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And was the second "oldest" continuous sysop unless you count Kevan, Daranz and Urbandead. He is one month behind the General. 5 years ago

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User:Conndraka(737 links)

34th all time? seems a bit high?

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Ohaeri Jules has given Conndraka a cookie for getting a dumb War Crimes charge. :D You're so good they have to make you 'ineffective' now!

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Cyberbob has given Conndraka a cookie for taking the fight to the proxies like never before!

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Pillsy has given Conndraka a cookie for stopping petulant children destroying the Dakerstown page.

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Mia Kristos has given Conndraka a cookie for updating the Red Rum recruitment entry when she forgot about it.

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Xoid has given Conndraka a crackpipe for making this nifty template.
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