v4 : 7/15 (47%)
  2. NecroTranq Syringe v3 : 5/11 (45%)
  3. FAK Overhaul : 19/43 (44%)
  4. Neuro-Toxic Bite v3.0 : 5/12 (42%) [never got sorted]
  5. Gang Warfare v2 : 7/20 (35%)
  6. Street 'Cades : 6/18 (33%)
  7. Sat-Hack : 4/13 (31%)
  8. NecroNet Street Scanner v1.1 : 4/22 (18%)
  9. Lithe : 5/31 (16%)

Development Hell!

Fort Creedy/Perryn Movement Maps





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Citywide Tactical (beta) currently offline

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